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Surviving Carnage

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Summary: While in prison Xander as an interesting Cellmate.

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Marvel Universe > Spider-Man > Xander-CenteredGotWolfyFR1325,117088,24929 Oct 0429 Oct 04No

Surviving Carnage

Title: Surviving Carnage 1/?

Rating: PG-13

Author: GotWolfy

Summary: While in prison Xander as an interesting Cellmate.

Crossover: Spider-Man Comic.

Disclaimer: None of this belongs to me. Please don’t sue me I’m poor

Spoilers: BTVS Season 7, Angel Season 5

Pairing: None

Author note: I kept thinking what if Xander received power that an evil guy has, what would happen? well this is my response.

“Man that guy is freakishly strong! ” Said one guard to his three companions while robbing is arm. They were all coming back from Cell-block C, where they Just delivered one of the Prisoners. ”I told you to watch out for him. VampKiller may be psycho but he is strong as an Ox. Even after a month of isolation.” Answered the older man slapping the younger man on the back in a playful manner. “Why do you all call him VampKiller anyway”? The rest of them snorted. “He keep’s saying is victim was a vampire. He would never kill a human bla, bla, bla…. Guess he taught he could get an insanity defence.”

“Man, that just Wrong”

“Tell me about it” replied the older one.” They never even found the body. Just his Blood”

“Shh! Listen” interrupted one of the guards.

“What I don’t hear anything”

‘Exactly it to quiet! There up to something’

“Come on! Everybody is accounted for. It’s not a full moon! What could happen!»?

The tree remaining guard threw him a hateful look. They’ve learned not to temp fate in a place like this. They accelerated they're pace leaving a confounded co-worker behind.

“Guy’s! Hey! Guy’s wait up, Guy’s, what did I said?” Trying to rejoin is companion.

Meanwhile in cell-block C Xander was pretty upset to be back with is cellmate. Eddie Brock Was always getting on his nerve. That why he kept getting thrown in isolation. It was the only place he could get some quiet. The subject of is ire was currently pacing back and fort mutterings to himself about how is ‘other” was coming.

Finally Xander had enough “Would you just shut up! You psycho! I want some sleep”

“You be quiet! My other is coming. We will make you pay for your crime”

Xander knew were this was going. He jumped of his bunk and stood up until he was a foot apart from the taller man. He was used to Things a lot more evil and dangerous then an ex Super villain who tough he was a good guy. He stared Brock right in the eyes and said:

“Yeah! Worked quite well last time you tried something funny! Want a repeat performance.”

Brock held the stare for a moment then turn is eyes to the ground refusing the challenge. He had tried to make Xander paid for his crime the first night Xander was put in his cell. He didn’t want to end up in the infirmary again. No he wouldn’t try anything not until he was hole once more. Then is cellmate would understand the meaning of justice.

Knowing Brock would leave alone for the night Xander got back to is bed and tried to sleep. He was miserable. If someone told him 3 years ago that he would lose Anya, an eye, is job and end up in prison for dusting a vamp he wouldn’t have believe them. He really missed all is friend. Deadboy promised to have his best people get him an appeal but Xander wasn’t holding his breath he knew how reliable Angel could be. With those depressing taught he went to sleep dreaming of better time before his life took a turn for the worst.

He was awaken by an hell-mouthy vibe. He was not able to place it but something wasn’t right. He opened is eye and took in is surrounding a guard was near is cell. Strange it wasn’t time for the round yet. Brock was still up but he wore a satisfying smile on his face. It made Xander think ‘this guy is way to happy. he is up to something’.

Before Xander had time to do anything the guard took Brock hand and held it thigh. A black mass travelled from the guard to Brock and completely enveloped him. Xander got up trying to help Brock. The guy might be evil but he was still human he wasn’t about to let him suffocate.

The mass rapidly took Brock form, a white design appeared on Brock chest and a lot of teeth and a huge red tongue appeared where Brock mouth should be.

“Yes! Yess! Yesssss! My other is Back! We are whole, we Are VENOM!”

“ Oh Shit!”

Great! Xander was locked up with a psycho who had grudge against him and just got his power back. Yeah! Thing could always get worse.

“ Now you will feel Justice! Murderer!” Venom said ignoring the terrified guard who was running for the alarm.

“I don’t suppose it would make it better if you knew it was a murderer that I killed?”

“ You wont escape Justice this time”

“ Yeah didn’t think so… ah! Fuck it” Xander jumped on Venom and launched a kick to Venom Balls. Venom jumped in the air over Xander head. Xander turned around looking for his opponent but he couldn’t find him.

Suddenly he felt a blow to his head that send him strait into the wall. Xander tried to put his hand up to protect himself who only resulted in is left arm breaking on impact. He held on the wall for a little while before falling on his back. Xander had received blow before but nothing as ever hit him this hard, not even Buffy. He was in deep shit! In this position he could see is opponent. Venom was hanging from the ceiling!

Venom Jumped down, did a little somersault before touching down to Xander left. Xander tried to get up but with only one good arm he was not fast enough. Xander received a kick to is side tossing him 4 feet of the ground into the other wall. Great now I am a football Xander thought just before his back hit the wall. Xander felt something snap inside of him as he coughed up blood.

“ Now your Victim will be avenged! You will never threaten another again” Venom voice hissed. Venom approached Xander, is Disgusting tongue an inch from Xander face as if he was about to lick him. Xander grabbed Venom tongue. Head butted Venom While pulling hard on the tongue. He was able to head but him twice before Venom took a hold of is right arm and broke it. Now free Venom grabbed Xander by his shirt and punched him once in the face sending Xander into unconsciousness.

Venom let Xander go and Xander body crumbled on the floor. He was about to Snap Xander neck when the alarm sounded.

Venom put his hand to is ears trying to block the sound “ Harrrg!, the sound!, It hurt!”.

Venom blindly smashed trough the cell door trying to get away from the sound. He barrelled down the corridor until he ran right trough 4 guard running in is direction.

The shock send one of them over the railing, the other were tossed away like fly while Venom kept running.

“ Man you okay” said one of the guards

‘Yeah I’m all right but John went over the railing. I think he’s dead,» said another one in a miserable voice.

The older man response reiterated John own word ‘What could happen, indeed”

While Venom Was making is escape, in cell-block C, a reddish substance was slowly enveloping Xander body. Had he been conscious he would of fought it but nothing was stopping it’s progress. The symbiote was an infant, he had no precise personality except his father memory. It tried to Take over Xander but found a resistance. Even unconscious Xander was to strong for the symbiote to be in control. In is lack of experience he decided to absorb Xander personality all his experience, good or Bad. Xander ‘white knight’ persona Especially impressed his father vigilantly side. In the end the symbiote Became Xander, All his fault, all his Quality, and ceased to Exist, him and Xander were one.

Later after healing his Body, Xander Got up, he knew everything that had happen, He decided that he could not let Venom free he was to Dangerous. Xander Punched trough the Wall on his cell then slowly crawled on the outside Wall. He got onto the roof of the prison wall then jumped down. Xander Was Free, he felt so good, it had been years since he felt this good. He could go back to his Family, once he took care of Venom. With this taught Xander Started hunting for Venom.

Dawn was sitting at home in Rome, Watching CNN. She liked to watch American TV it would remind her of America when they were a family. She had some problem at school since Xander got arrested, she kept thinking of how awful it must be for him. They had written each other a lot and she had gotten to know a different Xander in those letters. He didn’t hide anything in is letter, he was just Xander, and she did the same. She told him all her hope, all her dream and he told her about his success, his failure, how much he hated it in prison, of how he would get himself thrown into solitary because he liked the quiet. She never felt better then when she was about to open one of is letter.

The phrase ‘Federal prison of New York City” brought her attention back to the News program

‘Where earlier tonight two Convicted Murderer escaped Federal custody leaving 3 dead and 12 wounded. The two criminals are Eddie Brock A.K.A Venom and Alexander Lavelle Harris also known as VampKiller. Both are be considered armed and dangerous!”

“ Wait a second… we have a witness here sir... SIR! Could you tell me what happen in here tonight?”

“I’ve never seen anything like it was like a war zone… it was a Total Carnage I tell you Total Carnage…”

“Oh my God”
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