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Summary: series of so weird drabbles, various pairings and ratings

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Television > So WeirdWillowsAngelFR1371,422042,8322 Nov 0419 Feb 06No


Title: who’s afraid of the big bad prophesy

Rating: PG

Pairing: None, Fi, Annie, Angel, Spike

Challenge: Crossover

Disclaimer: ATS is owned by Joss and Mutant Enemy, SW is owned by Disney

Spike watched the little brunette stare at Angel and he grimaced. Angel was just as entranced, freaking Irish git.

So Fiona Phillips was the fulfillment of a millennia old prophecy, who cared. It wasn’t like she was any fun to scare. She had her own entourage of assorted freaks. A ghost, a sprite, a vampire who really didn’t know the meaning of stealth.

So what if Angel had a soul. He was vampire with a soul too, and he was much more interesting. He’d gotten stuck with a vapid little blonde who hadn’t done the world a favor and been eaten by her pet panther.

This was what happened when he tried to act human. He wondered if that Jack boy would be willing to stake Angel, he seemed hostile enough.
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking