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Fire it up

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Summary: Dawn has an old friend coming for a surprise visit. What has changed since they last met?

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Television > Gilmore GirlsBoredNowFR1345,1230106,7364 Nov 0413 Nov 04Yes

Fire it up

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Buffyverse charecters, nor any of the Gilmore Girls world.

Chapter 1: How we’ve met

Dawn entered the Sunnydale High quad. Her classes had just ended, to her relief. She hated school. Not just because of the studying, and the teachers. But because of the kids too. Kit and Carlos were her social life, outside the Scooby gang. She just hated it all. She was so easy to pick on, because she was such a freak. She didn’t wear the regular pink-orange-yellow-green colors, in those highlighters shades. She liked the darker and/or softer colors, when it came to clothes, and she liked to keep her skin covered, thank you very much.

Of course, in high school, that meant she was an outcast.

Not that her saving have her class from being eaten helped. She became the gang-girl or something of that sort. She knew all the PCP gang members, and they feared her for some unknown reasons. And that was *the* talk in the school. True, there were the few who actually thank her for the save, and said hi in the mornings, maybe an occasional wave here and there, but no real friends except for Kit and Carlos.

So, seeing how she was at the bottom of the social chain, the whole boyfriend thing was pretty much out of the question. That actually bummed her. Every girl, no matter how much of a freak she seemed to be or say she was – wanted someone – preferably male – to be her guy. It was just being a hormonal teenager, really. The need of a boyfriend.

There were some girls who were beyond needing a boyfriend, and more into the “I make out with everything that moves” stage. Like Kirsty.

Dawn sighed quietly, as she saw Kirsty and her band of followers doing their regular routine every time a male was in their eye-shot. Most people called it “babe-watching”. Basically, what the girls did was to stand in a larch group, staring at a guy, judging him by his looks – from his hair cut, to his nose, height and so on and so forth. They usually did it when a cute guy – someone’s older brother – came to pick her up from school, or if some of the collage boys came around. Either from UC Sunnydale or Stanford University.

Dawn walked toward the end of the quad, where Kirsty and her groupies were standing. She could head them whispering franticly. She fought the urge to roll her eyes. It was probably a College boy, since they had a vacation now.

“He has a nice body” She heard Kirsty’s voice.

“Nice arms.” Said Janet.

“He’s probably a jock”

“Basketball?” asked Miranda

“Maybe. I’d guess baseball” said Sam.

“Looks like football to me. And check out those abs”

Dawn rolled her eyes. How shallow could one be? Kirsty was definitely as shallow as it gets. Dawn couldn’t help but smile. Kirsty was waving her stupidity around, she didn’t have any homework today, which meant everything was in her locker and no bag to carry on her back, and Xander promised that they four of them will go Bronzing tonight. This might actually turn out to be a good day.

She walked around the drooling girls, avoiding any kind of contact. Her olive colored cargo pants dragged on the pavement as she walked away from the chatting teens.

She heard Kirsty’s voice again. “You know what? I think this one’s a nine and a half” she said. Dawn had to be impressed. No guy has ever passed the eight and a half.

She couldn’t help but be curious.

“I think I’ll go… feel him up” Said Kirsty playfully. Her friends giggled.

Dawn turned, to get a glimpse at this guy. What she saw made her mouth drop open.

‘Oh my god’ was the only thought going through her mind, over and over and over again. Faster each time. She felt like her mind could explode.

The guy’s blond hair shimmered in the sunlight. He wore a tight white T-shirt, and baggy jeans. He was leaning on a black car. Dawn couldn’t see the symbol of it. Also, her mind wasn’t really up to identify any cars at the moment.

She looked at the familiar face one more time, her eyes even wider then they already were.

Tristin Dugray.


4 months earlier:


Dawn loved New York. And she was so happy when Buffy decided That Dawn could Join Xander on his trip to the city. It was a hard for Buffy, but now, as she turned to be Buffy- the sister, before Buffy- the mother, or Buffy- the Vampire Slayer: well, it was so much easier for the both of them.

Xander was currently in a meeting of some sort. Dawn wasn’t really sure, and she hadn’t asked.

She was walking down a street in New York, inhaling the smell. New York smelled differently than California, she had decided. Silly, but somewhat true.

Then she heard the panicked yells, and saw the dark smoke in the air. She ran towards the yells. When she reached the source of them she stopped dead on her tracks.

There was building on fore. It was horrible and beautiful at the same time. The fire department was already there, some people were out of there with the paramedics.

“Please you have to get in there”

She turned to guy talking to the fireman, hysterical.

“My friends in there, you have to get him out!” The fireman tried to calm the poor teenager down, but no use. The guy seemed a few years older than Dawn herself. “Look, we were on the second floor, in apartment 6, he didn’t come out. You have to get him!”

Years later, Dawn had no idea what had driven her to do the stupid heroism act. She assessed the building for a moment before running past the police officers, paramedics and firemen. Her black boots were slowing her down a bit but she kept on running as fast as she could.

“Hey, what’s that girl doing?” someone called.

But Dawn was already in the building. She took a deep breath before running for the stairs. The smoke was burning her eyes, and a few tears dropped. Her skin felt like it was boiling. She tried to ignore the discomfort, as she ran up the stairs, careful not to touch the iron railing.

She reached the second floor, coughing a bit. She walked carefully, but quickly, not wanting to fall through the floor to her likely death.

She reached the door hat had 6 written on it.

“Is anybody in there?” she asked. No reaction. “Can you hear me?” still nothing. “I’m gonna break the door, so move if you can!”

Dawn raised her foot and slammed it into the door. It made a strange sound. And her foot hurt like hell. She ignored the pain, coughed and kicked the door again. Something snapped with a loud crack. Dawn was praying it wasn’t the floor she was standing on. Another kick and the door snapped, letting Dawn pass. Dawn did just that, running into the apartment. Most of it was burning. Pictures, curtains, the bed, a chair. It was burning hot – and that was the worst pun she ever though of.

‘That’s not what you should be thinking about’ she mentally scolded at herself. She looked around the room, and then spotted something on the floor. A boy.

She ran to him, kneeling next to his still body. He was laying on his back. She checked his pulse. Not strong, but there. She was pretty panicked, because of the weak pulse. She wasn’t sure what to do next.

The sound of something crashing brought her back to the current situation. ‘Get out of here is a good start’.

She picked the boy up, and wrapped one of his arms around her shoulder, supporting him as she got the two of them to their feet. He let out a small groan. Which meant he was awake, which was good. Dawn started to run out of the building. Or trying too, it was harder with the extra weight of a guy.

She ran as fast as she could, down the stairs. He seemed to understand he was moving, and moved his feet, though his eyes were still closed.

“Just hang in there” she whispered, both to the guy and to herself. “We’re gonna get out of here”

They finally reached the ground floor, she almost sighed with relief. She dragged him with her, out of the building. She blinked a few times as the sunlight hit her eyes. They were out.
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