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This story is No. 7 in the series "Penultimate". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The year is 2008, and tongues are wagging in DC about a potential, unlikely candidate for the Senate. But are they right? Is A/U after Season 1 of West Wing.

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Television > West Wing > GeneralNorwegianneFR15109,65611626,49831 Oct 042 Sep 07No

Chapter 10

27. September, 2008 –
Boston Symphony Hall

Eleanor smiled at one of the men that had gathered around her sister. He was sort of cute.

Unfortunately she was still attached to Tristan, who was doing his best to foil any plans she might have had of a quick harmless flirt with anyone.

It would have been sweet, the way he was doting at her, whispering sweet nothings in her ear and the way his arm had curved protectively around her, hadn’t it been for the fact that he didn’t mean anything about it.

She could flirt with Tristan any day.

Who knew when she would have the time to do it with tall, dark and handsome?

“Ellie?” Zoey released her from Tristan’s arm, while winking at him. “I need to talk to you.”

She led her in the direction of the second-floor restrooms. Ellie looked back, wanting to catch one look at the guy before he left her sight.

“I’ll set you up with Ian afterwards, if you can stop mooning after him long enough to talk with me.”

“That his name? It doesn’t matter. I don’t have time for dating,” she shrugged. “Nick broke up with me.”

She pouted as Zoey led her into the restroom.

“Does that mean we won’t get the good table at his restaurant, Crime, anymore?”

“I feel your sympathy, Zo, I really do.” A quick glance in the mirror proved that she hadn’t dragged out the mascara all over her face.

“You were kind of all over Tristan before you set your sight on poor Ian. How much have you had to drink?”

A bell rung.

“They’re beginning again. We have to go back.”

“No, I need to talk to you.” Zoey looked in her purse and dragged out a pill, and a bottle of water.

“So you’ve said.”

“Check the stalls. I don’t want an audience for this.”

Ellie did as her sister commanded, while Zoey downed the pill. “All clear.”

“All right, I’d better get this over with,” Zoey muttered. “I’m not sure if you’re aware of some rumors that have been going around DC these last days…”

“About me gunning for Winterbourne’s seat?”

Zoey let out the breath she had been holding while waiting for her sister to reply.

“That’s the one.”

“It’s ludicrous.”

“Maybe,” Zoey said. “Maybe not.”

“I’m not running for Senate, and even if I were it wouldn’t be against Victoria Melville. She’s got a deal with the devil.”

“No, just the president,” stated Zoey matter-of-factly.

“In this case I’m honestly not sure which is the worst.”

“Well, the leadership of the Democratic party were tallying up possible candidates a while ago. They found few for what they had in mind.”

“And my name came up, for what?”

“Ellie, the party-leadership wants you to run for President in 2010.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Penultimate" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 Sep 07.

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