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No Pain... No Gain...

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Summary: Anya ends up in Anita Blake Land after S7, - Chaos and confusion follows in her wake...Only Anya could create this much mayhem.

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Anita Blake > Anya-CenteredyakuitFR181530,8651012040,08623 Oct 0420 Jan 08No

Ch 16 Discovered....

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Chapter 16 - DISCOVERED

Asher whistled between his teeth at the sight before him, he had been at Belle’s court for a very long time where beauty was the norm. But the enticing creature before him made even Belle pale in comparison. The clothes, her wicked desirable body, her cute face and saucy smile, all made him harden with a passionate arousal. But it was her eyes that drew him at once innocence and beguiling, promising all sorts of naughty things for this night, but shining through as strong and as clear as the sun was her love for him.

“Hello lover” she whispered huskily, her desire already scenting the air to his vampire senses. She was leaning against the balcony door, one leg bent and her arms stretched above her in a sirens pose. The silk dress or what there was of it moulded to every curve.

With speed that even Anya couldn’t track, he was suddenly there, kissing her more passionately and with more fervour than he had ever done before. His hands melding her to his body as he kissed her as though there was no tomorrow. Anya blinked in surprise, smiling smugly as she reacted to his embrace, five hours of preparation time - was time well spent! It was the last logical thought that she made as she hooked her leg around his waist, taking his cue, Asher picked her up his hands cupping her buttocks. Her legs encircled him, arms twining around his neck as she answered his passion with her own. Without breaking contact he stumbled towards the bed. He lowered them slowly down his hands stroking her body undoing ties and buttons with a frantic pace.

Anya moaned in ecstasy vaguely aware of the local church bell chiming the hour. Asher stilled looking down at her with glittering eyes that had bled to the purest ice blue. Anya undulated underneath him stroking his body. One second he was there and the next he was gone, it was so sudden that it took Anya a few moments of uncomprehending surprise to realise that he was no longer atop her, no longer on the bed. Frowning she sat up, looking in confusion at Asher breathing heavily on the balcony, his back turned fists clenched. He muttered a foul French curse.

“Ash…” Anya’s voice broke “Asher… what is wrong?” Her heart began to pound - did he no longer want her, did he want to break up, was she no longer desirable?

Asher spun round his face a blank mask, that terrified her. Asher strode back to her and kissed her again, but this time it was a soft caressing kiss. That ended all too soon.

“My apologies …My Anya.. You make me loose my control and tonight control is all I can offer you.”

Anya, touched her lips briefly… her brow creased in confusion.

“Come my dear, you need to pack and quickly I have called a taxi that will take you to the airport, it will arrive shortly, you can catch the red eye to New York”.

“You are sending me away?” Anya trailed after him as he threw open draws selecting and discarding articles of clothing with ruthless vampiric efficiency. “You no longer want me, you are discarding me?” Anya whispered her eyes wet with unshed tears.

Asher stilled, before slowly turning, a white frilly brassiere in one hand. He looked at her in surprise. “Anya…”.

“Don’t you Anya me” she shouted “you are meant to tell me when we are going to break up .. Big neon signs and bombs that go off with big messages….Telegrams delivered by funny cartoon men with lisps that you no longer desire me…not like this… not …not like this ”.

Asher blinked not quite understanding her words “Ma cherie, my love, I care for you, I adore you, I worship the ground you walk on”. He cupped her face with his hands.

“then why are you sending me away, I don’t understand”, Anya cried.
“Because I wish you to be safe”, Asher stated simply. “there are some people coming to tonight that are dangerous and they would harm - just for petty amusement all I would hold dear. To them you would be nothing but an entertaining diversion. I cannot risk you, you are too important to me and it pains me that I am unable to protect those that I love”.

Anya bit her lip.. “ you love me?”

“Oui”, he said it simply with no artifice.

“Me too”.

Asher smiled and pressed a kiss to her forehead “Bon, then you will spend a few days a week at most in New York shopping and being pampered at the Hilton I will call you as soon as it is safe”.

“No”. Stated Anya firmly.

“no?” .

“No”, Anya repeated emphatically. “My place is with you, I will protect you against these bad people”. she paused, seeing his disbelieving look, she shook her head and chuckled “I have experience with thwarting evil doers. I will help think up cunning and nefarious traps that will defeat the baddies and the we will have long orgasmic sex together”.

Anya smiled at him brightly, before muttering half to herself “ I have always wanted to try the old drop the piano on them… it always works on TV”, as she disentangled her bra from Asher’s numb fingers. She sighed in bemusement as she saw that Asher was trying to send her off with non sexy, nunnish attire.

“This is no game Anya, the councils coming and none can stop them I cannot have you around distracting me or being used against me. You will be on that plane Madame whether I have to drag you there kicking and screaming”. He gave her a hard look that was meant to quell any rebellious thoughts Turning to her closet, he opened one of the top cupboards, before she could stop him he was hauling out bags.

“Asher NO” she screamed already realising the futility as she watched his whole body stiffen in shock. He slowly pulled out a black stained holdall, stained with bright pink security dye.

“I can explain”. she offered lamely watching in fatalistic horror as he slowly unzipped the bag. Asher ignored her as he drew out her bad ass costume and a cascade of pink dollars followed.

“Ash…”, she put her hand out to touch him, her heart hammering in dread. She never saw him move. He held her up by the throat up against the wall her toes barely touching the floor.

“You fucking bitch”, he cursed her a stream of French profanities spilling from his lips as his power usually held in check filled the room. “ EXPLAIN THIS you have been in league with the Buffee monster, YOU” he shook her as Anya clutched desperately at his hands choking.

“Buffy” she tried to correct him.

He tightened his grip ominously, his eyes bled out again through anger this time not lust. “All this time you have been hiding within our ranks… did you laugh at us? Did he lend you his power to resist our eyes?”

“Ple…Pleashh” she choked out “ eur eugh Stropp”.

“What a twisted bitch you are. You can only fuck monsters like me is that it? Even now I can smell your arousal…”

He threw across the room, she bounced off the bed… landing heavily on the floor. There was no respite as he straddled her body, holding her down, he meshed his hand in her hair, yanking her head back”.

“ Asher please..don’t “ she begged.

“I should kill you, one twist is all it would take. Would your Buffee master grieve for you?”

“Asher I am sorry so sorry, I have finished with Buffy, left it all behind, please Asher?”

“Non” he stated his hands tightened.

Anya stilled, tears dripping down her cheek. She hadn’t resisted him to this point, she understood how much she had hurt him, after all betrayal was something of a speciality of hers. Usually she always saw it from the other side and it was a bitter taste to realise how much she had hurt and yes destroyed this man of hers.

She smiled at him sadly, “ I love you Asher”, a lone tear coursed down her cheek coming to rest against his hand. He stared at it and then searched her eyes. One second he was there the next he was across the room, his face an implacable mask.

“Leave now, never come back and make sure your master understands if you show your face here again I will kill you first”.

“Asher … I am sorry..”

“Non stop” he spat out “No more you disgust me. Leave this city before I change my mind. If Jean Claude ever finds out I let you go he will destroy me.”

Asher took one loathing look at her, then with a whoosh of air he disappeared off the balcony.

Anya stared after him, her face screwed up in misery “I do miss that flitting around”. Then she broke down in heart breaking sobs.

Many minutes later she slowly got to her feet, feeling every one of her 1000 years. Ever practical she grabbed the another holdall that held most of her money, picking up purse and a long overcoat, She walked to the door - she had a taxi to get and a plane to catch.


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