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Total Shell Shock

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Half Shell Trilogy". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Ninja Turtle Crossover. First Fic in the Half Shellverse. Prequel to Slayer in a Half Shell. Xander goes on his road trip and meets the Turtles. Together, they team up to stop Rat King. (Slight B/X if any)

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Cartoons > Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesJonathanFR18714,597027,6793 Jan 033 Jan 03Yes

Chapter 7

Title Series: Total Shell Shock
Rating: PG-13/R
Chapter Title: Four Mystery Forces
Author: White Werewolf
Category: Slight B/X if any
Timeframe: Prequel to Slayer in a Half Shell
Spoilers: Graduation Part II
Summery: Xander leaves Sunnydale and meets the Turtles in New York. Together, they form a team and have to stop Rat King
Disclaimer: Buffy: the Vampire Slayer is owned by Whedon, UPN, FOX, and Mutant Enemy. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are owned by Eastman, Laird, and Mirage Studios.
Author Notes: (…………) indicates thought. Prequel to Slayer in a Half Shell. #………# indicates rat language
Special Thanks: Ozmandayus, Vampyr64, Mims, Michael Wilson, Rob Clark

Raphael gathered some rope and brought it over to his sensei, "Are you sure we should do this, Master?"

Splinter nodded and replied, "This is for the best, Raphael." He brought forward his wrists. "Tie me up, my son."

The Turtle sighed as he wrapped the wrists together. Then led him to a shabby green leathered chair. Then Raphael wrapped rope across the rat's chest and the chair's backside. "That should do it."

At that moment someone stepped through the door, "Sorry I'm late, Raph. Had to teach some lessons to thieves the Casey Jones way."

Raphael sighed, "No offense, Casey. But that method stinks."

"I'll have you know that that method saved your ass many times in the past."

"Forgive me, oh great one," he said with a wide grin and his hands over his heart, "I forgot how manly you are, and how pathetic I am."

Casey smiled, "S'okay. Just doing my job."

"What job is that? Being a crummy mechanic because you couldn’t make it to the NHL."

"Raphael, Casey, this is no time for arguing. Let us meditate and reflect on what we might have to do later today. Like what would happen if I were freed from these ropes."

Donatello's Laboratory
12:10 PM

Donatello sat on his char and slid over to where his microscope sat. He took a eye dropper and withdrew some of the Exafticula and placed it on a slide. With his right handle on the magnifier, he focused the lens to get a crisper image. "Interesting," the turtle said.

"What's interesting, dude?" Michaelangelo asked as he took the seat next to Donatello.

The inventor responded with fascination, "The Exafticula. I never saw anything like it."

"Can you make an antidote?"

He nodded, "I can. But, it will take time, and we don’t have that much."

"What do you need?"

Donatello replied while still looking at the Exafticula, "Hand me the chemistry book."

"Where is it?"

"It's on the bookshelf. Look for Chemistry 101."

Michaelangelo left his seat, and went over to the bookshelf. The bookshelf was divided into two layers. The turtle scanned the binds, and soon found the book in question. He grabbed it, and tossed it to his brother, "Here you go, dude."

Donatello caught it and said, "Thanks, Mikey." He flipped to the index, and searched for compounds. When found, he opened to that section, and skimmed until he reached the information that he needed.

He looked back into the microscope, and was able to identify the elements that were in the formula. The scientist found hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, among other elements. With a grin he said, "Now, according to the book, I need to find elements that will nullify the elements that are in Exafticula."

"Good work, dude. Better make enough, so you can get rid of all the formula Rat King stole."

"I will. Don’t worry about that."

"How much do you think you'll need?"

Donatello shrugged his shoulders, "According to the surveillance camera, Rat King had a cardboard box full of Exafticula. So, I'll make a lot."

"But how do we put all that in the reservoir, and what if we make too much?"

The Turtle replied, "The extra antidote will dissipate into the water. We'll use the Turtle Blimp to drop it in."

"Let's get to work then, dude."

Streets of Manhattan
12:15 PM

The Turtle Van drove down the streets on the way to the reservoir. Leonardo was sitting behind the wheel, while Xander sat in the other front seat.

"How far is the reservoir from here?"

Leonardo replied, ''We got at least two more miles, Xander. Then we have to buy some time for Donatello to make the antidote."

Xander nodded and said, "How dangerous is this Rat King character?"

The Turtle answered, "Pretty tough. But we can take him. Let's just hope we make it in time."

He smiled, "I'm sure we will."

"I'm sure your right."

"How on Earth did this guy become the king of the rats?"

Leonardo shrugged, "Beats me. Maybe he was raised by them?"

"So, we're talking like Tarzan? Instead of being raised by apes, he's raised by rats?"

"Very well could be."

Manhattan Reservoir
12:15 PM

Rat King walked over to edge of the reservoir and dropped a cardboard box he was holding. He went inside, and pulled out ten two liter bottles of Exafticula. The ruler of the rats took one of the box at a time. A trail of rats walked behind him. There was at least a hundred of them.

#Are you read, your majesty?#

"Indeed, I am my royal subjects. All I have to do is pour the Exafticula in to the water. Then the people will drink it making them sick. With them sick, we can take over Manhattan, and transform it to 'Rathattan.'"

#Are you going to take control of Splinter now?"

A malevolent smile spread across his face, "But of course," he withdrew the flute from his pocket and began to play the instrument, "time to awake, Splinter."

Turtle Sewer Lair
12:15 PM

Splinter's ears perked up, and his eyes flashed yellow. Soon his body started to convulse. "I hear, and obey, Master." Then he tried to break free from the ropes, but they were tight. He couldn’t break free.

The rat raised his hands, and he began to cut loose using his teeth. Soon, he freed his hands, and began to untie the rope from behind his back. Then a grin appeared. He placed his hands behind the chair. The rat asked, "Raphael Casey? Come here."

The two walked in from the next room.

"Yes, Splinter?" Casey asked.

"Can you scratch my nose? My hands are tied together."

Casey and Raphael exchanged glances. The Turtle nodded, and the former hockey player knew that to do. With one handing a club behind his back, he took his other and began to scratch the nose. "No problem, Splinter."

With lightning speed, Splinter opened his mouth and bit his arm, "Foolish, man." Then he stood up, and did a spin kick knocking Casey on the ground.

Raphael's eyes widened. He needed help, "Donny, Mikey, come help us. Splinter's under Rat King's control."

Soon two sets of feet vibrated the ground as they ran to their aid.

"Don't worry, guys. We're here." Donatello said with urgency.

Donatello, Michaelangelo, Raphael, and Casey Jones circled Splinter. All of them held their weapons high. "We don’t want to hurt you, Master." Donatello said.

But Splinter had more Ninjitsu knowledge then his students combined. He would easily take them down. The rat lashed forward and grabbed Michaelangelo by the wrists and flung around as if Splinter was the axis. The three of them fell to the ground, and Michaelangelo landed on Raphael.

"Get off me, Mikey!" Raphael said.

The Turtle did as he was told, and Donatello ran to the center of the circle. He placed his bo to the back of his shell. Then the two began to spar. Sparring lasted a good minute until Splinter shot in an uppercut. "You've been practicing, Donatello. Not long enough."

Casey Jones brought out his hockey stick and was about to knock Splinter in the back of the head, until he grabbed hold of the hockey stick and flung him to where Raphael and Michaelangelo were getting up. The three landed in a heap.

Donatello withdrew his bo again and stuck Splinter behind the head forcing the rat to slip under. "Forgive me, Master," said the Turtle. Then he helped his brothers up, as well as Casey. "You okay, Case?"

The vigilante nodded, "It's only a scratch. I'll be okay."

"Better check that out, dude."

Raphael nodded, "Yeah, we don’t want to play nursemaid for you."

Everyone except Raphael burst out laughing at the image of Raphael in a butler suit.

"I'll be fine. I'll go to the hospital when this is done."

The Turtles nodded slowly.

"I will. I promise."

Raphael said, "Sure, Case," he then turned to his brother, "how's the antidote coming?"

"Almost done. I got it done. I just have to make enough."

"How much more do you need?" Casey asked.

"I've got twenty liters so far. I'm going to make five more just in case."

"Better safe then sorry."

"Very true." Donatello said.

Manhattan Reservoir
12:15 PM

Rat King was about to drop the first two liter bottle of Exafticula into the water, when Xander intervened and tackled him to the ground. Then hit him repeated with strong punches across his face. "Aaaarrrrrrgggghhhhh." He yelled from the impact. "Get off me."

The ruler of the rats then pushed Xander off, and got up to his feet. "Who are you?"

"That's for me to know, and for you to find out." Then he did a side kick knocking to the ground, followed by a foot sweep.

Rat King sprang back to his feet and punched him in the side of the head.
"Leo?" Xander called out.

"Stupid, kid." Then Xander slumped to the ground. "Take him away."

#Yes, your majesty.# Then the rats scurried to where Xander lied, and carried him away.

Leonardo snapped his head around. "I'm coming, Xan!" He said while he charged. Leo helped him off of the rats.

"Thanks, Leo." Xander said as he dusted himself off. "Let's go kick his ass," he said as he withdrew his kamas.


Then the two charged forward, weapons held high. "It's not over Rat King!" Leonardo hollered.

"Leonardo?" Rat King asked surprised. (They must have separated. Fair enough. Doesn’t really matter.) "Attack!"

The rats came forward, but the two teenagers moved fast. They killed the rats left and right. The rats didn’t stand a chance, but there were too many of them.

Xander looked at his friend. The two understood what he was about to do. The brunette did a flying kick knocking Rat King on to the ground. "Take that."

He got back to his feet and the two began sparring. A mix of punches, kicks, and jabs followed. The fight was brutal. Xander was getting the upper hand, but Rat King did side kick catching him off guard, and forcing him to the ground.

Rat King knew his time was almost up, but he grabbed the last of the Exafticula, and flung it into the water. Purple soon covered the clear blue water, and it was now contaminated.

Xander sprang to his feet, and with anger in his eyes, he took the king of the rats and flung to where Leonardo was. Leonardo took his one of his katana blade and knocked him out.

Just as if on cue, something flew above the battleground. "What's that, Leo?"

Leonardo finished tying him up, and looked to where Xander was now pointing. With a smile, he said, "That's the Turtle Blimp. Donnny must have made the antidote."

Xander's communicator beeped, and he opened it. Soon, a picture of Donatello came into display. "We got the antidote."

"Thank God. Rat King dumped the Exafticula into the reservoir already."

"We'll drop it in the water, and the poison will be stopped. Did you get Rat King?"

"Yeah. Leo knocked him out. How's Splinter?"

"Mikey's watching him. We had to knock him out too. So, all in all. We stopped Rat King and saved Manhattan again."

With a lopsided grin, Xander said, "That we did."

Three Weeks Later
The Turtle Sewer Bedroom

"Tell him, Raph." Leo said to his brother, "Tell him you're sorry."

Raphael sighed, "Do I have to do?"

"Yeah. You do. He's leaving for Sunnydale today."

Raphael nodded, "Fine. I'll go." Then the Turtle left, and entered the den where Xander and Michaelangelo were playing video games. "Hey, Mikey. Can I talk to Xander?"

The Turtle nodded, "Sure. I'll be back to say goodbye in a bit, Xander."

"Sure thing." Then Mikey left.

"This isn't easy for me to say, Zeppo. It's hardly my style."

Xander dropped the controler and sat on the couch. Raphael joined him. "What’s not easy to say?"

He sighed, "That…well…I'm sorry. There, I said it."

The brunette knew that hearing Raphael say he was sorry was never an easy task. So he said, "It's okay, Raph."

The red banded turtle said, "Thanks, Zeppo."

"But do you have to call me Zeppo? Cordelia called me that when I felt like I was nothing. Like I didn’t matter. However, I did stop the bomb. So, I know I'm not worthless."

He replied honestly, "No. But it's my nickname for you."

Xander sighed, "Fine."

"You guys can come in now." Raphael said ending the conversation.

At that moment, Leonardo, Donatello, Michaelangelo, Splinter, Casey Jones, and April O'Neil entered the room.

Splinter walked over to Xander, and said, "It has been my privilege to train you, Xander. You are quite the student. I wish you the best of luck in Sunnydale." Then he outstretched his hand.

Xander accepted his hand, and said, "Thanks, Master Splinter." Then he went to his belt and withdrew his kamas and communicator. He handed them to Splinter. "I guess I don’t need these anymore."

Donatello shook his head, "You keep the communicator. You never know when we come to Sunnydale, or you come here again."

"Thanks, Donny. I'm going to miss you all. Donny, keep inventing. Mikey, just remember what I said to you. Raph, be careful what you say. Same goes to you, Casey."

"What?" Raphael and Casey at once.

The others laughed.

Xander continued, "April. It was nice getting to know you these past two weeks. Leo, thanks for training with me. I really learned a lot. And to Master Splinter, thanks for everything."

With that said, Xander walked to the door to the sewers, and turned around one more time when all of them said their final goodbyes.

Then Xander left the sewers, and headed back to the hotel to pack, and leave for Sunnydale stronger then before making strong everlasting friendships.

The End

You have reached the end of "Total Shell Shock". This story is complete.

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