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When the Gods owe you a Favor

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Summary: you collect, of course...

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Lord of the Rings > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: LegolasLillyFR181677485,38131 Oct 0431 Oct 04Yes
Title: When the Gods owe you a Favor
Summary: you collect, of course...
Pairings: Buffy/Legolas, Arwen/Aragorn
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of them. What, you think if they were mine I’d let them out to play like this?? *snort* shyeah right... *weg*

“Hey, kid. Been waiting long?”
“Yep. But I’m used to their bad timing.”
“Cheer up then, you don’t have to wait anymore. They’re expecting us.”

Somewhere where the Powers live, in a white marble hall, under beautiful archways decorated with star glitter the two guests appeared. One a balance demon, with the worse fashion sense ever. The other...

“Why are you here, Warrior?”

The melodious voice came from everywhere at once, filling the room with its presence. The Warrior in question just smiled.

“Well, you know my dive off the tower? When you brought me here ‘cause I was needed in the big fight and you said you would owe me a favor? I’ve come to collect.” the smile turned into a thousand watt grin.

The silence stretched for a few seconds, and then...

“Very well.”

The grin shone brighter than the star glitter.

A ray of sun stretched across the bed, falling onto its occupant’s cheek. She frowned in her sleep, burying her face deeper in the pillow with a soft sigh. But the sun wouldn’t go away, so she warily opened one eye to peek at the offending light. Her nose crinkled in annoyance and a yawn took her over. It was way too early to be awake.

Her earlobe itched a bit so one slender hand rose to scratch it.. and found a pointy tip. She froze.. then was out of bed and in front of the mirror in less than half a second. There, staring back at her.. was the new and improved Buffy, version elf. She let loose a few squeals and did her own version of the Snoopy dance before bolting out the door of her room and down the corridor. She threw another door open and with a mighty Slayer jump she landed on the sleeping figure in the bed.. who bolted upright with a very startled expression. Blue eyes locked with hazel and he blinked. He was still half asleep, surely he was not seeing.. an elf with the face of the woman he loved.. who but the day before had been very much human. But...


She grinned and bounced slightly up and down, making the tightness in his pants even more uncomfortable.

“You remember how I got here, right?”
“How could I ever forget? You literally dropped on top of me.” she giggled at that and a fond smile spread across his face.
“Yeah, well, I told you the powers asked for my help in this world. And in return they would owe me a favor.” at his nod she continued, pointing shyly towards her ears. “I thought it was time to collect.”
“I’m an elf. Forever. No more pull the Buffy chain left and right. I’m staying here from now on.” and with a blush creeping on her cheeks she added.. “With you, if you want me.”
“If I... Buffy.. beloved...”

But he gave up the words and decided to show her just how much he loved her instead. His mouth sealed to hers, lips caressing, tongues loving, breaths mingling. Strong arms sneaked around her, pulling her close against his taut body. Buffy moaned in his mouth and ground herself against his hardness, making him hiss in pleasure. She tore her mouth from his to let her heart speak.

“Legolas.. I love you.”
“Buffy.. my love.. my light.. Be mine. Forever.” he spoke between kisses.
“Forever, love.”

Hands stroked, caressed, becoming familiar with what was theirs. Lips met anew, passions ignited and souls soared to bond into one.

And the door banged open to show an anxious Aragorn, with an equally disturbed Arwen in tow. They were both breathing hard, not unlike the bed’s occupants who were pulling themselves together.. as much as they could. Legolas’ eyes landed on the King of Gondor, who was now.. very much an elf himself. Incredulous blue eyes turned to his soul’s chosen one, a question on his lips. She just shrugged and grinned sheepishly.

“It was a big favor.”

The End.

The End

You have reached the end of "When the Gods owe you a Favor". This story is complete.

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