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No Pain... No Gain...

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Summary: Anya ends up in Anita Blake Land after S7, - Chaos and confusion follows in her wake...Only Anya could create this much mayhem.

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Anita Blake > Anya-CenteredyakuitFR181530,8651012040,08623 Oct 0420 Jan 08No

Ch 22 Flight or fight

I own nadda, nothing, zero (sorry redited did a huge - enormous blooper ...somebody pointed out mistake in calling musette, marguerite in this chapter... ! Anyhow changed now)

(I have mostly written last chapter - but any suggestions gladly accepted)

Ch 22 Flight or fight

There was a stunned silence as Anya stood tall and proud, sword held aloft she stuck a fearsome pose, her eyes manically excited, oh she had missed these fun times. Ignoring the little voice that said the last time she stood on guard it had not ended up so well for her.

Anya allowed herself a small smirk of satisfaction. She hadn’t lost her touch, she still knew how to struck fear and terror into her opponents. She glanced at her watch, almost time, she thought smugly.

Anita leaned against Jean Claude cradled in his arms, Ashers’ head pooled in her lap, he seemed to have collapsed after sharing the marks with Anya. And Anya stood before them protecting them with her samurai sword that Jean Claude had purchased for Anita’s birthday last year. Anita closed her eyes in despair and then opened them again hoping against all hope that this was just a bad nightmare. Anya’s white bunny cotton tail attached to her bottom twitched. Anya had come dressed as a freaking bunny girl! Satin form filling bustier with black satin panties and pantyhose. White Cuffs on her wrists and a cute little white bowtie completed the ensemble. Even the little daggers and amulets of holy water strapped to her thighs couldn’t change the fact she was dressed as prey.

The room descended into chaos, catcalls and jeers of derision filled the room. Anya seemed to be affronted by the noise, before delving into her cape and pulling out a pair of bunny ears which she attached on her head. The laughter increased.

Anya was confused how dare they laugh at her, they should be cowering before her. Boy she was so mad. She looked down at her costume not understanding what was so funny. One of the Vampires who had previously been skulking in the corner, strode out, his long robe cape covering him from head to foot. His grin was manic and lewd.

“I was denied Julianne, but I will not be denied you, oh my little rabbit how am I going to make you scream”. Groans of dismay met his announcement with cries of no fair and there will be nothing left.

Musette clapped her hands in mock delight. “Let the entertainment begin”.

Anya yawned “yadda, yadda, yadda…. You vampires are all talk and so little action”.

He sneered at her, before puling his cape apart, the room quietened as they all took in his monstrous manhood, over a foot long and as thick as a mans forearm it was a shocking sight. There were several audible gulps from the were’s and some of them even spared Anya some pitying glances.

Anya looked at him and at his cock, then back at him. She was impressed despite herself “Was your father a horse or a troll, she questioned reasonably. “… cos…well you know what they say about trolls”, she wiggled her little finger.

The vampire growled and rushed her in a burst of speed. But Anya was ready for him and with a quick turn and thrust she was at his side, one hand holding his cock, whilst the other held the sword firmly against it, a thin line of blood coated her sword where it pressed down. The vampire squealed.

“Maybe a mixture of both”, she mused conversationally, “You certainly have the brains of a troll, NOW HOLD STILL AND NOBODY MOVES OR HIS PECKER GETS IT, and I will douse it with holy water afterwards”. The Weres growled and moved closer circling their prey, but kept their distance as the two vamps strode to the front, swords out, faces alight in anticipation.

Musette was shaking in fury, she didn’t want to loose Belle’s number one entertainment piece. “You will pay for this mortal, You think vampire marks will give you added protection, you think you are immune to us and quicker and stronger. It will just make it all the sweeter for us, I will rip you out your eyeballs…..”.

“Yeah, Yeah… heard it all before, and could you tell your flunkies here that there really should invest in oral hygiene, … geez your breath stinks”.

Musette swung around, “Traveller your assistance, Belle would not like her party piece damaged”.

Anya looked up in surprise as her friend Dave approached her. She had not seem in some weeks, and was startled that he was here.


“Ah my child”, Dave wiped red tears from his eyes “ I have not been so entertained in years, truly this night has brought so many delights, I must commend Jean Claude on his hospitality”,

Anya looked at him squarely in the eyes questioningly, “You are not Dave, What have you done with him?”

“Just borrowed his delightful body, my servant does so like a little variety, …..look at me child”. He commanded softly almost fatherly.

His power rushed out like a steam roller so thick and fast, Anya felt like she was hit by a troll hammer to the brain. She could feel it pulling her, rolling her, taking her under. She screamed feeling her knees buckle, only slightly aware as the vamp she held squirmed free, whimpering as he rolled away from her sword. She gritted her teeth, tasting blood as she bit her lip clean through. Slowly she started to push back, shields slamming up as she pushed him out.

The traveller staggered back into his waiting servants arms, pink tinged perspiration on his brow, his face shocked. Anya panted with the effort against his brain tricks. Her sword arm trembled as she held it aloft against the two vampire warriors approaching.

“ermmm perhaps we could discuss this”. Anya queried, things were not going to plan and where the hell was Nathaniel.


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Still need the name for the the vampire with the big dick, and any of the other flunkies in the vamp court???
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