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Faith in Wonderland

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Summary: Sequel to Metro and Cosmo. Back at the dorm Faith, Lois, Tara and Giles the Chair encounter a new threat. *Complete*

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Faith in Wonderland

Title: Faith in Wonderland

Author: renelf

Summary: Sequel to Metro and Cosmo. Back at the dorm Faith, Lois, Tara and Giles the Chair encounter a new threat.

Pairings: Faith/Wes, Chloe/Lex, Lois/Clark.

Rating: 15 (For some swearing and references to femslash).

Disclaimer: Neither Buffy nor Smallville belong to me. All kudos to Joss Whedon and DC Comics. Alice in Wonderland belongs to Lewis Carroll. Labyrinth belongs to Henson. Daria belongs to MTV. All other fandoms I may borrow or draw inspiration from also do not belong to me and I’m not making any money using them.

Feedback: Always appreciated.

Spoilers: Buffy through Tabula Rasa, Angel through Heartthrob, Smallville through Vortex (with some random refs to other eps).

Author’s Note: This story will only make some sort of sense if you’ve read Metro or Cosmo first.


“Amanda did WHAT to Giles’ car?” asked Faith rhetorically, desperately trying not to laugh.

The girls had been back in Metropolis for two days. Tara had enrolled at Metropolis U, transferring her credit from UC Sunnydale, and moved into Faith and Lois’s dorm, sharing a room with one of the many Tiffanys. Wes was still in town, staying at a nearby hotel.

Tara smiled. “She was just trying to be thoughtful.”

“So she took it through a car wash. What’s so bad about that?” asked Lois, having missed part of the conversation.

“It’s a vintage car,” explained Faith, “it needs special care.”

“The car wash,” continued Tara, “took off all the paint.”

Lois smiled. She’d never met the human Giles but she’d heard enough about him to imagined his reaction. “So Giles’ lovely red car is now…what?”

“Faded grey according to Buffy,” said Tara. She stole a quick glance at Faith to see how the Slayer had reacted to the mention of Buffy’s name. Faith was still laughing.

“Dibs on telling Wes,” called Faith as she headed to the showers to get ready for her date.

“So,” asked Lois, turning to Tara, “how do you like Metropolis?”

“Well,” began the witch hesitantly, “the campus is lovely but I haven’t really had a chance to see the city.”

Lois frowned. “We’ll just have to fix that. Get changed and I’ll meet you in the common room in half an hour.”

Tara smiled at Lois’s commanding tone and did as she was told.


“Ready?” Wes asked Faith upon walking into the common room and discovering her alone.

Faith nodded.

Wes smiled and held out his hand. Faith took it and the two of them walked down the stairs to the lobby where a wolf whistle rang out. Turning, Faith saw Tiffany, Tara’s roommate grinning mischievously. Wes blushed. Waving at Tiffany, Faith ushered Wes out into the garden. “That was probably directed at me rather than you.”


“Disappointed?” The Slayer smirked at her Watcher.

Wesley turned to look at his charge, his face serious. “Faith, I…” He was cut off by Faith pushing him to the ground. The Slayer leapt up, picked up some pebbles from the path and began to pitch them viciously into the rose garden.

“Aha!” she cried in triumph, “that’ll teach you to interrupt my date.”

Wes looked up confused. Faith shrugged, hauled him to his feet, kissed him and led him away.


“Yo!” called Lois, pushing open the bathroom door. “You ready in there?”

“Ready,” said Tara, standing right behind Lois, who jumped.

Recovering her cool quickly, Lois led her new friend out of the building. They paused to admire the roses in the Lily Luthor Memorial Rose Garden. “Can you hear that?” Lois asked her friend.

“Hear what?” replied the witch, straining her ears.

There was a faint high-pitched mewling sound, as if there were a wounded bird somewhere in the roses. Climbing over the small fence that separated the garden from the path, Lois went to investigate.

“Lane,” called Tara, “remember what happened last time you went climbing into an agricultural area to save something?”

“I know,” replied Lois, creeping further, “I still have the bruises.” But that didn’t stop her. She returned a few moments later, her skirt torn and scratches marring her hands.

Lois Lane was the only girl Tara knew who would dress carefully, style her hair and put on makeup only to ruin it all in pursuit of a story. But then, she didn’t know Lane’s cousin Chloe very well yet. “What is it?” asked Tara, seeing that Lois was cradling something in her hands.

“Let’s just say that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would love this.”

Tara leaned over to look when Lois flinched and opened her hands, dropping what appeared to be leaves. “It bit me,” the reporter said indignantly.

“Well,” said Tara, “what did you expect a Fairy to do?”


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