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No Pain... No Gain...

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Summary: Anya ends up in Anita Blake Land after S7, - Chaos and confusion follows in her wake...Only Anya could create this much mayhem.

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Anita Blake > Anya-CenteredyakuitFR181530,8651012040,08623 Oct 0420 Jan 08No

ch11 - meeting the vamps


“Nathaniel, I need all the servers to start visiting all the tables more regularly, look glasses are empty, money is being lost. Thomas the VIP tables are paying double normal table rates please wiggle your bottom and flash your fangs at them more often, you may go now”, Anya shooshed them off, before looking around “Jason, where’s Jason?”

“I’m here, what do you want now Anya”, asked Jason tiredly, he had been run ragged the last few weeks acting as JC’s go between with all the different were factions as they searched the Buffee monster and then helping Anya with all the practical difficulties of managing Jean Claude latest club - Petite Mort. A small club it had been ailing in its first six months of business but Anya seemed to be turning the venture round. So much so that Asher had told him to ensure the new manager had everything he could desire. But oh boy he hadn’t met Anya. She was a royal pain in the butt.

“ When am I going to get some new vampires, theses ones are getting stale”.

“They are busy, I’ll check with Asher again and see who he can spare”.

Anya tutted annoyed “I wanted Jaimal to wear some fangs and do a small set, he growled at me”.

Jason sniggered, he could just imagine Jaimal strutting his stuff “I’ll talk to him, but I think you should just make do with him as bouncer, he is… well kind of shy”, he added inspired.

Anya snorted and then went back to sorting out the receipts. It had been a busy few weeks but very satisfying. She was vastly enjoying herself she had finally found her niche in this world.

Later that night, Nathaniel and Jaimal were having a heated argument, “Don’t ask her, she’s a human”.

“Ah come on Jai…I think she’s kind of lonely, cut her some slack”,

“Well you can ask her, I’m not”. Jaimal stomped off in a foul mood, Nathaniel sighed heavily sometimes his friends could be so childish.

Spying Anya muttering over some receipts he strolled over. “Hey Anya, do you never take a break, relax a bit, the clubs doing great”.
Anya scowled at him, “these receipts have been filled out incorrectly”.

“Righhht……….. look me and the guys was going to head over to Guilty Pleasures for a small shindig, Jean Claude is having an open house for employee’s only, as a thank you. There’s a band, karaoke, food, beer you know party stuff”. Nathaniel waved his hands invitingly in the air.

“Very well, I will finish your chores, you may leave early”. Anya sniffed.

“I… well we… me and the guys thought you might like to come seeing you have just started”.

Anya stared at him blankly at him for several seconds.
She dropped the receipts “A party, you want me to come to a party, give me five minutes to get ready, is my dress ok, how’s my hair?” without waiting for a reply she whirled around and rushed off to her office. Leaving behind a very bemused Nathaniel.


Jason was shocked, every time he met Anya, he would be shocked out of his latest assessment of her. He had never met anyone so changeable and strange, and considering his last few years that in itself was pretty amazing. Now he could only watch open mouthed as she belted out a rendition of “Raining Men”, she had pulled Nathaniel and Gregory on the stage with her and they were all dancing very enthusiastically to the beat, she certainly could move and she certainly had a very nice body. Shaking his head he made his way to Jean Claude’s office to report.

Jean Claude was ominously silent as Jason finished his report. His long slender fingers meshed together, “So there has been no new sightings, no incidents, no Police reports?”

“No, not one of the were teams that has been patrolling has spotted any signs or evidence of the Buffee monster. Considering the length of time that has passed I think it may have moved on.”

“No I have checked with the other surrounding areas there has been no… no unusual activity occurring, the Buffee monster is still here.” Jean Claude stated irritably.

Jason took a deep breath, “…also there has been a few complaints about this duty you have imposed on the city, some of the were’s have other jobs and cannot keep up with the patrols indefinitely without raising suspicion.” He looked beseechingly at Asher who up to now had been silent.

“Oui mon ami, removing the Vampires away from the Clubs has also meant a decline in takings this month, perhaps it is time to scale down the search. If you wish to catch a little fishy you do not jump around in the pond, you use bait”, Asher smiled evilly.

Jean Claude nodded slowly, “Very well, start cutting back on the teams and Asher we will discuss this… this bait further”.

“as you wish”.

“Now my wolf, the revenue from Petit Mort has increased exponentially, on Thursday it eclipsed both Danse Macabre and the Guilty Pleasures?"

“It’s the new manager I borrowed from Dave, the arrangement is working out quite well”, Jason added grudgingly

“Hmmm arrange a meeting Jason for tomorrow night…. Mon Dieu what is that terrible racket?” He stood up to look out of the one way mirror onto the main dance floor, where a stunning blonde was currently singing Waterloo at the top of her voice.

“That’s your new manager Miss Anya Harris”, answered Jason grimacing. Jean Claude raised his eyebrows exchanging a glance at Asher.

“Bring her to me…. Now Jason”.


Ta dum da dum

Sorry its a little bit short and not so exciting will try and jazz it up later
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