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No Pain... No Gain...

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Summary: Anya ends up in Anita Blake Land after S7, - Chaos and confusion follows in her wake...Only Anya could create this much mayhem.

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Anita Blake > Anya-CenteredyakuitFR181530,8651012040,08623 Oct 0420 Jan 08No

ch 22... and the fat lady sings

Ch 22 and the fat lady sings
Usual disclaimers dont own anita blake stuff or Buffy.

She barely got the sword up in time, a clash of steel and then she disengaged, fancy footwork keeping them from herding her out into the open. She rolled her shoulders, arms loose and ready as she tensed for the next attack. A blur of swords and she parried, counter attacking. They seemed to be content to take into turns to attack her. Everybody watched in fascination over the next five minutes as this strange human kept her own against two of the fiercest warriors of their time. Anita, Jean Claude and Asher watched helpless at first and then with a small glimmer of hope as she not only survived but more than held her own against her opponents.

If she gave a good enough accounting. Their was a small chance that the Traveller would be inclined to let them live this night. The traveller stood on the sidelines, his eyes intent on her, face a puzzled look on his servants face. Anya spared him a quick smirk and blew him a kiss, which just seemed to confuse him more.

Anita held Jean Claude’s hand and prayed. They were surrounded by were’s that ensured they could not aid Anya, but it was almost unnecessary. Asher was almost comatose, Jean Claude was not much better, and Anita had already used up her reservoir of power this evening. All their hopes rested on this woman.

“You are good, almost too good for a human, I have not encountered a worthy adversary in centuries and I did not expect to find one in a mortal plaything. Come human you tire, I will make this a clean death, you will not suffer …. much”.

Anya rolled her eyes at the vampires offer, then swung her sword around catching his arm and crowing with victory as blood sprayed out in an arc. He gave an inhuman growl and came at her again in a flurry of sword strokes, she niftily kicked him in the balls, raising an eyebrow as he crumpled with a moan to the ground. Then swirled to block his companions thrust. The kid gloves were off, this wouldn’t end until death. Anya grinned manically. Blood spatters on her cheek, a bloody sword and a crazy outfit, she looked like an escaped nutter to the watching crowd.

She jumped next to a table swinging her sword before rolling away. This was fun. A flash of red hair caught her attention and she spared a quick glance for the man attached to it. Her eyes widened in shock, horrified by what had previously been hidden from her view.

“Damien??… , oh my, oh my god Damien what have they done to you”. Anya was appalled. He was tied naked face down on a table, silver chains with crucifixes holding him in place. He had been whipped, but worse than that was the blood and semen running down his buttocks. He had been poorly used, and Anya felt bile rise her throat as anger filled her. This was no longer a game.

“WHO DID THIS TO MY KINSMAN”, Anya screamed totally loosing her cool at the sight of such depravity. Her eyes glowed and with a unearthly growl she swung her sword, the vampire blinked and then slowly collapsed, his head rolling along the floor coming to rest against Marguerites feet. She stepped aside with a grimace at the thick gore now covering her shoes.

Ignoring the dead body which like the ones in the club didn’t go Pouf and dusty. She swung her sword and the chains fell from Damien with a hiss.

“Damien, Damien …..somebody hand me a blanket”, she ordered totally focused on helping her friend. “Damien……. URGHHH” she grunted, blood welling in her mouth, she looked at the sword piercing her heart from behind. The Vampire that had snuck up behind her, twisted the blade jerking her whole body. His eyes alight with malicious glee.

Nobody heard her whispered sigh of “not again”, as she collapsed to the floor. Anita screamed and Asher gasped before collapsing into unconsciousness.

The Vampire stood there in victory, as Marguerite gave him a small nod of approval, he would be rewarded tonight, rewarded well. Perhaps he would even have the little animator to play with. Smirking he reached down to pull his sword from her body. And then froze in shock.

“Gott in himmel” he exclaimed, stumbling back in horror.

Anya staggered to her feet. Her head was down turned, hair like a curtain covering her face. She grunted in pain as she reached back and pulled the sword free, then she whirled around. The Vampire had barely time to shriek in terror at her before his head joined his companions.

“Well that hurt a … lot”, Anya muttered. She had nearly forgotten how painful impalement was and this was the second or the third time this year. She made a mental note for a New Years Resolution no more sword impalements.

Slowly she began to turn to face the room, and the whole room seemed to wait with bated breath, even as some of the weres started to encircle her. Slowly her head lifted and she shook her hair away from her face.

The room exploded in loud mutterings, gasps and shocked exclamations. As they took in Anyanka in full demon mode. Everybody froze not sure quite what to make of this latest development.

“What are you”, whispered Marguerite in horror and disgust.
Anya surveyed the room. Slightly hurt at all the negative feedback . At least she didn’t suffer from halitosis. She held out her arms, palms up, bloody sword held aloft. Her eyes intense and flashed orange a feral snarl on her demon face. Her cover was blown but she would put on a good show.

“BEHOLD ………….I AM ANAYANKA VENGEANCE DEMON. For over thousand years I have roamed Earth. Chaos & destruction follow in my wake. Empires have crumbled at my touch, Nations have fallen, destinies changed, Kings kneel before me and demons tremble at my name. I strike terror and fear into mortal and immortals alike.” she paused dramatically.

“I AM ANAYANKA VENGEANCE DEMON and tonight I will have revenge.” She smiled evilly.

There were screams and people moved as far away as they could, some people much to Anya’s confusion got to their knees and started praying. Even Anita was muttering with a rosary in her hand. Anya shook her head in slight confusion, it seemed to be working better than she thought as she spied many of the were’s fleeing through nearby exits.

The vampires looked terrified they could taste the truth of her words, and even without her demon visage they could smell brimstone, this was truly a denizen of evil. She smelled of fire, of hell, of death. Demons and vampires did not mix well, a demon did not suffer a vampire. Marguerite looked at her in absolute fear, her mouth gaping in terror at this horror that had been unleashed.

“Jean Claude, what have you done to bring this abomination among us, Belle Morte will not forgive this”, Marguerite hissed, but she also was backing away.

“Shall I kill her first Boss or can I play with her a little first”, asked Anyanka conversationally as she swaggered forward, delighted at the effect her little impromptu speech was having on everybody.

The Travellers servant approached her, muttering prayers, a crucifix held up against her. As he sprayed Holy water against her.

She screamed, squirming away “Ahhhhhh …..It burns ….it burns, burning…. Ohhhh have mercy it burns”. The man looked relieved and carried on his voice getting louder as he demanded in the name of god that she leave. Anya waited until he was in range then back handed him against the wall, “Suckers”, she crowed. “I am Anyanka Vengeance Demon do you really think your silly baubles would hurt me”.

The Traveller approached his servant, his eyes - Dave’s eyes held fear as he watched Anya warily as he checked his servants pulse. Looking relieved as the man stirred at his touch. “You call Jean Claude your Master? And you claim Asher as yours, so what is your intention Demon?”

“Leave now, never come back and never think to hurt my Asher again, or I will hunt you all to hell and back. After all vengeance is my name”. Anya replied promptly.

“The council will never agree to this … this thing you keep Jean Claude” Marguerite spat at him.

Jean Claude was suddenly in front of Marguerite, and in blur he tore out her throat letting her already healing body collapse at his feet. “I think the council will not be dictating to me or mine ever again” .

Anya raised her eyebrows in approval, impressed with her boss. Jean Claude met her eyes and they nodded in complete accord with each other. Anita muttered from the floor “go team”, she was not sure what to make of this turn. Jean Claude, the sneaky bastard that he was had seized on the slightest opportunity, But she had wanted a miracle, but it seemed like the other side were not listening. She hoped that meant she was not damned by her God.

One of the were’s suddenly appeared, eyes wide sticking of fear. “The Police are outside asking questions”,

Anya gave a snort of annoyance and looked at her watch. “They are late. I should have syncronised my watch with Nathaniel.”

“Are you mad, you called the human authorities?”, asked the Traveller.

Anya turned to him, her face morphing back to normal. “Officer Officer these big bad vampires attacked me”, she smirked “I am immortal, but I can pass as human, go out in the sun, touch holy objects, I am faster, stronger and more importantly I am a lot smarter than you pathetic vampires… so yes I will use whatever weapons I choose”.

Anya considered him, this was the head honcho, get him to leave and the rest would follow. “and now you have overstayed your welcome, leave now while I am feeling merciful and get out Dave’s brain, before I pull you out. Just be thankfully that the Police have arrived as I would after the insult you have done to Damien I would like to play with you all.”

A tense standpoint followed. With a nod of his head the vampires began to file out. Their entourage following giving Anyaka a wide berth, who was now ignoring them and trying to wake up a comatose Asher.

The Traveller looked at Jean Claude gravely. “Once again you have survived a visit by the council, I am impressed by those you keep close. But I think perhaps even you have overstretched, beware Jean Claude some would say this is almost a declaration of war”.

“And you Traveller?”, queried Jean Claude.

The Traveller smiled, “You defended, you did not attack. So no - my vote is no. The Council will not wage war on you yet. But the ice is growing thinner my catamite friend, you have made many enemies and there will be questions asked about your pet Demon.”

The two vampires stared at each other, the Traveller executed a deep bow, before he departed from Dave’s body.

Jean Claude watched in silence as the court left the Circus through the back ways. Their entourage making hasty calls for haven tonight. The Police were still milling upstairs but seem satisfied that the report of break in was just some punks that had run off into the night. His wounded had with the exception of Asher were all been taken to a specially set up room, for Dr Lillian to attend to. With some like Damien it would take a lot more than a simple healing.

Anita joined him, twining their fingers together they surveyed, with varying degrees of shock, bemusement, fear and anger at Jean Claude‘s newest employee. Anya or Anyanka or Buffee was cajoled Asher to drink from a were to get his strenghth up so they could have lots of make up sex and post fight sex. Asher had mostly been unconscious for Anyanka’s demon apperance so was confused and slightly concerned over how Anya had survived a direct hit to the heart. And he kept hushing her when she called him her sex poodle.

Jean Claude watched intently as Anya fussed over Asher, flowering him with little kisses and hugs. He felt confident that they would be able control her. But certainly they had much to discuss with Asher’s little demon. She would bend to his will of that he was sure. But she would need courtly approaches and velvet glove. But she had shown her weaknesses in her love for Asher and her concern for those she considered her friends and in that they had much in common.

Jean Claude smiled he had a feeling life In St Louis was about to get very interesting


I may do some follow up chapters if I get requests but otherwise finito


The End?

You have reached the end of "No Pain... No Gain..." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 Jan 08.

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