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From Heaven and Hell

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Summary: Angel/Farscape: Set in S1, a vision from the Powers sends Angel to the aid of the Uncharted Territories’ Most Wanted in a kidnapping case that has brought them across the galaxy.

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From Heaven and Hell

A Farscape/Angel Crossover

By Tassos

Rating: 13

Genre: Action/adventure

Spoilers: Angel Season 1, Farscape Season 1

Disclaimer: I own neither Farscape nor Angel though I wish I did. Unfortunately that honor belongs to the Jim Henson Company and Mutant Enemy.

Summary: Set in S1, a vision from the Powers sends Angel to the aid of the Uncharted Territories’ Most Wanted, in a kidnapping case that has brought them across the galaxy.

Author’s Note: ‘From Heaven and Hell’ was the first fanfiction I ever wrote about four years ago. It came out okay as first stories go, but it just goes to show how far I’ve come as a writer since then. Honestly, some parts still make me cringe. I’ve been meaning to edit it for a long time now and since the Farscape miniseries just aired on SciFi, I’ve been inspired. For the most part I am expanding and smoothing out the story and where possible making in consistent with later seasons.

I realize that many people are not familiar with Farscape (the best show ever and the only one I regularly watched with Buffy for four years,) so I have taken the Season 1 summary from found at


When astronaut John Crichton was accidentally shot through a wormhole, he didn't just end up on the other side of the galaxy — he ended up stuck in the middle of a space battle. Three prisoners — D'Argo, a Luxan warrior framed for the murder of his Sebacean wife; Zhaan, a Delvian priestess jailed for the brutal murder of her lover; and Rygel, a deposed monarch of the Hynerian Empire out for revenge against the cousin who betrayed him and took his throne — were escaping their confinement aboard a living ship named Moya. Officer Aeryn Sun, a loyal Peacekeeper commando pilot, was among those trying to stop them. By the end of the day, the prisoners were free, Aeryn had been exiled from her people, and Crichton was a fugitive.

These strangers were forced to work together to survive. Aeryn's former commanding officer, Captain Bialar Crais, hunted them through the dangerous Uncharted Territories. Things grew more difficult when Moya unexpectedly became pregnant. The arrival of Chiana, a Nebari runaway, brought even more complications.

Still, by the time Crichton spotted Earth at the far end of a new wormhole, he hesitated before diving in, sorry to leave his shipmates. But he was devastated to learn that Earth wasn't really there: It was a false image created by the powerful Ancients. Regretting the pain their deception caused to Crichton, these aliens planted complex equations for wormhole travel deep in the Human astronaut's subconscious.

Though that knowledge could serve as a subliminal guide for his quest, Crichton didn't know it was there. Believing his home was too far away to even hope of reaching, he devoted himself to his new comrades. When Aeryn was injured, he risked his life to infiltrate a Peacekeeper base in search of her cure. There, he was captured and tortured by Scorpius. This powerful and unconventional Peacekeeper discovered the wormhole information in Crichton's mind. Scorpius implanted a neurochip in the Human's brain to track Crichton and, over time, root out the valuable equations.

Unaware of the device hidden in his brain, Crichton escaped. Aeryn recovered. Moya's son, Talyn, was born. Even Crais, their former enemy, threw himself on their mercy when Scorpius usurped his command. Greater danger loomed, but Moya's crew proudly and affectionately realized that they were now ready to face it together, as a family.


Now . . . close your eyes and cast your mind back to Angel Season 1, before the last two episodes. Gunn is still a kid who doesn’t know Angel, Doyle died a few months ago, and Wesley is a newly employed Private Eye after giving up Rogue Demon Hunting because it didn’t pay. Angel Investigations is not at the Hyperion but at the old building a few weeks before it got blown up. Life was much simpler back then.

Last note, this story is complete and plotwise, with all its holes, in final form. Suggestions while appreciated will probably not be acted upon for this reason. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t review, however!

I hope you enjoy.

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