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No Pain... No Gain...

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Summary: Anya ends up in Anita Blake Land after S7, - Chaos and confusion follows in her wake...Only Anya could create this much mayhem.

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Ch 21 - GI Anya to the rescue

CHAPTER 21 GI Anya to The Rescue
(the usual I dont own Buffy stuff or Anita Blake and I dont make no money ... yadda yadda)

She felt like she was on fire, alive and ready for some more kick ass action. It was surprising usually she avoided danger always hiding behind the slayer or the Willow Witch. But tonight, tonight she felt invincible, which was probably not a good thing. After a thousand years of history, she knew enough about battles that feeling unbeatable was the surest way to loose your head. Case in point - the three dead as doornails vamps she left behind in the club.

“Focus Anya” she whispered fiercely to herself. She breathed deeply “Okay Plan A Rescue Asher, kill evil council guys; Back up plan B rescue Asher, run like hell”

She paused her forehead frowning in concentration “hmmm……rescue Asher, kill evil council guys, have orgasmic sex… Yes much better”.

Anya smiled her mind already thinking of how grateful Asher would be and all the ways they could make up and she could beg his forgiveness and he could show his appreciation by being rescued. Ohhhh yes… make up sex was the best, well after separation sex, and perhaps Sunday morning sex, and … well it was up there in the top ten of Anya’s favourite scenario’s.

“Could you throw in Anita too”, Nathaniel butted in on Anya’s dreams of chocolate covered Asher’s.

Nathaniel glanced back at her through the rear view mirror. His face strained and scared. But for all his weakness he was the one that had the guts to drive her to the Circus, and for that Anya would cut him slack.

“No problemo”, she agreed amicably, her thoughts already drifting towards Asher in leather she wondered whether he was wearing anything as delightful as her outfit. Her mind went into instant meltdown.

Nathaniel hands gripped the steering wheel tight, knuckles white. The smell of arousal in the car just went supernova. Perhaps this was a bad idea, maybe back there in the club was just a fluke. She could be just as crazy as Jason thought she was, a human – crazy but very breakable human. This is why he never made decisions he hated all the second guessing, easier for him just to follow orders.

He turned slowly into the side street beside the Circus deserted and eerily quiet. This was as close as he dared to be.

Anya leant forward and patted Nathaniel absently on the head like a puppy before sliding out the car. “Now remember the plan, if you don’t get my signal in thirty minutes then put the master plan into action”.

Nathaniel nodded, watching as she swaggered her way to the side exit, glancing down occasionally at the map he had inked onto her hand. He let his head thump onto the steering wheel in disbelief. “That was her master plan??…oh god we are all going to die”.

Anya turned around and waved at him cheerily, before disappearing into very bowels of the Circus of the Damned.


It had started out so well, Anya had gone into stealth mode, mimicking Riley’s actions from so long ago. She had even done a combat roll, before discovering that capes and costumes don’t really do combat rolls. And now she was lost, and hopelessly confused - the map that Nathaniel had carefully drawn on her hand was all smudged and blurry due no doubt to all her torrid thoughts of Asher.

She scowled in annoyance as she opened yet another closet, who thought the Master of city would need so many closets and why did they have to be so ornate. She cheered up briefly when she saw a wooden mop, perhaps the night was looking up. Ready made stakes. She grabbed it and huffing it over her shoulder she resolutely marched on. Ahead of her she could make out some thick velvet drapes blood red, perhaps this was the masters lair. She sighed, vamps always so predictable, she really hoped that Asher had better décor taste.

Two sleek black panthers slid out between the drapes, on soft velvet pads they slinked towards her, claws slid out and scraped on the concrete floor. Anya swallowed hard. “Errr hello pussy…. Good pussy?” She tried feebly, her earlier bravado deserting.

The Panthers opened their jaws and Anya grimaced at the blood and gore that was coating the cats muzzle and fangs.

Anya took a step back, brandishing her mop in front of her, “Bad Kitty”, she admonished. A harsh laugh behind her had her swinging around her mop narrowly missing another panther that had stalked up behind her. The cat hissed in annoyance, but made no move to attack. That delight was obviously going to the two vampires that had unnoticed by her crept up behind her. Master vampires and stronger much stronger than the ones she had previously encountered. They were dressed as Knights of the crusade, and she had spent some time in that era to recognise the authenticity of their dress. In fact she had rather a fascinating interlude with one herself until she granted his concubines wish of the worlds first sex change. How that didn’t make into the record books she never knew. It was one of her finest work.

“And what have we here”, grated one, his voice dark and bitter, “A cleaner perhaps”.

The cats seemed to snigger.

“We could hear you blundering since you arrived despite your feeble attempts at stealth and my cats have been amusing themselves stalking your carcass for the last thirty minutes”.

“Ahhh”, replied Anya, for once at a loss for words, feeling slightly silly dressed in her dusty cape and brandishing her mop.

“Now tell me stinking human and perhaps I will kill you swiftly before my cats lap upon your innards. Who are you and what is your purpose here?”.

“I am Anya, … errr I am here to see my boyfriend”, improvised Anya quickly. Her plan seemed to be going down hill rapidly.

“And who might that be my sweet”, remarked the other vampire, circling around her and smelling her hair with interest, his hand sweeping around to cup her face, his fetid breath on her as he tried to capture her down turned gaze.

“Ughh… get off me… I think I am going to barf - have you heard of breath mints ”, exclaimed Anya.

The Vampire roared, his hand clenching in a fist as he went to backhand her.

“My boyfriend is Asher”, squeaked Anya.

“Asher?”. The two vampires stilled. Glancing at each other in surprise. “She speaks the truth Master”.

“Yes … yes…and the night has just turned amusing. What twists and turns this city is producing. I wonder my dear will you be willing to sacrifice as much as the delectable Jean Claude has for his pet”.

“So by all means proceed who are we to keep two lovebirds apart”.

This time Anya could definitely make out the Panthers sniggers.

She straightened herself and being careful to keep her eyes down and her hand firmly against her nose, in case of further smell attacks by bad breath vamp, she followed the panthers as they lead the way through the velvet drapes and to the rooms beyond.

She screamed unable to help herself as she saw Asher’s body being cradled by Anita. They were covered in blood, on the wall in front of them was Jean Claude whipped bloody his bones glistening white in areas. But no chains kept him there, he was there by his will alone.

Now Anya understood the vampire’s earlier comment. There were others in various state of undress chained or beaten into submission littering the room. Many of whom she recognised. Anita’s once proud and fierce, was beaten down and obviously been abused and abused badly by the vamps, her costume in slivers around her. But more worryingly Asher’s eyes were closed and Anya’s heart seemed to stop.

“And what have we here Ricardo?” A small brown haired petite vampire dressed in a courtly gown strode towards them a bloody wire whip in her hand, blood, gore and flesh all dripping from it”.

“My lady Musette, it seems Asher has been hiding something from us – she claims to be his beloved”. Ricardo grasped Anya’s forearms, holding her imprisoned against his body.

A cacophony of laughter and mirth greeted his words, from the entourage of vampires and panthers still in human form.

Musette clapped her hands in delight, “Can this be so, can any creature love this scarred pittance of man”. She strode to Asher and grasping his hair cruelly forced his head back. “IS this true? You have found another after centuries without Julianna?”

Asher’s eyes flickered, and his gaze focusing first on Musette and then on the familiar figure behind her. “No”, he whispered in terror.

Musette threw her head back and laughed in delight.

Anita struggled to her feet finding strength where she thought she had none. One last try to save a soul any soul if she could not save hers. “No this is not right she is not part of this world, she is human, and by your own laws you must let her leave”.

“And why my dear should I do this, by their own admission they have claimed a bond, and why should I give up this extra entertainment”.

“No Musette, please I beg of you let her go, she means nothing to me, I will do your bidding”. Asher croaked out his horrified eyes meeting Anya’s.

“This gets better you have feelings for her, deep feelings, and you my dear”, she addressed Anya “ What would you give up to save Asher”.

Anya had stood silently, as Asher’s eyes had opened. He was alive, hurt but alive. Relief coursed her body. Their gazes locked and Anya’s heart melted at his words, he still cared for he still loved her, he forgave her. Nothing else seemed to matter

“I would do anything for Asher. He is more man than any I have met, the most beautiful soul, he means everything to me and I would tear apart this world for him. I love him and as I am his, he is mine and I will kill anything that harms him including you”, Anya vowed deeply, her eyes only on Asher as she proclaimed her love.

There was a shocked silence at this declaration of love and admission that she would kill them or try to, before soft laughter yet again filled the room. Anita sank to the floor aghast. Anya had signed her own death warrant. Nothing could save her now.

Asher closed his eyes, a wind swirled about a smell of bluebells and stars filled the room. Anya staggered as she was hit in the chest by gust of power, it filled her, she felt the cool fires of eternity through her. Ricardo cursed releasing her as the fire burned his hands. Power as she had never felt before filled her and she collapsed panting with the feeling, her wash mop falling unnoticed to the floor.

“Wow that was orgasmic”, she whispered in awe, slightly befuddled by the experience.

“You would mark her, HER…”, Musette screamed in anger, spittle flying from her mouth, “You think this will save her, it will just prolong her agony and death I will play with her until you beg me to kill her and it will be your hands that will rip her heart from her chest”.

“NO…” Jean Claude crawling beside his friend. “Enough you have played and we have paid in blood and flesh as you have demanded. Asher has claimed and thus has been claimed - she was my servant to do my bidding before Asher made her his human servant. I am MASTER OF THE CITY”.

His voice seemed to reverberate around the room. The power making the vampire flinch even Musette was affected. Anya raised her eyebrows in surprise that was some nifty trick. Her appraisal of Jean Claude went up a notch.

“So you think to challenge me, good”, Musette smirked, “But know this my lovely catamite, not even your sacrifice will save him. Your human servant will be the plaything of the panthers before dawn, and If Asher’s survives the death of this thing”, she pointed contemptuously at Anya, “He will too scream for death”.

Enough thought Anya, she shook her head, and pushed herself to her feet.

“I am here to rescue you Asher, don’t worry I have everything under control”, she unclipped her cape and let it swirl to her feet. In one smooth motion she drew her sword and positioned her self in front of Asher, Jean Claude and Anita.

“GET AWAY FROM HER YOU BITCH”, she screamed. It was a line from a stupid film Xander had made her watch about aliens bursting from stomachs but it was a great line. And she must look like some frightening mother of bitch with her kick ass costume.

There was a stunned silence as the whole room seemed to take her costume in all its glory.

I am so sorry this has been so long…had writers block and real life has been a pig… and I know its ever so cheeky but please please please review
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