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Wishing for Normal Again

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Summary: Buffy awakes from S6 Normal Again into an AU version of The Wish from S3.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Dark > Cast: Scooby Gang(Past Donor)GACTsevilFR152434,80812318,46624 Oct 049 Apr 11No

Chapter 23

Joyce was looking through the gun’s scope when she heard the cursing and saw the blonde Spike followed by Willow and Xander. She fired without a thought, the bullet grazed Xander’s arm and he screamed angrily. He tripped and fell pulling Willow with him. Joyce reloaded as Spike noticed the Bell Tower and continued to run heading for the main entrance. Two fiery arrows soared through the air landing on either side of Willow and Xander. Joyce fired again as the vampires growled, got up and ran toward Jonathan and Devon.

“Come and get it, fang faces!” Devon yelled with a whoop.

Jonathan snickered as he aimed for Willow. Joyce was about to fire again when she saw the crowd behind the two. She fired into it and watched a vamp explode as she reloaded and silently prayed.

“Hecate, hear my plea!” Amy yelled out, it was her signal to Tara that the vamps had reached them.

Jonathan’s arrow flew over Willow and Xander into the growing mob of vampires. Amy sent a fire ball into the crowd and smiled when it exploded about ten vamps.

“Now where do you think you’re going?” Devon asked blocking Willow and Xander from entering the school. He pulled an axe from behind his back.

“We’re going to go eat your slayer, so move.” Xander spoke as Willow turned and headed for Jonathan.

Jonathan was ready for her when he shot an arrow at her point blank in the chest. “Sorry, bitch, school is closed.”

Before the dust settled Xander screamed and launched himself at Devon. They hit the ground and began punching each other. Jonathan let Devon handle himself and began firing into the growing crowd. He lit two arrows and turned the bow sideways. He fired the arrows into the crowd creating even more chaos.

Devon grabbed Xander by his long hair and pulled him off. He kicked the vamp in the stomach, stood and pulled out a cross. Suddenly he was stabbed in the back. He turned shocked to find Spike. He fell to his knees as Spike reached down grabbed Xander and dragged the vampire into the school after him. Devon gripped his sword and tried to stand.

Jonathan saw the vamps surging forward. “Amy, fall back!” He turned to see Devon struggling to stand. “Devon!”

“Just get me up to Joyce.” Jonathan put Devon’s arm over his shoulder and ran toward the tower past Amy.

Amy threw another fire ball and ran for the lounge, the meeting place for when the vamps breach the school.

Oz transformed as Nancy sighted vamps coming out the sewers in front of the school.

“We ready for this?” Nancy asked. She turned to see Jenny and Giles kissing, it was about time those two got back together, but did it have to be right now! Oz growled loudly and they pulled apart.

“Sorry.” Giles spoke.

“Don’t be,” Nancy replied, “just survive this so you two can get married.”

“Married!” Jenny exclaimed.

Nancy replied by lighting an arrow and firing it into the growing crowd. Oz growled before racing into the mob. Giles fired as Jenny began tossing fire balls.

“Nancy, after this you have explaining to do!” Giles spoke.

“Just keep kissing and all will be well in the world.” Nancy replied firing another arrow.

Oz ran full speed into two vampires and began ripping them apart.

Giles looked over the gore Oz was throwing about and saw the Master. “Jenny, call Tara, we have the master.”

Jenny threw another fireball, drew a protection bubble around herself and called to the witch inside. A vampire ran into the bubble and was instantly dusted. A moment later the bubble burst taking six nearby vamps with it. “She said to let him pass, we should retreat, Amy is waiting inside.”

Giles nodded his head, “Nancy, Oz, pack it up!”

The wolf snarled from his pile of dust and blood, turned and ran toward Giles. Nancy fired another arrow and grabbed her stuff and followed Oz into the school. Jenny went next grabbing what she could before fleeing. Giles grabbed the torch, they used to light the arrows, threw it into the mob and ran after Jenny.

Dawn and Ben loaded another balloon and fired. Dawn watched as the mob of vampires seemed to be thinning.

“They’re in the school!” Dawn yelled.

“What?” Owen yelled.

“They’re in the school!” She repeated.

Wesley looked up at Owen and Hank on the roof. “You two stay there; we’ll head in to herd them toward the library.”

Hank and Owen nodded their heads. “We’ll cut the stragglers off behind you.” Hank replied.

Ben and Dawn grabbed hands and followed Larry into the school with Wesley following behind. Ben handed Larry a balloon. He tossed it into the crowd of vamps ahead circling the group now gathering around the rest of the group.

“They are all inside now, Willow is dust and the master is on his way.” Tara reported to the slayers.

“You ready, B,” Faith asked.

“I don’t know, how are you, F?” Buffy turned to Faith with a smile.

“Five by five,” she smiled.

“That’s what I thought.” Buffy held up her sword.

Faith moved so that she and Buffy were back to back and raised a stake. Angel and Pike stood behind them on the landing. Tara was behind the counter muttering a spell.

“Something happens,” Pike whispered directly at Angel, so Buffy wouldn’t hear, “you take care of her.”

Angel nodded his head.

They could hear the noise of battle coming closer. The doors burst open and two vampires entered, it was Spike and Xander. Spike glanced up and saw Angel.

He growled, “forget this; the master is on his own!” He grabbed Xander by the back of the neck and dragged him back out.

“That was odd.” Tara spoke.

“That’s Spike,” Angel replied, “self preserving opportunist to the core.”

Jonathan and Amy got to the lounge where they had stashed extra weapons.

“Spike and Xander are in here somewhere.” Jonathan spoke.

As he finishes speaking Spike and Xander run by and out the side exit.

“Or they were here,” Jonathan spoke watching the fleeing vampires confused.

“Jonathan, where’s Devon?”

“In the bell tower with Joyce, he’s hurt.”

“Here they come!” They hear Dawn yell from down the hall.

Vampires begin pouring in from the opposite hall. Jonathan and Amy ran to meet them armed with swords and stakes. A moment later Larry, Dawn, Ben and Wesley enter the battle, Larry throws a water balloon at Amy.

“Batter up,” Amy hits it with her sword; the balloon explodes splashing several vamps and Amy. Screams and growls echo the halls and the master strides by unnoticed toward the slayers. Ben ducks as Oz in wolf form sails over his head and into the chaos. Behind him Giles, Jenny and Nancy take up positions to block off the vampires from escaping farther into the school. Ben moved so that he and Dawn are close to the door for a quick escape in case needed.

After Spike and Xander’s short visit Buffy felt less nervous. Then the door opened again and the master walked in. ‘I killed him once, I can do it again.’

**Sorry about the super long wait, I've always meant to finish this fic, but got stuck. I'm hoping with some new inspiration I can finally bring it to an end, thanks for sticking with me.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Wishing for Normal Again" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 Apr 11.

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