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Dream Lovers

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Summary: The Powers That Be send Buffy to Middle Earth, by request of the Valar. Love between Buffy and one of the Valar's Champions spark the ire of the PTB. They will go to drastic measures to get their champion back...

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Lord of the Rings > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: LegolaszayraFR182071,80543026,04823 Oct 0428 Aug 05No

Dream Lovers




He's been watching her dance for the better part of the evening, captivated by her fluid motions as though in a trance that held her for centuries. He longed to touch her, taste her, to lose himself in her. Her body reeked of power, power that resonated with pure goodness and light that overshadowed the darkness from which her power stemmed from.

This girl, no this woman never even took it upon herself to acknowledge neither the wagging tongues of neither the males nor the envious glares of the other women. She was in her own world, lost in her own deep thoughts, or fantasies.

He could watch her forever.

He's had her on his mind ever since she appeared in his dreams almost a month ago. It was always the same from the beginning right down to the end. He's never been able to approach her it was like he was rooted to the same spot waiting for her to come to him.

But it never came until tonight.

Buffy opened her eyes, she was in that dream again where she was at the Bronze and at the same corner where only her Slayer heightened senses could feel him, watching her every move. She couldn't see him clearly but it was enough to make out his long silvery blonde hair and his penetrating blue eyes.

He wasn't dressed like any of the other guys in the room. She reminded him of something that Robin Hood would wear leggings and all. Every time she opened her eyes, he was always there. Eyes full of passion, longing and need that made her ache between her legs.
She could tell that he knew how he made her feel but whenever she tried to go to him she couldn't. She felt like there was some sort of barrier keeping the apart.

Only this night will change their lives. For tonight they will meet.

As if by some invisible force, Legolas Greenleaf felt himself pushed into the crowd. The pull grew stronger as he neared her. In all his life, there are few things that surprised him and this is definitely what counts as one of those few. As he got closer to her, he noticed that she was reflecting the same wants and needs in her eyes. And to be in such a close proximity with her, made him feel uneasy, and he never liked that feeling.

In all the nights that Buffy dreamt of this mysterious stranger, it was only tonight that she noticed just how extraordinarily beautiful he really was. And at a closer inspection she noticed that he glowed with an ethereal presence, like an angel except with the pointy ears and the 'no wings' thing. But God, he was a beautiful sight to behold. She cringed at the thought of waking up because she definitely was not willing to let this particular dream end.

He saw the flame in her eyes flicker for a moment but as he reached out to touch her hand the heat radiating from her body would render a man unconscious from the burns.

'Oh no, oh no, do I smell okay? Am I sweaty? Maybe I'm too sweaty. Should I smile? No, I might frighten him off with my 10,000-megawatt smile that would put Julia Roberts to shame!!! He's so close, just to touch him, taste him, and be filled by him. Whoa DOWN Buffy! Okay, keep calm think of something cold, okay ice, ice cubes, ice-cream...that would taste so good specially licking it off his I'm very sure to be perfect body. Ooh the possibilities' Buffy was panicking, wracking her brain for ideas to try and stay cool and not panic. Did I mention the panicking??? Crap! Now she's babbling so much that its even babble worthy of Willow on speed.

But on the first contact of his touch on her hand, she moaned at the amount of heat that flowed from her body. He was just as surprised as she was by the intensity that came from just one touch.

Touch, taste, need. Touch taste need, Touch taste need.

They shared the same thought. It was the exact mantra that ran through their mind, ran through the very blood in their veins. He needed to end this torment that's been plaguing his every thought, and tonight would be that night, He leaned in closer and buried his face in her hair. 'Sweet Elbereth! Her scent is driving me insane' he thought. And with that he looked into her eyes and kissed her. A fiery-hot passionate kiss that would have lasted longer if it hadn't been for the fact that they needed to breathe.

"Mmm. Kissing good. Air good. But kissing so much more of the good, "Buffy murmured in his ears. She opened her eyes and was almost frightened by the longing she saw in his eyes. But she didn't let that keep her from her intentions. She pulled him towards a corner of the Bronze and pushed him on the couch. She straddled him and kissed him once more.

Legolas had yet to taste her, really taste her but with her talented tongue and the squirming movements that she was doing all he wanted to do was to delve into her core. He placed his hands on her buttocks and squeezed gently til he moved both hands to her breasts.

"My, my, my. Aren't we the impatient one?" said Buffy.

"Taste you," was all Legolas could say.

"Yes, taste me." And they kissed each other hungrily like there was no tomorrow. They made love for what seemed like hours until they collapsed from exhaustion. As the lovers fell asleep in each other's arms, they drifted off into their own dreams. Unbeknownst to Legolas and Buffy, they never noticed that Whistler was watching them.

"Poor kids, don't even know what they're in for." And with flash of brilliant white light Buffy and Legolas disappeared from where they were.

"Taste you? Eeeww how about, no. Buffy wake up. Buffy?" Dawn had been trying to wake her sister for the last few minutes cause she needed to borrow some clothes to go out with Faith and Willow to watch a movie.

"Buffy? What the hell is she dreaming about? Taste her? That's like a twenty on the majorly gross factor out of ten. I'm guaranteed to have nightmares for the rest of my life! Then again, at least I'll have something to use for blackmail," Dawn grinned evilly. And then a thought occurred to her that made her grin as wide as the Cheshire cat. "Faith, Wills, get in here! Buffy's talking in he sleep, something about some guy to taste her."

A few seconds later, Willow and Faith came a-running. With Buffy unawares of the audience in her room she elicited a moan. "Hot, mmm, so hot. Taste me; don't stop..." everyone around her snickered.
" PLEASE, yes, your hands right there. Aaaahhhhh."

"Yo guys I'd have thought that after all that we've been through with the First and the war 2 months ago that B would be itching for some hunting. Guess now I know why she's always so glowy and tired when we dust some vamps," said Faith. Everybody just couldn't help themselves and they all burst out laughing.

"Wuh...huh?" Buffy woke up to what sounded like fits of giggles and, was that Faith rolling around on the ground?
"What do you guys think you're doing? Can't anyone get some sleep around here?" Buffy glared at her three unwanted late night visitors. This caused them to laugh even more, which in turn caused Buffy to glare harder. She then made her resolve face and demanded, "Okay, what's the what and why are in here?"

In between the fits of giggles all she could make out were "sex dream" "touch me, touch me" "big honkin' orgasm" and that started them off again. Buffy couldn't believe her ears, they actually heard her? "Uh, um I don't suppose you guys are gonna let this go by any chance?" she pleaded.

"Not in a million years!" said Dawn. And she dragged Faith and Willow out of Buffy's room and made their way to the movie theatre. Buffy was mortified at the thought of those three tormenting her forever, and she paled even more when she realised that those three couldn't keep a secret that would be the cause of Buffy's humiliation, even if their lives depended on it.

Much to Legolas' dismay, he was not spared from the same fate for when he roused from his sleep he was confronted by incessant laughter and three familiar faces that he knew belonged to the Three Terrors of Rivendell, Aragon and his twin foster-brothers Elledan and Elrohir.

"Ah, awake at last. Tell me dear friend, who is this maiden whose grip you say is as tight as a swordsman's grip?" said Aragon.

"Or how tasty she was." Replied Elrohir.

"And how talented must she be for if I'm not mistaken, it seems that our Legolas here seems to have had a rather er... vivid dream from the looks of things." Said Elledan whilst pointing to the wet patch on the front of his leggings.

Legolas gave him a confused look until he looked down and saw the remnants of his passion filled dream, a vividly darkening wet patch on his leggings. At that moment he was certain that he flushed a bright pink before he glared at his unexpected visitors and quickly changed his leggings. He knew now that he wouldn't be able to rest now that his friends were there with him. They'd probably keep him up all night with their teasing and taunting. And he knew that once these three started, they wouldn't stop until he had something on them to use for blackmail. 'I'll get you back for this' he thought.

When both dreamers finally had time to themselves, they both realised that not only did they not ask their names but that they didn't even get to say goodbye. Needless to say, both Buffy and Legolas were eagerly awaiting the next night in hopes to finally know more about each other, to know who they are, these Dream lovers...

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