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The Golden Phoenix

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Summary: What if Buffy was the one Numan/Clark was really destined for and not Kyla?

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Smallville > Buffy-CenteredzayraFR18813,51333220,52023 Oct 042 Feb 05No

Second Meeting


Second Meeting


The dark figure glared at the blonde and then sneered at the goofy grin on Clark's face.

"So, Clark has found her. No matter, no one will stand in the way of me and him ruling over this pathetic excuse for a planet. I will be his queen, Grandfather forgot to mention that whoever Numan chooses will rule this world alongside him once they rid it of the evil."

Remembering the conversation with her grandfather, she grimaced at the thought of having hurt him because he lied to her, but her instincts told her it would be the right thing to do.

The day before the seniors of Smallville High left for L.A. ...

"Grandfather, he is the one. You and I both know he is Numan. Our peoples hope has been delivered to us, and now we must fulfil our destiny, together."

Joseph Willowbrook looked at his granddaughter and sighed, "If what you told me was true, that he walked away from you, why bother following this 'destiny' of yours if it is clearly not you that he wants?"

Kyla glared at her grandfather, "He was promised to the women of our line, Numan is my destiny as I am his. I am to lead him to victory against those who mean to do us harm. I am to help him rule our people. Grandpa, Numan's ancestor, the one who first came here told our people that when Numan arrives; our children will be the end of all evils. The children of Numan and the one he is destined will be our salvation. I am the last single woman of our tribe grandpa, and am of age to marry. Clark Kent will not run away from his destiny, I won't let him, he's our only hope."

Joseph saw a fierce determination in Kyla's eyes and bowed his head, "Kyla, you don't know for a fact if you are the one who is destined for Numan. You said so yourself that Clark told you he is in love with someone else."

"Love can't be stronger than destiny."

"See that's where you're wrong Kyla. Love is stronger than destiny, most specifically true love. With destiny, we can make our own whether ours were written ages ago, or not. Bottom line is, we can't change or minds so easily when our hearts are set."

Kyla looked up at her grandfather, "So you're saying I should just let him go?"

"Yes, clearly he has no intention of forging a relationship with you. And besides, prophecies are very vague. True, Numan is promised to one of the women of our tribe. But how can you be sure that it is you Kyla? Our ancestors have long spread our lines through half-breeds and such."

Kyla gave Joseph a funny look and smiled, "Grandpa, you don't really believe that a blond-haired, blue eyed quarter-blood is good enough for Numan do you? And besides, I am the last pureblood, single female. HE BELONGS TO ME!!!"

Joseph winced, he had never seen his granddaughter act this way, she was always so good natured and humble, now she was throwing a hissy fit acting like she owned Clark Kent. He gave her a stern look and said, "Kyla, Numan's destiny is his own. You can't force yourself on him. And besides, the one he will know the one he is destined for, in his heart he will know her."

Kyla narrowed her eyes and whispered, "If I can't have Clark Kent, then I'll make sure he will never be with anyone else."

Joseph gave her a low growl, "I will now let you harm any innocents, should you spill the blood of the innocent, the curse of our people will come into effect."

Kyla smirked at her grandfather and said, "Too late for that." She walked out leaving a stunned and frightened Joseph.

As he watched her walk away Joseph sent a silent plea to his ancestors, "May you protect those Numan holds in his heart for I fear my granddaughter's bloodlust will only grow stronger as the effects of becoming a Skinwalker has begun."

L.A. ...

Kyla saw the power radiating off of the blonde girl named Anne, and she saw the Golden Phoenix's flame engulf her and Clark when they kissed. The thought of that kiss made Kyla growl in frustration. She then stepped back into the shadow, and before she morphed back into her Skinwalker Wolf she said, "Well, Anne, it seems you'll be meeting your maker sooner than expected...

Clark, Pete and Chloe made their way to Joe's diner just around the corner of the hotel that their class was staying in. Walking in, Clark quickly scanned the diner hoping to see Anna again. And as if someone answered his prayers she appeared from the kitchen holding two plates.

Buffy was in the kitchen picking up two plates of burgers and fries when she felt a hum pass in her body. It wasn't demons, it didn't seem like her spidey-senses were tingling but it felt oddly familiar, kinda like when she kissed Cla... and as she walked out of the kitchen she felt her heart stop when she saw him standing at the entrance of the diner with two others. Buffy realised he had been scanning the room and stopped suddenly when his gaze caught hers. For a moment the world seemed to stop for the both of them.

Buffy gulped as she suddenly felt her mouth go dry when he smiled and walked over towards her.

Chloe and Pete sat down while Clark made his way to Buffy.

"How did you find me?" she asked.

As if on cue, Clark answered impulsively, "If I was blind I'd still find you."

Buffy wanted to scream a feeling of dŽjˆ vu filled her mind. She felt all control of her body slip as she dropped the plates on the floor. Everyone else seemed to notice except Clark and Buffy.

Clark suddenly felt himself wrap his arms around Buffy, when he blinked he found them in a beach, watching the sunset. He then heard her say, "Stay with me."

And he answered, "Forever. That's the whole point, even if you kill me." It wasn't his voice, then he looked down on and found he was not in his body.

Buffy wanted this to stop but she couldn't, she wanted to run, her mind told her to get away but her body wasn't responding to her commands, and Clark was in the same predicament. She knew it was Clark in Angel's body, this was the dream that had haunted her since that night she ran away from Sunnydale.

Buffy turned to him and looked up into his eyes and allowed a tear to fall, "I'm sorry."

Clark didn't know what was happening but he found himself answering her with sadness in his voice, "I loved you, it wasn't my fault, you should have found another way to stop the end of the world."

She then whispered, "It was too late, the vortex had opened and the only way to stop it was to stop the flow of blood."

Angel let go of her and stepped back, "My blood."

Buffy took a step forward towards him as the scene changed.

Clark felt a whoosh of air pass through him and soon found himself standing in the caves in Smallville. He found Anne staring into the paintings on the wall, standing right under the picture of the blonde woman with the turquoise square under her feet. As he approached her, he saw a figure lying under Anne's feet. As he neared them, the figure became clearer and Clark saw a wolf whimpering on the ground.

Buffy suddenly found herself speaking, "She told me she belongs to you. Is that true?"

Clark then replied, "No."

Clark took another step closer and kissed Anne. "You belong to me."

With those words, Buffy and Clark opened their eyes and were back at the diner surrounded by curious glances and an angry manager.

"Whoa." Was all that came out of Clark and Buffy's mouths.

"...the hell do you think you're doing? That food is gonna be taken out of your paycheck you miserable witch. Shit! Look at the damn wasted food!"

Joe walked up to Buffy and ripped off her name tag and just as he was about to pull off her apron, the boy that was standing beside her grabbed his hand and nearly broke it. He then said in a menacing tone, "Don't you dare touch her." And Joe found himself kneeling on the ground, clutching his hand in pain.

Buffy stepped up to Joe and threw the apron in his face, "I quit!" then walked out of the diner with Clark right beside her.

"You didn't have to do that you know. But thanks anyway."

"You don't have to thank me, if I hadn't showed up, you wouldn't have gotten in trouble."

Buffy gave Clark a meaningful look and smiled, "Clark, about what happened back there..."

But before she could continue, he stopped her and said, "I don't know what happened to you before...with whoever that guy..."

"Angel," said Buffy. Clark saw the faraway look in her eyes before she continued, "His name was Angel."

Clark then remembered, "So you saved the world?"

Buffy forgot that they had that conversation and said, "Um...listen Clark. I...could we maybe talk somewhere less populated?" pointing to the hundreds of passers-by's walking by the diner.

Clark then said, "Well, I should be getting back to my friends. Maybe we could go out for dinner tonight? But it doesn't have to be a date type of thing, it could just be you know just two people talking and getting to know each other."

Buffy said, "Before I say yes, just out of curiosity, how come you weren't freaked out about the whole saving the world and all that."

Clark gave her a knowing smile and said, "We all have to save the world sometimes." And walked back into the diner.

Buffy walked back to her dingy apartment and sat on the bed. She just lost her job and now she's going out on a date with a guy she had a weird 'episode' with. "What the hell is going on with me?" she whispered to herself.

Suddenly someone answered, "You think you know what you are, what you've become. You haven't even begun. Death is your gift..."

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