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The Day We Die

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Summary: Where was Faith during the big storm? My semi-version of The Day After Tomorrow. Tdat/btvs crossover.

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Movies > Day After Tomorrow, TheKimmieFR1532,884054,04229 Oct 0429 Oct 04No

Simply Life

"Home sweet...home."

Faith stood in the doorway of her apartment, honey brown eyes sweeping over the polished furnishings. Why did she ever want to leave work? She always had to come home to this. She had the chance to leave and go party, but she was so tired her mind wasn't functioning right.

She shut the door behind her with an audible click and leaned against it, a sigh penetrating her nude lips. She felt like she was in jail, *again*. And actually, for the first time ever, she wished she was back there. Atleast then you didn't have to buy and blow cash your way through life. True, she was worked like a dog, but anything could be better than this.

Well, who knew, she could be alone, out roaming the streets, seething with anger, and looking for a certain souled vampire to kill her. Her thoughts went back to her first year in Sunnydale, holding Willow somewhat hostage and receiving that little speech that had changed a certain part of her she had yet to lay a finger on.

She did have more than most. A place to live, food, water, clothes (Now clothes she could live without.), and the chance to get out in the world. There were even vampires here in New York, of all places, and that was an added plus. She could still save peoples lives even if she was apart of the chosen one gazillion.

Even if she had never been to a more lonelier point in her life.

Her stomache rumbled, alerting her of just how hungry she was.

Working in a resturaunt where you smelled food all day wasn't good for the stomache. She didn't have enough cash to buy any fast food, and didn't plan to waste what she had. To the kitchen she went, not bothering to lock the door behind her.

The kitchen wasn't much different from the rest of the house, except it had appliances that were necessary for cooking. Going through the cabinets she spotted nothing but a pack of crackers, ketchup, tuna, and a half eaten bag of chips. Grabbing the crackers, tuna, and chips she walked into the small living room and took a seat on the couch.

It was a rather soft couch, though it was leather. She cuddled up in a corner and made herself comfortable, at the same time picking up the remote and turning on the T.V.

She opened up the bag of doritos, it's cheesy smell assaulting her nostrils. One foot dangled off the side of the couch, beating intune with the beat of the T.V. This was pretty much her life when she wasn't out..killing demons and partying, or not being able to sleep, she always set on the couch, watching television. What could she say? Five days 'til sunday! Or was it six? She shook her head in disdain at the crazy thoughts that invaded her mind.

"Rain, simply five by five, don't ya think?" She hit a brooding moment once she realized she was talking to herself. That Buffy was no longer there, nor Giles or the brat. No one to listen to what little she did have to say.

This brought forth a lingering sigh that started at the bottom of her throat and rolled off the tip of her tongue like a gust of wind on a cold afternoon. Eyes training back on the television, she watched the forecast. Nothing else was on, why not see what wicked weather she had coming her way, huh?

She felt her hair, it was greasy. It always was after a full blown day on the job. She pushed herself off of the couch and stood there for a second, contemplating things. Take a shower, yes, always the right answer. A hot one, or a cold one? A hot one would do, it was relaxing. She was already beginning to shed her clothes when she headed to the bathroom.

What seemed like an hour or two later, she came out in nothing but a towel, her hair still soaked through and clinging to her cheek as a baby would its mom. About to pass out, she resettled herself onto the couch. Snuggling up into one corner and not minding how wet she made the large piece of furniture.

The television was still turned on, casting its light over the simple painted walls.

"There are a series of tornados hitting downtown Los Angeles---"

Faith drew her attention to the screen, her eyebrows frowning as they always did when she was deep in thought. Big bad storm in Los Angeles? No way.

She hated storms. They were one of the big killers that she didn't stand a chance against. No matter how bad she wanted, she would die if she ever dared to be stupid enough to try. And a tornado warning in Los Angeles? Oh, so *now* they issue a warning? Most of the city was already gone!

And Angel. Angel was there. A constant chant formed in her mind, she hoped he didn't get the wrong end of the stake this time around. The tornados were visibly forming together, making one big large funnel of flying debree and death. She watched, intrigued as well as frightened, by the sight she seen. She wondered if Buffy was watching...

No! She must *not* think of B!


Another sigh penetrated her lips, followed by a yawn. She had to get some sleep, she could worry about this in the morning...


The End?

You have reached the end of "The Day We Die" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 29 Oct 04.

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