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Background: Draco and Luna

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Summary: This is the background - requested by a few, and written for the many - of Draco and Luna for my 'A Haven For Freaks' series. Does contain Anyanka.

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“Miss Lovegood, you’ve been charged with the assault of at least ten Aurors, and with helping two notorious criminals and known supporters of the Dark Lord to escape. How do you plead?”

“Guilty.” She whispered, and up in the gallery Ron hid his head in his hands. A mutter ran through the court.

“Miss Lovegood, we have no choice but to expel you from Hogwarts, to break your wand, and to deny you any further dealings with the wizarding world. Case dismissed.”

Whatever light that had been in Luna’s eyes had disappeared, and she slumped in the box, her eyes now lifeless. Two Aurors helped her to stand, and her wand was brought out of the glass box it had been kept in as evidence. With great glee, Cornelius Fudge snapped the thin piece of wood in two, and gave them to and Auror, who took them over to her.

Luna was manhandled out of the box, and ten minutes later was forcibly ejected from the school, having only just managed to scoop up the knife she had hidden in a bush as they went past.

The gates clanged shut behind her, and she found herself alone on a muddy path with only a sheathed knife and the two broken parts of her wand. Luna turned, and tears sprung to her eyes as she saw that Hogwarts had disappeared from her view. She sighed heavily, and turned, trudging up the road towards her future.

It was unfair, Luna reflected. Harry and the others hadn’t been expelled because they were the heroes of the wizarding world. Whatever she had done for the winning side of the War hadn’t been made public, and now she was thrown out of her world – away from everything she found familiar. She wished…No, she didn’t. Luna wouldn’t wish her situation on anyone, not even her worst enemy.

“Very sensible.” Someone muttered near her.

“Thanks.” Luna noticed the someone walking beside her.

“Here, go to this address. They’re likely to help you.”

“Who are you?” Luna asked, and the female demon drew herself up proudly.

“I’m Anyanka, vengeance demon of scorned women.”

“Well…thanks.” Luna shrugged. She’d seen demons fighting in Voldemort, and her own, ranks during the War, and nothing much had phased Luna even before the War.

“Don’t mention it. I was just doing a favour for a friend by giving you that card, and it made it easier for me to find you when you almost wished just now. Are you sure you don’t want to make a wish?” Anyanka asked eagerly.

“No, thank you.” The demon shrugged.

“Oh well. Just go to that address, and someone there will help you.”

“How do I get there?” Luna asked. “I haven’t got any money.” Anyanka bit her bottom lip hesitantly.

“I could get into a lot of trouble doing this.” She pulled a couple of pieces of paper from a pocket and handed them to Luna.

“What’s this?” Luna asked, peering at them curiously.

“It’s muggle money.” Anyanka noticed the knife in Luna’s hand and rolled her eyes. Another dip into her pocket, and she withdrew a leather strap. “Here, tie the sheath to your leg or something. Muggles get nervous if people walk around with knifes.”

“Thank you, Anyanka, for everything.” The demon grinned sadly.

“I’m just doing a favour for a friend, kid. Here.” A map was thrust at Luna. “Map of Scotland. We’re currently here.” She pointed to a spot on it. “The nearest town’s just a couple of miles in the direction you’re going.”

“Thank you.”

“I can’t do anything else.” Anyanka looked uncomfortable. “My boss would kill me if he finds out I’ve helped you when you didn’t make a wish.”

“Alright.” Luna said, and frowned for a second, thinking. “Can you give people really horrible diseases?” Anyanka grinned.

“Of course.”

“Okay…I’m only doing this because you helped me. I wish that Cornelius Fudge and Edgar Fidgiwidgit could both get really bad rashes all over their bodies that were incurable by anything magical or muggle. Is that alright?”

“Yup, done.” They heard two shrieks that echoed from nowhere over the hills. “Good work, kid.” Anyanka ruffled Luna’s hair lightly, and winked before disappearing.

Luna grinned broadly, bent down, pushing her robes up and attaching the strap and sheath to her thigh underneath her school skirt. The two halves of her wand were dropped into a pocket, and the robes were undone and pushed back to look as much like a long coat as possible over her uniform.

She may have been expelled, and with her father dead she hadn’t had anywhere to go – but it looked like things were finally looking up for Luna Lovegood.

~~The End~~

Author's Note: Do you want to read more 'Background' stories? Review and tell me which characters!

The End

You have reached the end of "Background: Draco and Luna". This story is complete.

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