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Fire it up

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Summary: Dawn has an old friend coming for a surprise visit. What has changed since they last met?

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Television > Gilmore GirlsBoredNowFR1345,1230106,7344 Nov 0413 Nov 04Yes

Where does it all end?

A/N: Last chapter. hope you all enjoyed the story :-)

Chapter 4: Where does it all end?

2 years in the future.

Dawn was fiddling with her fingers nervously. She got up from the couch, and paced a bit, only to return to sitting on the couch again. How long did it take to get the mail?

“Dawn, cut it out” said Tristin calmly. She glared at him.

“Stop being so calm. It’s irritating” He smiled at her. “Don’t smile, either”. She said, sulking.

“Come here” he said. She went over to the staircase in her house, standing in front of her boyfriend. He was sitting on one of the lower steps, his blue eyes sparkling. He held out his hand for her. She accepted it. He gently pulled her to sit in his lap.

She let out a sigh, and leaned her head on his shoulder. Tristin stroked her back soothingly.

“I’m sorry” she said.

“Nothing to be sorry about” he replied silently. “It’s only natural for you to be nervous”.

“How long does it take to get the mail?” she called out, frustrated. He chuckled a bit.

“Stop being so worried about it”

“Easy for you to say. You’ve already been through this”

“Yes. I have. Stop thinking about it”
“It’s five minutes away. What’s the point?”

Buffy opened the front door, entering the room. Dawn quickly got up from Tristin’s lap, standing in front of her sister. Tristin got to his feet as well.


“Why don’t we wait till dinner?” suggested Buffy. “That way, if you’re disappointed, we’ll all wallow, and if it’s good, we’ll all party”

Dawn bit on her lower lip, than nodded. “Okay. Yeah, we’ll do that.” Buffy smiled, carrying the envelopes to the kitchen. Dawn took a deep breath.
Tristin wrapped one of his arms around her waist, pulling her closer to him. She dropped her head back, leaning on his chest.

“Let’s go out” he whispered in her ear. “Get your mind off of this crap”

She closed her eyes and smiled to herself. Tristin always seemed to know what she needed most and when. She was so happy when he started showing up more and more in Sunnydale, whenever he had a chance to spend some time with her. He was always there when she felt alone. He came to all of those silly dances that her high school held, and never missed a birthday or a valentine.

“Do I have time to change?” she whispered back. He chuckled.

“We have all the time in the world. But you look beautiful as you are” She let out a bark of laughter. She was in a pair of blue track pants, and one of his old t-shirts.

“Where are we going?” she asked, gently getting out from his embrace and toward the stairs. Like she’ll ever be caught in that outfit.

“Well, I was gonna suggest coffee, but caffeine is the last thing you need right now. Feel like going to the movies?”

“Sounds good. I’ll be back in a second”.
Dawn opened the front door to the Summers residence. Tristin was holding her hand, and they walked in together. They could hear voices from the kitchen.

“-so wrong!” was Willow’s voice.

“Yeah, but think about the pain we could save her from if it’s bad” was Buffy’s response. Dawn and Tristin exchanged looks.

“Hey, pain’s a part of life” they heard Xander’s voice. They walked across the house till they reached the kitchen’s entrance. “We can’t protect Dawn forever. She’s eighteen.”

“You tell them, Xander” said Dawn. Buffy turned to look at her with her most innocent look. Dawn merely raised an eyebrow.

“So how about we get to the letter?” asked Willow, a bit too enthusiastically.

“That idea has got my vote”

“Mine too” added Tristin.

Dawn sighed and went to the kitchen table, dragging Tristin behind her.
Buffy handed out the envelope. Dawn snatched it from her sister’s grip, staring at the envelope as if it held all the answers to her problems.

“You know, traditionally, you’d now be expected to open the envelope” remark Willow.

“I can’t” was the answer she got.


“No. I can’t. I can’t… what if it’s bad? What if it’s a no?”

“Will you feel better of I read it?” asked Tristin gently.

“Am I a pathetic person if I say yes?”

He took the envelope from her, and opened it. He took the paper out.

“Dear Miss Summers” he read out loud. he looked at Dawn looking panicked, and Buffy Xander and Willow, all crossing their fingurs for luck.“We are please to inform you that you have been accepted to Stanford University” he said. Willow Buffy and Xander all got up to their feet and started doing a strange group hug mixed with jumping up and down and yelling with joy. Dawn just leaned back on the kitchen island, with a small smile on her features.

Tristin smiled to himself. It hadn’t sunk in yet. He looked at the paper again.

“Wait, wait, wait!” he called. Slowly, the three scoobies chilled and looked at him. “There’s more”

“More? What more?” Asked Xander confused. Willow smiled brightly, already getting it. Buffy looked anxious.

“Well, the words ‘full scholarship’ pop up”. Dawn’s mouth sagged opened. Buffy, Willow and Xander started jumping-squealing-hugging again. Tristin placed the paper on the kitchen island and walked closer to Dawn.

“I got in” she whispered.

“Yeah” he said with a cocky smile. “Told you so”. Dawn looked up at him. Then her face cracked in one of her 2000 Walt smiles. She flung herself at Tristin, hugging him tightly. Tristin’s hands glided lower, reaching the back of Dawn’s thighs. He gripped and hoisted her up, wrapping her long legs around his waist. Dawn laughed happily, leaned in and kissed him.

“I can’t believe it” she said.

“You better believe it” he said. “I am gonna teach you all about college life”

“Oh, really?”

“Yes. You are going to be seen with the most wanted guy in Stanford.”

“Is there’s a finder fee? Does it matter if you’re dead or alive?” she asked. He looked at her for a moment before getting the joke.

“That’s not funny”

“I thought it was” she replied.

“Oh, you did?” he asked teasingly.

She nodded. “I did. Very much so” than she smirked.

The smirk was gone when he leaned in and kissed her, caressing her lips with his own.

“Tristin, I like you, but if you don’t wish to die before graduating from college, I suggest you remove your lips from my sister’s!”

Tristin did as he was told, reluctantly. Dawn untangled her legs from his waist, and placed them on the floor.

“So, are we partying, Scooby style?” asked Xander.

“Scooby style? Does that mean Bronzing?” asked Tristin. Dawn was amazed how much being a vampire hunter Scooby had changed Tristin’s vocabulary.

“What ever the lady wishes” said Xander to Dawn with a wink.

Dawn grinned. “I’m just gonna go change” Tristin actually groaned. “Hush. I have to, because you and I are going patrolling after the party. On our own” that was directed to Buffy more than Tristin.

“Or, better yet, why don’t Wills, Buffy and I will take over patrolling, and the two of you will go and have some alone time.” Suggested Xander. Buffy didn’t protest.

“Thanks, man. And Dawn, you might want to get a move on. We want to go party, before midnight”

“I’m not that bad when it comes to clothing” she protested.

“Yes, you are” replied the four other people in the kitchen, simultaneously. She rolled her eyes.

“I’m going, I’m going” she said, dragging her boyfriend outside the room as well.

The moment they were out of Buffy’s view, she started kissing him again.

“This is gonna be great” she said, as she pulled away from him.

“You know what? I think you’re right”

The End

You have reached the end of "Fire it up". This story is complete.

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