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No Pain... No Gain...

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Summary: Anya ends up in Anita Blake Land after S7, - Chaos and confusion follows in her wake...Only Anya could create this much mayhem.

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CH 14 Promises

The black Jaguar slowly glided to a halt, sleek, beautiful and dangerous, just like it passengers, thought Nathaniel as he hurried to open the door. The vampires glided out, all dressed in black, tonight they meant business and Nathaniel was glad that the business did not include him.

Jean Claude barely gave him a glance as he strode towards the club, but Asher with a hidden seductive smile, stroked his hair as he brushed past him “Bonjour ma pomme”, he whispered. Nathaniel unconsciously leaned into Asher, his whole body stiffening as tendrils of lust permeated his body. Asher smiled only slightly bitterly at least this game he could and would always win.

He followed Jean Claude, slightly reluctantly, he had been avoiding and dreading this meeting since Jean Claude had demanded a further audience with Anya Harris. He had managed to avoid it for two whole days, but Jean Claude was not a patient man.

The night was suddenly pierced by an almost inhuman scream. Then followed by several more. Both vampires stilled, their bodies frozen as they let their powers spread out. Ascertaining the threat level.

“The alley way” said Asher.
“Oui Asher, proceed carefully this could be a trap by the Buffee”, replied Jean Claude his fangs fully extended, his face a visage of terror.
“Nathaniel, get the others from the club and circle to the fire exit”. Nathaniel nodded and ran though the doors, lavander hair streaming behind him.
The two vampires slowly stalked their way to the alleyway. There was no need for stealth with the crashing and swearing they could hear.

A tramp came sprinting out from the alley way a small bag under his arm. “ Oh my God”, cried the man “save me”. A dustbin lid suddenly went flying at them the tramp and the vamps both ducking it as it went crashing into Jean Claude’s car, a scream of pure rage followed it. The Driver squealed in terror and ran to the club.

There was no doubt in their minds now as to the identity of this creature. It was thus a very shock when Anya suddenly came barrelling out from the alley way, straight into Asher. Dishevelled, dirty, and bruised she was a poor sight. She gaped lost for words for once as she saw Asher, He pushed her to one side, as both vampires readied for the attack that would surely follow.

“Quickly woman .. run to the club”, ordered Asher loudly a large shove sending her on her way.

“Wha.. wha…”, Stammered Anya “Ohhhhhh you fools he is getting away, he is hurting the money, come back you scoundrel”, she gave an inhuman screeach as she launched herself at the tramp.

The tramp crossed himself “Mother of God” he swore before jumping in Jaguar. Pressing the door locks, and kissing Anya a good bye kiss, he drove off in a squeal of tires and smoke.

Anya stood there immobile in shock, her little fists clenching and unclenching. “ He hurt the money”, she said brokenly

It had taken hours for Anya to calm down, despite Jean Claude promising that $153 was a trifling amount and he would not take it out of her wages. She seemed inconsolable. She also seemed to blame Jean Claude and Asher for letting ‘the bad man get away’.

Eventually Jean Claude threw up his hands, muttering something about Damien being right and snapped at Asher to correct the situation. Which is why two hours later Asher a master vampire was assisting in Anya in shutting the club up, all the doors and windows were rechecked. All the cupboards needed to be searched for wrong doers before she clamed down. Finally he managed to get her to sit down, with a stiff measure of bourbon. Moving behind her he started to massage her tense shoulders. Anya smiled and moaned softly, as Asher tried to ignore her growing arousal. Finally he could take it no more and crossing the room, he picked up the phone to call a taxi for Anya.

He turned around and gaped.

Anya stood their naked, not a blush on her body, only a seductive wicked smile that could put Jean Claude to shame.

“It is a shame to have such interlocking body parts and not interlock”. Anya informed logically.

Asher barely felt the phone slip from his fingers and crash to the floor.

Three weeks, 2 days and 2 hours and 33 minutes since that day that glorious wonderful day, Anya hummed softly, her body sated, her mind all gooey and goofy. She smiled at the man lying beside her, twirling her fingers through his golden hair. If there was ever a one perfect moment in a persons life, this would be it she thought. The sex as always had been glorious, but this moment the tender moments as they lay together softly touching each other, finding comfort and love with simple kisses and caresses, this she craved - this intimacy. Later they would speak, soft words as they exchanged memories and thoughts. These moments she had never shared with another man . Even Xander for all he thought he was in touch with his femine side, would usually fall asleep. She grinned at the memory almost sniggering. The man shifted beside her, leaning up his artic blue eyes peering at her through a curtain of liquid gold. Shadows flickering on his face in the gloom of the night.

“You smile ma beau?”, he asked kissing her in the hollow of her neck, his hair tickling and teasing. His hands sliding down her body caressing the small of her back, his Anya spot he called it, as it would make her shiver and cry.

“mmmm… just thinking that of all the men I have been with you are the most perfect man I have ever been with”

He stilled… his hands freezing on her hips. Anya cursed silently, she had forgotten about his strange prediliction. Usually she would ignore when he dimmed the room to almost darkness, just one candle spluttering on a table, she never spoke of how while he would ravish her with kisses and caresses, stripping her within seconds of being alone but he took such great care to keep his body hidden for as long as they could bear and he was always the first to dress, sometimes even coming back to her and holding her dressed in soft as butter black leather jeans and a black coutured shirt. Stroking her to completition one more time before he left, while he watched her face & body enraptured.

She reached up and held his face… “Yes” she growled, “ You are the best most perfect man I have ever been with. Beautiful both inside and out”.

“Then you must have been a virgin” he snarled his eyes cold and dead. His face a blank mask, expressionless. “You think this is perfection?” he demanded swinging his face to show his scared side. “or is this my attraction to you - to bed a monster … is this what thrills you?” His face if possible got even colder more forbidding. As he leant over her, fangs glinting in the candlelight. “Shall I be the monster you so obviously want?”

Anya’s eyes narrowed, and later Asher would would swear he almost saw an inhuman glow to them. She flipped over so fast, straddling his body, strong lissome legs clenched his torso.

“You are spoiling a happy post orgasmic moment Asher”, She snapped back “For that I demand retribution, I demand revenge”. She flipped her scarf from the floor and twisted it around his wrist… She held out her hand imperiously. Asher his face carefully blank slowly gave her his second wrist and within seconds she had tied it to the frame of the camp bed they were currently residing on. It only took a few more seconds and his feet were also tied. She towered over him, splendid in her nakedness, and Asher slowly swallowed, the scarfs were symbolic, even a mere mortal could tug his way free let alone a master vampire. She was asking him to trust her in this game. Something inside him made him wait and let her play, but inside he quivered, steeling himself for the disgust and rejection that would surely follow.

Anya’s face softened, “Trust me Asher, just this once trust in me”. She whispered in his ear. She nibbled at it softly her tongue slowly darting in following the contours of his ears, kissing, nibbling. “After all vengeance is what I do”. She huskily laughed. Asher shivered.

Anya laughed, her body rubbing up and down him, her butt slowly caressing the length of him as she slowly tortured him with a thousand small kisses. He groaned as her hands fluttered around him. Then gasped as her mouth suddenly found the scared side of his chest and started sucking. He writhed in ectasy it was so tender so delightful. Anya grinned. “ So a virgin am I?” she queried in a deceptively soft voice as she proceeded to show him how unvirgin she really was. For the next hour Anya teased and toyed with him, stoping every few minutes to demand whether he was happy with his ‘virgin’s technique, or was he being a good monster. Not an inch wasn’t caressed or kissed by her nimble hands or even nimbler tongue. She kept up a constant monologue of the men she had been with. It should have been a turn off but strangely it wasn’t. He was after all no angel himself. Finally he colud take no more and cried for mercy.

Anya stilled her hands cupping his face “ Do you believe you are perfect”. He didn’t but agreed with her in any case. She smiled sadly “Liar”, she paused then kissed him on the mouth, the first time she had since she had started her little game. “But do you believe you are my perfect man”.

“Yes” he groaned and then pulling free from his flimsy restraints showed her how much he believed.

Aferwards lying curled beside him, she experienced her second perfect moment she idly played with his nipple as they both slowly came down from their orgasmic high.

“ We really should get a bed in here”, Asher commented.

Anya cuddled up closer, “but think what the staff would say, as it is they wonder why I had a shower installed in here and have a camp bed”

Asher smiled, pulling her closer, “next time I will come to your apartment.” Anya stilled and smiled into his neck, nodding in agreement, she wanted to do cartwheels around the room.

“I do believe you ma coer, I just could not understand why you would want me” he added carefully wanting to explain himself for his earlier outburst and reassure her.

“Silly man”

“ A master vampire can tell always tell whether somebody lies”.

Anya lifted her head in surprise, eyes wide “ Really!”

“ Yes”, he paused significantly “ It is one of our gifts”.

“ Cool”. Anya sighed she could tell it was one of those moments where they would be exchanging little secrets “ Asher I am not a whore or a slut, but I have led a very interesting life and when you get to my age well a little variety is good”.

Asher chuckled “Oh my little flower… you are what…24? … a mere babe in arms”. Anya nodded her head vaguely not wanting to answer that question.

“Ahhh my little Anya, I am no doe eyed boy, I too enjoy how do you say it a little variety and I certainmont enjoyed your technique”.

“But” he chided gently stroking her hair “I am perturbed to hear that I am your third vampire lover, you have never shared blood with me and you have no visible marks of a vampire… tell me about them?”

Anya sighed “well it was only once with each of them. Spike well we got drunk together, he was hurting cause he had been dumped and so had I, we were both there and it was solace really and then their was Dracula…”.

Asher burst into fits of laughter, clutching his belly in mirth. Anya jumped out of bed, hands on her hips as she watched him convulse in mirth.

“Spike… what sort of name is that for a vampire… oh my dear Anya.. You have been had… Vampires cannot get drunk”. Asher collapsed in laughter, pink tears running down his cheeks “….And dracula… oh Anya.. Anya… there is no such vampire”.

Anya stamped her feet crossly slightly torn while she was happy to see him laugh and be the cause of it, it was not so amusing to be the the joke.

Asher glanced up at her, and stilled, his eyes still flickering mischeviously, he snagged her hand and pulled back to the bed. Cuddling her body close he caressed her tenseness away, only small chuckles escaping.

“Tomorrow” he whispered seductively to her, “it will be your turn with the scarfs, and my turn for vengeance”

Anya melted, looping her arms around her head she rewarded him with a kiss “ Promise”.

“Promise” he swore.


Massive apologies for taking so long, and it has been so long I feel I have lost the flow a bit. I will work on this honest. This chapter feels a bil jilted but I needed to get over this block somehow.

Also it seems spell check/grammer check is no longer working so beware all you panda’s out there. And online version causes my computer to crash.
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