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No Pain... No Gain...

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Summary: Anya ends up in Anita Blake Land after S7, - Chaos and confusion follows in her wake...Only Anya could create this much mayhem.

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Anita Blake > Anya-CenteredyakuitFR181530,8651012040,07223 Oct 0420 Jan 08No

Ch 20 Captured

Ch 20 Captured

There had been no fight, no resistance, just a few screams, whimpers and tears. But still three bodies lay bleeding and dead. Their still beating hearts ripped from their bodies. The Vampires surveyed their conquered foe as the lay cowering and begging for mercy. They had been given carte blanche to deal with this group. Tonight they would bathe in their blood, committing depravities on them that would be spoken of for centuries. This would be the lesson to all those that thought to defy the council. They had been polite as they introduced themselves by killing the first three victims. Henri, Bastien and Victoria, all three powerful if not master vampires. Behind the three vampires and preventing all escape ranged panther were’s their distended faces and eyes attesting too time spent too long in their panther shape.

Jason lay whimpering a broken pile on the ground, a deep gash running down his abdomen. His tortured eyes rolling in his head as the female vampire Victoria whispered in his ear all that she would do to him this night, her hand all ready decomposing for the main event, as Jason strained uselessly against her. Her animal to call was the wolf and he was helpless against her.

“Well howdy folks?”

All eye’s turned to the bubbly blonde holding a tray of drinks. Anya stood there still caped and looking slightly surreal holding 2 pitchers of cocktails and glasses with little umbrella’s and red maraschino cherries. The St Louis were’s could only gape in disbelief and pity, for she would soon be begging for death.

“Perhaps I could interest you folks in some cool beverage, its hot tonight”.

The two male vampires exchanged evil glances, before gliding to her. “Ah yes cherie a little drink would just be the thing”. The were panthers sniggered.

“NO.. she’s a human, retarded even, we only keep her on to clean the club. She shouldn’t be here…you cant touch her. By the council’s own laws you are not to bring attention by killing humans”. Jason gasped out, then screamed as the Victoria dug her nails into his wound. “Be quiet pet”. she hissed

“Perhaps just a small drink then , and then she can entertain my furry companions, they would like a dumb plaything and if she survives she won’t be a human anymore”. The were panthers cheered shouting out crude comments, and cupping their crotches, some even pulled out their cocks stroking them in anticipation of the main event.

Anya stood there, her bright smile faltering as the vampires circled her. “Look at me Cherie”, commanded the Henri.

Anya glanced up, pupils contracting as his gaze caught hers, her whole body going lax, face becoming vacant, mouth drooping. The two vampires moved in for the kill, their movements almost seductive. Slowly almost in slow motion the tray began to drop, glasses smashing unheeded to the ground. But the pitchers remained held firmly in Anya’s hands.

“Suckers” crowed Anya victoriously as she poured the pitchers over them. Thick sickly sweet liquor rolled down their heads soaking their clothes and hair. The whole club went deadly silent. The were panthers gaped, their cocks looking ludicrous sticking out from their flies.

Anya winked at Jason and holding up two Zippo lighters, she flicked them on. Henri’s eyes widened as the flame jumped towards him. Within seconds both vampires were ablaze. The club erupted, screams and bodies went flying as the were’s closest to the flaming vampires scrambled away and the were Panther’s tried desperately to reach them.

“Vampires are very flammable here”, commented Anya with some surprise at how well her plan worked.

Victoria still astride Jason, snarled in fury. But she made no move towards her companions. “Get them you fools”.

“Jason”, shouted Anya over the din “Catch this …Holy Water”. A bottle of clear liquid flew through the air, cap off . Victoria squealed and scrambled away. Jason with the precision of a baseball catcher caught it and threw the contents over her. She screamed again fingers tearing at her clothes, then she stopped as she realised there was no burning just wetness. They both froze before looking at each other in stunned shock “Water” she sneered, “you will pay…”.

A sword decapitated her, her head rolling along the floor. For a few seconds the vampire’s hands continued to move fingers questing uselessly for a head that was no longer there, before the body toppled uselessly to the ground. Jason watched as the head came to sop, the eyes still blinking. He bent over and vomited.

“Eurgghh Yuck” commented Anya, holding a bloody sword in her hand. “I hope you are going to clean that up, it will be bad enough getting the blood out of the floor”.

The Panther Were’s had frozen as the last of the vampires fell. The odds had risen against them, and they were starting to realise how precarious their position was against hundred or so were’s. Jason wiping the back of his hand over his mouth got to his feet.

“No survivors, or we will all be hunted down. Kill them all”.

It was over within minutes. Many of the younger were’s had already transformed, it made for quicker killing and easier disposal. The older more experienced were’s slowly got the killing frenzy under control. Half eaten bodies were carried to other rooms, wolves following closely behind growling at the smell of meat. The still burning remains of the vampires were extinguished and with methodical precision the bodies dismembered, to be incinerated later.

Anya watched it all perched on a bar stool cleaning her sword and sipping a martini, watching with detached interest as Jason and Jaimal and a few others had a heated conversation in the corner. Eventually they approached her warily, their eyes flickering nervously at the sword.

“You are not human”, stated Jaimal bluntly. Jason elbowed him in the ribs.

Anya shrugged slightly embarrassed “I was… does that count? And then I wasn’t , and then I was again, and now I am not so human again. Its sometimes a little confusing”, she admitted perplexed as he she tried to work out how many years she had actually been human for.

“What are you then?”

“We have to have to save Asher ….will you come or not?”

“I don’t know whether this was a fluke, dumb luck or something else, but you just killed three frigging vampires, and master vampires if I am not mistaken. Lady I don’t want to be within a 1000 miles of you and I have forbidden for any to assist you”. growled Jaimal.

“Hmph”. snorted Anya unimpressed.

“I’ll take her” The two men whirled around, Jason paling as he saw Nathaniel looking resolute and determined.

They agued furiously for several minutes. Anya tapping her fingers in impatience. “Enough, we are wasting valuable saving Asher time, Nathaniel will drive me to the Circus before returning”.

Picking up her sword she gave a few practice swings, both werewolfs decided best not to argue with a lady with 2 foot long sword.

“… and Jason I will be coming back to deal with you, calling me retarded? Its not the way to play, you make fun of the vampires not each other”.

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