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No Pain... No Gain...

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Summary: Anya ends up in Anita Blake Land after S7, - Chaos and confusion follows in her wake...Only Anya could create this much mayhem.

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Anita Blake > Anya-CenteredyakuitFR181530,8651012040,07223 Oct 0420 Jan 08No

ch 13 Confusion


“You are frowning my friend, something is amiss?” Damien asked curiously, it was not often that Asher let his emotions show so easily.
Asher glanced at Damien irritably his mood unsettled as he watched his quarry from the shadows, he sighed “Anya Harris”.
Damien glanced at Anya his eye’s thoughtful “yes she is somewhat”, he paused trying to find the right word “unusual?” he offered for wont of anything better.
Asher nodded irritably, ‘unusual’, he thought to himself was not the only word he would use to describe Anya Harris. It had been six weeks since Jean Claude had tasked him with his latest project. In truth he was glad for the much appreciated break from the search of the Buffee monster. But on both fronts his quarry remained elusive. He had thought originally that this would be a simple operation, tempt Ms Harris with some delectable goods, shut the trap, then bed her, bleed her and leave her to Jean Claude’s tender mercies. Instead he had found himself confused, baffled and aroused with every encounter with his prey.

For six long weeks he had stalked, studied and baited Anya, and still he was no further forward. The only one consolation was the desire he had first felt from Anya was still there, muted down now that alcohol was no longer dulled her inhibitions, but most certainly and exclusively still there for him. It was puzzling, out of all the masculine bodies on display it seemed her desire was now firmly fixed on him. He should have been delighted it made his task all the more easier. Instead he found himself in uncertain territory, feeling as gauche as an untried boy. Resorting now to shadowing her from a distance. How could he a master vampire become afraid of this mere human! With a disgusted snort he made his way to the bar it was time to heat up the action.

Anya caught sight of golden hair, then a flash of pale blue eyes, her heart seemed to stop momentarily and then speed up, her eyes lit up with anticipation and unknown to her tendrils of arousal began to scent the air. “Asher”, she began happily “You have returned”. She stopped expectantly her eyes sparkling as unconsciously she fluffed up her blonde hair.

“Yes”, replied Asher stiffly, he stopped and couldn’t think of anything else to say. Beside him Damien glanced at him in surprise. Anya continued to look at him intently.
Asher his mind blank cursed himself for approaching her. “I thought….”, sacre bleu this was intolerable “I have decided to look over in more detail this business plan of yours”. If there was one thing he had learnt about Anya is that money and business was topics she would talk about for ever. Anya positively swelled up. Beside him Damien groaned.

Later that night at the Circus of the Damned. Asher, Damien and Jason were awaiting Jean Claude’s presence.

“Mein Gott, Asher, that women never shuts up about money, I cannot believe she is a kinsman from my country, the blood of my countrymen must have thinned through the years. The woman should be gagged”.
Asher shrugged nonchalantly, in truth he too was slightly overwhelmed by her intensity. He had expected a simple conversation instead two hours later he had made some excuse and had fled her office leaving a confused Anya only a quarter of the way through her presentation.
“Gagged?” asked Jean Claude quizzically from the doorway.
“Anya Harris”, replied Jason with a smirk.
Jean Claude frowned with remembered irritation “you are no further forward with Ms Harris then?”
“Non”, replied Asher succinctly “she is proving to be something of an….enigma”.
“Explain”, replied Jean Claude curiously.

Asher looked at his companions for assistance.

Jason started falteringly “she is a little…off”, he finished weakly.
Damien snorted “Off? this planet as you like to put it”.
“Non, she is not crazy”, frowned Asher warningly “… just different, different set of values”.
“Different!…. Gott in Himmel Asher, the women is a menace”.
“Hey you are just mad that she tried to get you to flash a fang for a dollar”, quipped Jason provocatively.

The room erupted.

“ENOUGH”, shouted Jean Claude “you squabble like children”. He paused and eyed them all. “Jason, Damien leave us now”.
Bowing low, they both left the room, the door shutting softly behind them.

“Now Asher, tell me what has transpired, I am somewhat,” he paused “perplexed that this project has taken so long”.

“It has proved difficult Jean Claude, she has proved difficult, not what I expected”.
“How so.”
“Difficult, fanatical, insane, weird, rude, irritating”.
Jean Claude raised his eyebrows as Asher continued.
“…and that’s just a few of the comments raised”

“Hmmm perhaps she is not what we need”, mused Jean Claude.
“However she has worked a miracle with the club, her strategy with the financial aspects verge on the genius. The lower of the members of the staff while slightly leery of her, are intensely loyal as she stops the more alpha members from bullying them”.
“A human?” commented Jean Claude.

“ Oui c’est strange, I left Jason to handle those staff problems using his position as your pomme de sang to command. However he has not been required, she seems to steam roller over all the petty little staffing problems”.
Asher sighed, “ Lizabeth was intimidating Nathaniel, Anya walked right up to her shooed her away by saying ‘don’t play with the merchandise’. Lizabeth started grandstanding ‘I am 100 year old vampire, feed on you for breakfast etc etc. Anya patted her on the head replying ‘oh you are only a baby’”.
“and that stopped Lizabeth?” asked Jean Claude surprised.
“Non… but Damien stepping in and saying that you have a box waiting for any vampire that touches her did. I think Damien feels slightly protective after finding out that her roots are from his old country”.
Jean Claude was silent in thought as he studied Asher, “this is more than just desire Asher I feel, you have feelings for this child?”
“She confuses me… it is unsettling not since Anita has a woman desired me and just me, the scars seem irrelevant, she is not coffin bait but she does not see me as a monster”. Asher sighed and went back to brooding.

Jean Claude watched him his face unreadable, but his eyes expressing some of the concern he was feeling.

“There is something else, I am certain that she has some immunity to my gaze. She is somewhat forgetful about not meeting my eyes, and certiemont Damien and the others from the kiss have tried”.
“Mon Dieu and you did not bring this to my immediate attention”. Jean Claude was shocked, Asher was a master vampire this should not be.

“Nathaniel took her to one of Anita’s raisings, she brought popcorn and scoffed at the whole affair. Anita was most annoyed”, Asher smiled at the thought “She slipped out to our young cat that she has raised from the dead also. I presumed she has some latent animator skill.

“Hmmm perhaps it is time I granted Ms Harris a further audience”.

sorry this is a bit of a blah chapter
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