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Summary: series of so weird drabbles, various pairings and ratings

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Television > So WeirdWillowsAngelFR1371,422042,8322 Nov 0419 Feb 06No


Title: lost little girls

Rating: R

Pairing: Lindsay/Fi

Challenge: Crossover

Disclaimer: ATS is owned by Joss and Mutant Enemy, SW is owned by Disney.

Fi thought Lindsey was kind of off. Not that he wasn’t one of the prettiest men she’d ever seen, and not that he couldn’t make her heart speed up when he got on stage and opened his mouth. But something told her he hadn’t always been a musician. That same something that told her not to whisper her secrets in his ear the way Annie had been. The way her mother had been.

He’d been touring with the band almost six months and he hadn’t slept with her mother yet. Her mom had tried, but he’d always brushed her off and looked to Fi instead. She’d thought she was imagining it at first until Carey asked her if she was trying to piss her mom off. That look, that heat made shiver, made her wonder what made her so special he would choose her over her mother. It was still nice though, to imagine he was singing to her, to imagine he was interested in her plain 17 year old self.

She’d gotten lonely with Clu gone and Carey lusting after her mom and Jack ignoring her to pretend that Annie was normal, average. Lindsey was always there, offering an ear, a shoulder, and a helpful hand when she inevitably found herself in supernatural situations. He didn’t tell her she was crazy or stupid and he didn’t tell her she should stop searching. In fact sometimes she thought that he enjoyed the chase as much as she did.

She found herself in his company more often then not, and when he would sing to her she could imagine that everything was ok, that she didn’t run after ghosts and magic. She could believe him when he told her that he only wanted to play. So when tangled his hands in her hair and leaned down to kiss her after a show in the middle Oklahoma, she kissed him back and forgot that he’d been lying to her since they met.

She told him she trusted him and he was so pretty she ached. The days turned to weeks and every time he touched her she burned. She stepped into his motel room a few nights later, alone and nervous and she knew she’d never done anything more right when he smiled. He made her feel like she was flying and she didn’t know if she’d ever come down.

She found out why trusting beautiful men was the stupidest mistake little girls made when she found herself naked, bound and gagged to an alter later that night. Lindsey stood naked before her, beautiful and deadly and male. She knew she’d made a fatal mistake when he summoned the scaly thing with the horns. She screamed as the long knife that he’d hidden behind his back cut into the skin of her stomach. As the blood drained and the monster bathed in her blood, Lindsay chanted and with each cut tattoo’s appeared on his skin. The last thing she saw was Lindsay covered in swirling designs and staring at her with a brief flash of regret.
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