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Total Shell Shock

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Half Shell Trilogy". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Ninja Turtle Crossover. First Fic in the Half Shellverse. Prequel to Slayer in a Half Shell. Xander goes on his road trip and meets the Turtles. Together, they team up to stop Rat King. (Slight B/X if any)

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Total Shell Shock

Title Series: Total Shell Shock
Rating: R
Chapter Title: Four Mysterious Strangers
Author: White Werewolf
Category: Slight B/X if any
Timeframe: Prequel to Slayer in a Half Shell
Spoilers: Graduation Part II
Summery: Xander leaves Sunnydale and meets the Turtles in New York. Together, they form a team and have to stop Rat King
Disclaimer: Buffy: the Vampire Slayer is owned by Whedon, UPN, FOX, and Mutant Enemy. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are owned by Eastman, Laird, and
Mirage Studios.
Author Notes: (............) indicates thought. Prequel to Slayer in a Half Shell
Special Thanks: Ozmandayus, Vampyr64, Mims, Michael Wilson


Xander Harris sighed giving his bedroom one final look. Graduation was over, and his summer cross county field trip was about to begin. He couldn't wait to get out of Sunnydale for a while. The young man needed a break from the Hellmouth.

No Hellmouth, he mused to himself.

It was like the next three months were guaranteed safe.

He walked over to his nightstand, opened the drawer and pulled out his car keys, and wallet--placing them in his pocket.

Knock!! Knock!! Knock!!

Xander sat on his bed and stated, "Door's open."

The door opened, and in walked Buffy Summers, Willow Rosenberg, Daniel "Oz" Osbourne, Cordelia Chase, and Rupert Giles.

"Come to see me off?" He asked with a lopsided grin.

Willow nodded her head, "Of course, Xander. We don't want to miss your departure. What kind of friends would we be if we didn't see you off?" She went over to her male best friend, and pulled him into her embrace, "Answer me that, Xander?"

He shrugged his shoulders and said innocently, "The kind of friend who doesn't love me?"

Buffy went over to him and slapped him in the back of the head, "Exactly. But we all love you here. Promise us that you'll keep in touch?"

He withdrew his left arm from around Willow and wrapped it behind Buffy's shoulders. "Don't worry, Buff. I'll let you know. I love you too. I love all of you."
Xander kissed the crowns of the blond and redhead.

Then he felt another pair of arms around him.

The young man turned his head to see Cordelia, "You'd better stay in one piece, Xander. I don't want to come back from Los Angeles to find you hurt."

He responded, "Not going to happen, Cordy." His eyes softened toward her. "I'm sorry about everything."

The May Queen smiled, "It's alright. Thank you for what you did."

"Not a problem. I'll see you later. I got to go." But they wouldn't let go. So, the three girls started crying. Xander chuckled to himself, "I know I'm lovable, but this is ridiculous."

Giles coughed signaling the girls to let him go so they could say their goodbyes. And they did. The former watcher outstretched his hand. "See you when you get back, Xander."

Xander accepted his handshake, "Count on it, Giles."

Then he turned to the young guitarist. "Keep them safe." Xander glanced at Buffy who raised an eyebrow, "I mean keep Willow safe. Buffy can take care of herself."

The werewolf nodded, "Stay cool, man."

"You too, Oz."

Xander sighed, looked at the room again, then at his friends. He winked at them, picked up his bag, and threw it over his shoulder, "One more thing to all of you.
Cordelia, good luck in LA. Knock them dead. Oz, keep my Willow safe. Giles, keep an eye on the Buffster. I don't want to come back this fall to a dead Slayer. I need someone to kick my ass if I do something wrong."

Buffy laughed in response.

Then he continued, "Willow, have fun this summer. Don't spend it all in books. And Buffy, keep Sunnydale safe, and be happy. All of you be happy."

This set all the girls to hug him again. "Why can't all girls treat me like this?"

Buffy smiled, "Because we love you, Xander Harris. We always will."

He kissed her on the forehead, and left his room. "Bye guys."

"Have fun, Xander," Willow said.

"Yes, do," the former librarian agreed.

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do," Buffy added.

"I won't," then it hit him, "That's something I would say."

"Just go," Oz ordered his friend.

"Already gone."

He headed for the door when Buffy interjected, "Two words, Xander."

The young man turned around one more time, "Yeah?"

"Don't die."

He laughed, "Don't plan to." Xander left the room, headed out the door, and plopped his bag in the trunk. The young man jumped into the driver's seat, roared the engine to life, and sped off.

At that moment, Xander Harris left Sunnydale. Not knowing where he'd end up.

***Manhattan, New York***
Three Weeks Later

Xander parked his car at the Holiday Inn, and headed for the lobby. He was the fifth in line, so he started thinking to himself, allowing time to slip by.

The young man truly enjoyed his free time. For the first time in three years, he didn't run into any vampires, demons, witches, or anything else of the supernatural. The dark haired young man felt at piece.

He thought of his friends, and wondered what they were up to. They had been in touch once a week. So in truth, they only talked three times since he left. The fist was in
Nevada, the second was in Montana, and the final place was in Ohio.

Now, he was in New York. Xander thought that a week would be good here. It would be nice to see a Broadway show. Maybe Phantom of the Opera? Who knows? He didn't have anywhere else to go at the moment.

A good ten minutes passed of Xander waiting for his turn. He took a deep breath as soon as the last person in front of him left the clerk. The young man calmly walked up, and waited patiently.

The clerk quickly finished the data needed from the last customer. He looked up at Xander, "How may I help you tonight?"

Xander looked at his nametag, and replied to the tall skinny blond and blue eyes, replied, "Yes Brian. I'd like to rent a room here for a week."

Brian smiled, "Very good, Mr. um?"

He smiled, "Just call me Xander."

The clerk nodded, "Very well, Xander. Fill out this form, and I need two hundred thirty dollars rent." He handed the boy the form.

"No problem," he filled out the form, and handed Brian the money.

The skinny man handed him a key, "This is your key to room 603. Enjoy your stay at the Holiday Inn."

Xander accepted the key, "Thanks, Brian. I'll see you later."

With that said, Xander left the front counter and headed back to the
car to pick up his bag. All of a sudden he heard some noises. He went to investigate.

The sounds seemed to come from an alley behind the hotel. When he reached the alley, all he saw ten men in black tied up, (Strange,) he thought. Broken electronic pieces were everywhere--pieces from computers, stereos, and television sets. The boy knew from the sight of this that they were thieves. Xander went to a nearby phone booth and dialed the police.

***The Alley***
Ten Minutes Prior

"Did you get everything?" a voice said as he took the computer from his hands.

The young man replied, "Sure did, Tony. How about you, Bob?"

Bob replied, "I think you should stop saying our names, Danny. We don't want to be known about."

"Sorry, Bob," Danny responded. ''No more name usage."

Tony agreed, "Good id--"

He was cut off when a stranger kicked him in the cut. Then it flung him across the alley to behind some trashcans. "What the hell?" Tony whispered with pain in his voice.

"Tony, you okay man?" Another member of the gang known as Tim said. He dropped the stereo when some other stranger shot an uppercut underneath the member's jaw.

Then Tim sprang back to his feet, "Who's there?"

No answer.

"I know someone's there."

Still no answer.

Then Tim got into a fighting stance, and soon found himself being punched in the face. He soon moved the fist off his face and then kicked forward thinking he would hit the culprit.

But what he did kick was air.

Tim soon found his wrists being roped together behind his back.

Bob soon felt his mouth being covered by something cold. His eyes bulged, and bit the hand that covered his mouth. The pain caused the force to let his hand off of
Bob's mouth.

Bob grinned crossed the force across the face, but before he could, then the stranger brought his head into its shell. So, actually, Bob hit air.

That force brought his head back out and roundhoused the thief. Thus causing Bob to whither in pain.

The final stranger took his staff and swept it under Danny's feet causing him to fall to the ground. The force picked him up by the right ankle and flung him to where Tony landed.

He then used his staff and placed one end on the ground, and used his weight to spring off the ground and land a few feet in front of Danny and Tony.

With a lopsided grin, the force placed his staff in behind his back and lifted the two thieves by their collars and smashed their heads together like if they were grapefruit. This causes the two to become unconscious.

The remaining six members of the gang were flying left and right by these four mysterious strangers. There were a mix of kicks, punches, jabs, as well as aimless kicks, punches, and jabs.

Since it was night, the four couldn't be seen. Plus, the way they were fighting was a way of an old style of martial arts fighting. Not seen for a very long time. They heard someone coming from beyond the alley.

So, the four quickly tied up the gang members, and huddled them together in preparation for the police.

One of them lifted the cover of a manhole and they climbed down into the sewers. Before they left, one grabbed the pizza they ordered, and went back to their lair once again protecting Manhattan as they often did.

Present Time

Xander awaited the police to report his discovery. "Who captured these guys, and who wouldn't stay to receive recognition?" he said to himself.

But then figured it out. The same reason why Buffy never stayed after she stopped a crime. She didn't want to get questioned by the police that she couldn't answer.

All of a sudden, Xander heard a siren blaring. He looked in the direction of the car coming and waited for an officer to come out.

When he did, he immediately went over to Xander. "Are you the one that reported this?"

He nodded at the six foot redhead and green eyed man. "Yeah, officer. I came out of the hotel to pick up my bag, when I heard some sounds from this alley. I went to investigate, and found these guys tied up."

The officer knew who exactly did this, "The vigilantes did this."

"Vigilantes?" Xander asked.

"Yeah. Within the last few years, crimes have been stopped by an some guys. We would love to talk to them, if we ever catch up to them. But, I doubt it will happen.
These guys are obviously professionals."

"They stopped them. That's the important part."

"Thanks for calling this in. I'll take it from here. One question though."

"Fire at will."

"Did you see these guys who did this?"

Even if Xander knew the identities of these 'vigilantes,' he wouldn't turn them in. After all, they did stop them. And if he ever found out. He sure as hell wouldn't give their identities away. So, he replied honestly, "No, I didn't. Sorry."

He sighed, "It's okay, son." The officer went into his pocket, and pulled out a card. Then gave it to Xander, "Call me if you remember anything else about tonight. Can I get your address if anything else comes up."

Xander nodded, "Sure thing, officer. Like I said, I here at the Holiday Inn. Room number 603." He went inside his wallet and pulled out the key. Attached to the key was a card. "The number is 555-7383."

The officer pulled out a notepad and wrote down the number, "Thanks for the call. Now, go back to your hotel. I'll take it from here."

"No problem, officer?"

He smiled, "Officer Kelly. The name's Howard Kelly."

"Xander Harris. Nice to meet you, Officer Kelly."

"Likewise. You can go now."

Xander smiled, and went back to his hotel room, (It looks like there's more to New York then Broadway.)
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