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No Pain... No Gain...

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Summary: Anya ends up in Anita Blake Land after S7, - Chaos and confusion follows in her wake...Only Anya could create this much mayhem.

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Anita Blake > Anya-CenteredyakuitFR181530,8651012040,08623 Oct 0420 Jan 08No

Ch 12 Hic


“Phish Phosh Jason, I wanna go back, Let’s go back and party, Jaaasooon. ”, Anya whined as Jason half dragged her along the corridor. Jason rolled his eyes it had taken all his powers of persuasion just to get her this far. Anya was proving to be as obstinate about enjoying herself as she was about work. “Just a bit further Anya, it will be fun”, he enticed, thankful for once that she wasn’t of the were variety who would have smelt his lie it was so blatant. Taking a deep breath and holding her firmly by one hand, he opened the door. Glancing at her slightly drunken and befuddled face, he felt a small pang of guilt. “Just don’t look in their eyes”, he advised.

Anya frowned, how strange she thought.

Following him meekly into the room it took her moment to realise there were two men expectantly waiting for them. Damn Vamps!

She focused blurry eyes on them, did a double take and started sniggering. “Pfftttshhh it’s the gay musketeer!”. She sneaked another look and the alcohol induced sniggering became louder guffaws “Pffttss…. Even…. Spike…pfftts … and ppftss …look so ”.

Jason was riveted in absolute horror. He smacked his hand over Anya’s mouth wincing as the word stupid still managed to escape between his fingers. He dared not look at Jean Claude but already he could feel the air thicken with his master’s anger. Shit!
“Anya”, he hissed “this is Jean Claude”, more guffaws……“the master of the city”… Jason paused expectantly but Anya carried on giggling “Your BOSS” he added between clenched teeth.
The change was almost miraculous she stopped giggling instantly.
“My Boss?” she repeated.
“Uh Huh”.
Anya straightened up wiping her eyes, smoothing down her skirt and fluffing up her hair, gathering herself together.
“Ummmm errrr Hello Boss”, she sneaked a look at him, he didn’t look amused. His hands were crossed loosely over his chest, a chest which now she had got over his funny dress sense was rather sexy. In fact sneaking another look at him he was like a wet dream, except for those foppish boots”. Anya could a feel another giggle coming on. Steeling herself she swallowed her mirth, she fidgeted nervously and held out her hand remembering just in time to avoid his eyes as Jason had warned her.

Jean Claude eyed her, his fury tempered down now, but you could almost taste his barely concealed anger.

“Ms Harris, I presume”, he purred softly, he ignored her proffered hand, instead slowly circling her. His eyes penetrating as he examined her from top to bottom, seemingly fascinated by her slender neck.

Anya tried to follow his movements with her eyes, and wobbled on her high heels, feeling slightly nauseous. Maybe she shouldn’t have drunk that last tequila.
Deciding that watching Jean Claude prowl was making her feel sick, she focused on the other person in the room. Like Jean Claude he was dressed like an extra from an old Errol Flynn movie, well a porno version anyhow, but somehow it wasn’t quite as bad concealing more than revealing. It was slightly tantalising. Tearing her eyes away from the vampire’s finely honed body she glanced up at his face and then gasped when she recognised the vampire she had fought with several weeks ago, her eyes widening in shock.

Asher was angered, to be viewed in such horror by this drunken fool was just too much. He had been slightly amused when she had first appeared. It was not often that you could catch Jean Claude off guard. And it was even less often that a women would not desire him, and then to actually make fun of him had been priceless. But he was not feeling remotely amused now.
“Why do you stare”, he demanded a hint of his own anger beginning to show, he began to stalk forward, flicking his hair back showing the full horror of his deformity, wanting to see horror and fear in her eyes before he enthralled her and gained back some small measure of satisfaction.
Anya gazed at him in fascination, her eyes just beginning to cloud with desire. “Ummm yummy goodness”, she confessed drunkenly, “you are very good looking”, she sighed “rippling muscles” and then ruined the moment by hiccupping. Both vampires stilled at her words, hearing the truthfulness in them and catching the first tendril of desire.

Asher stood there, his face blank of all expression. Without a word he retreated back into the shadows. Jean Claude looked at his friend and then Anya. Anya hiccupped.
He hissed in annoyance “Get this drunken imbecile out of my sight Jason”.

“Ms Harris, I hope for your sake this is an aberrance. When we next meet I will not be so forgiving. Are we clear Ms Harris?”
Anya nodded earnestly, then ruined the effect by hiccupping again.
Jason grabbed her arm and began to drag her from the room before she could cause any more trouble.
“Jason”, Jean Claude stopped him tiredly.
“Yes Master”,
“Take Damien and escort Ms Harris to her abode”. Jason’s eyes widened slightly before he bowed and led Anya from the room.

As the door quietly closed. They could both hear Anya complaining to Jason “I’m bored now lets go back to the party”.
Jean Claude sighed and rubbed his neck.
“She was not what I was expected”, stated Asher carefully.
“Moi aussi mon ami”. Jean Claude strolled around his desk he pulled out a small bound folder. “Read this”.
Asher took the proffered folder with a questioning look before settling into his leather chair to read.
Jean Claude watched him intently, valuing and trusting his opinion and instinct more than any other. Flicking through the main parts Asher was quietly surprised this was good, very good in fact.
“Our drunken friend sent this to me yesterday”. Jean Claude idly offered.
“Miss Harris?” replied Asher shocked.
“Mon Dieu, who would have thought”.
“Exactemont Asher, this is a work of genius with an eye for capital. Now why would somebody of this calibre be doing working as a barmaid at Dave’s?”
“You think she is plant”,
“Non, only an imbecile would bring herself to my attention, if she wanted to infiltrate my empire she would have been more circumspect”.
“Did you notice her clothes and her jewerally?”.
“Non I do not share your fetish for the… ahh packaging”.
“Designer clothing and a diamond necklace and matching earrings by Tiffany with a retail value of over $40,000”.
Asher’s eyes widened in shock, in truth he thought it was costume jewellery.
“I think perhaps our little manger maybe a professional embezzler”, added Jean Claude.
“and you want to keep her?”
“But of course, a lady of this calibre is a find. Non? We just need to curb her little fingers and when the time is right…. I will break her and she will become a most loyal employee, completely under our control.”
“Ahhhh now I see”.
“Exactemont, now while we wait to bait the trap for the Buffee monster. You will bait another trap for Ms Harris”.
Asher raised his eyebrow.
Jean Claude smiled a hint of fang showing as he circled behind Asher, massaging is shoulders as leaned down and whispered in his ear caressingly “after all she is not indifferent to you”.
Asher jumped and scowled at Jean Claude “she was drunk”.
“and still the attraction was there instantly, and not for me despite all I have to offer and hers was not the only desire in this room”.
“She is a thief you said”, Asher replied testily, he groaned against Jean Claude’s ministrations, he had very nimble strong fingers.
“Do you not desire her?”
“Oui”, replied Asher simply
“Then you shall have her, she will be my gift to you Asher”.


Hope you like?
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