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A Promise is a Promise Angelus

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Summary: Some Surprises 2 seconds after the Angel Series Finale

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Cordelia ChasetohonomikeFR151020,44153050,8884 Nov 0425 Jan 06No

A Promise is a Promise Angelus Trying to Sleep In

A Promise is a Promise Angelus 10, Trying to Sleep In (Part 1)
Author: Tohonomike
Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful owners. Joss/ME characters. I do not and cannot make money off of this, but for feedback, I might come up with something more/better.

July 21st, 2004 – 11:00 AM

Xander just wanted to sleep in and was getting a bit testy about interruptions before Noon on a Wednesday. His wife was already sitting up and checking a tablet-style PC for their portfolio information and arranging a moderate level of interaction between the ‘god of the doofuses’ and various world leaders over the next few months, making sure the ‘deific day planner’ accurately reflected it and her shopping plans.

“For crying out loud,” he muttered as he pulled on his wolfy slippers and wrapped his raven-covered robe given to him by one of the Scandinavian Slayers. “It’s Wednesday… MY DAY…Wedn…Odin…nobody gets the memo?”

His wife absently reached into the drawer of her nightstand, and tossed an object of golden-caked goodness at his head. He reached up and grabbed it out of the air, partly mollified.

“Why don’t *you* ever answer the door?” he grumbled, realized it wouldn’t get him anywhere pursuing that train of thought. He decided that since it was HIS day, he’d at least swing by the coffee pot on his way to the chamber’s door. And realized just how important it must be to find Faith handing General Hammond advils and a cup of coffee at the breakfast counter in the kitchen already.

“Colonel, I hate to bother you on your downtime,” the honorable man began as Faith handed her boss a liter-sized mug with a grim picture of a certain now-human Marine recruit on it looking tired.

“Must be important, General,” Xander sighed, “What’s going on?”

“Well, as you know, Colonel O’Neill has for the last week become thirty years younger than before…” the general began as Faith and Xander both smiled, “But as of this morning, Doctor Frasier has evidence that his DNA is becoming unstable. The Tok’Ra offered to place him into stasis, but he chose to leave the base.”

“Well, he DOES have confinement issues, and Tok’Ra issues.”

Faith smirked lightly, “And with Egeria Queen of Snakes whipping her boys to get her ‘intended’ back to a proper body, serious issues.”

Without real subordinates around, Hammond allowed a small smile before turning serious again.

“I don’t know what you can do, Colonel, and I’m not asking for you to find Colonel O’Neill for us, but maybe you could detect a cloaked Asgard vessel in orbit responsible for all of this?”

“Well, I’m pretty low on reserves after making everybody political feel better about ‘Odin’ living in NORAD, and building the complex additions. Is there anything you want me to do if I find one?”

“Perhaps take SG-1 and find out just what the Hell they think they’re doing to one of our people.”

“Sounds fair enough,” Xander said and reached out, Faith handing him the Scythe for a moment for extra focus. A moment later, “Yep, almost directly overhead. Pretty little ship. Maybe I should ‘requisition it’ when we’re done. Might make them show a little more respect in the future. That way after copying their technology, I’ll have a yacht to run missions for you. I’m liking this idea a lot.”

“So there is an Asgard vessel? Well, Colonel, if you could get dressed, when we find Colonel O’Neill, we might want you to beam up to the ship if you can.”

“Okay, sir. Can you give me an hour? I need to shower and catch an early lunch.”

“Not a problem. It’ll probably take us a while to find O’Neill anyway.”


Three hours later…

“So, clone huh?” Xander asked as SG-1 entered the conference room, “It’d be kinda cool ‘cept not being drinking age yet?”

“Think ya can keep me alive?”

“Probably, but let’s get the little grey guys to fix it if we can.”

“Why’s that?”

“They made the mess…” Xander said as he looked at the young man, then to General Hammond. “Sir, I’m thinking I’d like to help Angus here, but it might take a PA over the intercom to the SGC folks to stop what they’re doing and concentrate on the well-being of one of their own that needs it.”

‘Angus’ glared at the name he was being called, especially when Xander winked at him. General Hammond’s brow furrowed in concentration.

“What do you have in mind, Colonel?”

“When we get the other one back, I want to have everybody think happy thoughts about my healing O’Neill, and what I’ll use the feelings for will be to make this guy seven years older, and the old guy five years younger and with his knees healed up right so we don’t have to here about them too often.”

“That seems reasonable…” the general said, then turned to the clone, “But what to do with a second O’Neill?”

“I’d like him to be on my team, sir. He’d be a Colonel, and spend most of his time as my pilot, 2IC of human stuff, liaison to you guys and that sort of thing.”

“Airege would prefer her own version of him any way,” Faith smiled slightly in reference to the Human-Host that had been restored and not the Goa’uld-Human Egeria who was the Queen of the Tok’ra. “Once the Snake Queen actually took a shine to the old guy, his value seemed to go up.”

The young clone cringed slightly, remembering the ‘fresh meat’ looks he’d started to get after a while from the revived leader and matron of the Tok’ra.

“Okay, we have a consensus as to everything except addressing the problem with the Asgard up in orbit.”

‘Angus’ spoke up, “Can’t Colonel Harris just beam us up with a bunch of zats and we do a stun, rescue and correction?”

Teal’c nodded, “It would resolve the matter and quickly, as well as to let whichever rogue is responsible know the Tauri cannot be taken lightly.”

Daniel turned to the Jaffa, “What makes you think it’s a rogue?”

“Colonel O’Neill has been around the Asgard sufficiently that would they not only need a very small sample of DNA from which to clone him? And for any purpose short of actual cloning, would they not believe we would agree?”

General Hammond nodded, “I don’t know whether to feel relieved or dismayed that our friends might be less than as they appear. Alright, suit up SG-1. Colonel Harris, do you and I presume Guardian Faith need to draw anything from the armory or stores?”


“Nah, that normal all-black version of what you guys have is good enough for me. And with the Scythe and a zat I’m good.”

Xander before their eyes changed, filling out by a foot in height and breadth, and over his usual black combat fatigues appeared furs, and portaling in onto his shoulder, the Raven adjusted to fit his master’s choice of form, the mortal one he’d favored before Ragnarok so many thousands of years before. Faith alone of those present had seen him assume his superhuman form, and so the others found themselves looking at a hardened warrior that made Teal’c look normal in physique.

“Actually Faith, I’d like you to go in with two zats; you have the speed, and if this turns out to be an officially approved mission, I better wield Gungnir and put the fear of me into them.”

The Guardian nodded, and as the three ‘real’ members of SG-1 got up to leave the room, Xander in a flash readied the two of them appropriately.

“Angus? You gonna accept service with me?”

“Do I get a light saber?”

“Are you willing to put in a year as Teal’c’s Padawan in your and his overlapping spare time? Concentrating in staff and short sword in preparation for the real training?”


“When this is over I’ll look into setting up the Order.”

“So long as it doesn’t involve betraying my oaths as Jack O’Neill, which are mine too…then yeah. I’m in.”

“Your fealty is accepted in the Old Ways, as your liege I am bound also to protect and lead you honorably, providing you with what is needed for proper service.” He waved his hand and the young man was outfitted in the black commando fatigues Faith favored, two zats, ball cap, bomber jacket and sunglasses.

“You’re really pushing the Angus thing aren’t you?”

“I want you after we talk to Colonel O’Neill, to consider becoming again the one of whom I speak. You can be yourself, and contribute even more.” Xander gestured palm up at the door to the conference room, “General, with your permission, we’ll head to the gate room and wait for the others unless just as a matter of…I don’t know…tradition? Or we could beam up from wherever you’re most comfortable.”

“No, the gate room DOES seem the most appropriate place, thank you for your consideration.”

“General, as I said before…I’m here to help, not to rule. Sometime I’m sure I’ll eventually do something like the older O’Neill does, but it won’t be to undermine you.”

“I appreciate that, Colonel. You have a ‘go’ as soon as the others are ready and join up with you. Godspeed.”

“Thank you, sir,” Xander replied, never one to turn down any help from a higher power if he could help it.


Loki heard something like a whisper, and as he turned and saw a figure out of Asgard legend, he lost consciousness in a quite painful manner.

“Teal’c, Angus, Faith recon the ship,” Xander directed, “Daniel do a brainiac recon of the room…Major Carter, please see if you can find a communications console to contact the Asgard authorities. I’ll get Mr. Roswell off the floor.”

A couple of minutes later, everybody gathered around the table on which an older Jack O’Neill rested. Then in a beam of light in front of him but facing away, Supreme Commander Thor materialized.

“Major Carter, I received your communication, and have found an energy anomaly on this as well as the situation you reported.” Xander smiled at the alien, and decided to break the ice.

“That would be me, namesake of my son.” The alien commander turned around and his eyes widened quite noticeably.

“L—are you indeed Lord Odin?”

“I have resumed my place in this plane of existence, namesake, and am not pleased at what seems to be happening here.”

The alien surprised the rest by bowing in respect, and in turn Harris resumed his usual human form of ‘Xander.’

“Faith, with the namesake of my son here, please resume guardianship of Gungnir for me.” She nodded and Xander crouched down as to politely discuss matters at the same eye level. “Can you tell me what the situation is, and how you as the ‘Asgard’ Representative propose to resolve it?”

“It appears Loki took advantage of our ongoing war against the Replicators to sneak away and continue his banned experiments to resolve our cloning problem by researching the leap in development O’Neill represents over those of a generation ago in addition to his residual Ancients genetic heritage.”

“Any luck so far?” he asked as the alien looked over the console.

“As the High Council expected from examining prior samples of DNA left behind, O’Neill doesn’t offer us hope in our plight.”

Jack O’Neill awoke and was brought up to speed as the others waited to the side.

“Oh crap…a mini-me?” he winced and looked over at his younger copy, “And they made him real and plan to just let him die? Thor…buddy…I just don’t know what to say.”

Xander spoke up after clearing his throat.

“Jack, Angus here, if the Asgard repair his DNA and heal him up, is going to work for me. I’d like you to do me a favor and approve your little brother’s actions and existence if you would.”

“What are folks going to think about two Jack O’Neills running around?”

Xander looked at both Jacks and gestured them to a corner and turned to the others. “You guys play nice and zat Loki again if he wakes up.”

O’Neill spoke first.


“He’s going to be Colonel and Doctor Angus MacGyver and you’re going to be Colonel Jack O’Neill. When they fix him up,” and Jack could see the kid wasn’t doing so well all of a sudden, “We’re going to have Hammond do a PA at the SGC, so that I can heal you. Angus will be aged seven years so he doesn’t have to repeat school, and you’ll be five years younger with good knees. Sound fair enough?”

“I really don’t want folks to know who I was…”

“Only SG-1, Hammond, Faith, and my wife will know. And Doc Frasier. Come on, Jack. He’s a little brother that’s just like you. Family is something we’ve all lost to many people from. Let’s add one for a change we know will watch our sixes.”

“Okay…it’s not like he’s a robot or something weird…my knees huh? It’s all good for me, then.”

The three men turned and headed back, O’Neill pointing a thumb back at mini-him, “Thor, I want you to fix up the kid…looks like I get a little brother to harass.”

“Are you sure, O’Neill?”


“Hey!” Angus indignantly began, only to feel flush all of a sudden. Jack steadied him.

“Come on Thor, let’s get to it.”

An hour later, the group, including a conscious Loki, sighed in relief, the latter because Faith mentioned they’d “Gungnir him” if the kid didn’t make it.

Thor turned to the god and broached subjects his race needed help with.

“Lord Odin, is there any way you might assist us with our cloning problems?”

“At this point, your people would have to accept me as their god, Thor. It would take time and a fair amount of emoting, and I don’t know if I could do more than get you back to where you were ten thousand years ago or so. You’d at least be able to have *some* chance at that point, of handling it yourselves, but I have to ask, namesake. What was the fate of my son that he does not seem to have provided you with a healing process?”

The Supreme Commander seemed to stand taller, and his vice almost took on a proud quality as he placed a hand over his heart.

“Lord Thor intercepted a fleet of beings that landed on a world at the edge of our galaxy, that called themselves the New Ori. They seemed intent on making themselves gods over the entire galaxy, and perhaps more. He wielded Mjolnir for three weeks, using its energies to prevent them from entering hyperspace at any great speed, but between the available vessels of the Four Races, and his might, we barely won and drove them into what we thought to be extinction though it cost your son his ability to resume a physical form so powerful were the beings, much as the Ascended are, but darker. He could not remember much of what had happened, or who he was, but he healed the dozens of mauled worlds and passed on his Hammer for safekeeping. But it turns out that one dying New Ori in a damaged ship made it into hyperspace and to this galaxy. We believe that the breakdown in the being’s body and energy matrix, resulted in a second Ancients Plague, and by the time of Ra and the System Lords, they were few and far between.”

“My son died saving the Asgard and that galaxy…”

“And we acknowledge the blood debt by maintaining in stasis Mjolnir and his few remaining belongings, including a log for you should you resume form in this plane.”

“Thank you, Thor,” Xander sighed, slouching just a bit in emotional fatigue, one that Jack and Angus both recognized as matching their echoes of losing Charley so many years before, and each placed a reassuring hand on one of his shoulders. He nodded his thanks. He looked around.

“I’m claiming this vessel and all on it as compensation for this Loki matter and the wrongs committed individually and against a world within the Protected Planets Treaty. It seems like a nice little ship. Stop by in a few weeks and we’ll discuss helping your people, but I should warn you, I’ll expect technical advisors to help the Tauri advance. The Treaty is a farce and a bluff, and at some point I’ll have to deal with Anubis and his minions. I’d like to see around this world an Asgard version of the Tollan defense system. We can work out the details later; come back in a couple of weeks and please bring my son’s things with you. For now, though, I need time to mourn his loss, and consider the future.”

Thor and Loki beamed off the ship and a moment later Thor’s vessel left orbit. Xander looked tired, found a few Asgard communicators for the ship, handed them out, and placed a bracelet on his arm that included many tools as well as a remote transport activator.

“Let’s head back…we’ll get the guys here set up as planned, then older Jack will take us all out for big steak dinners.”

The older O’Neill nodded at the attempt at diversionary brevity to cover the fact that the intellectual loss of his son Thor now had the emotional fall-out finally catch up.

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Promise is a Promise Angelus" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 25 Jan 06.

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