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A Promise is a Promise Angelus

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Summary: Some Surprises 2 seconds after the Angel Series Finale

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Cordelia ChasetohonomikeFR151020,44153050,8884 Nov 0425 Jan 06No

A Promise is a Promise Angelus

A Promise is a Promise Angel(us)

Author: Tohonomike

Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful owners.. Joss/ME characters.

Feedback: I want double the response…and I mean it…really…guys? Hey….guys?

Summary: This is something a wrote in the five minutes right after the Series Finale of Angel, and am only posting now.

This takes place two seconds after the final scene of Angel.

“Major Finn, you have a go! Task Forces Alpha, Delta, Gamma, you have a go!” the figure in black shouted, stepping out the back door of the Hyperion and walking up behind the AI team. Helicopter gunships suddenly flew over the alley and thousands of rounds per second poured into the charging demons, then continued off into the distance where a silhouette of a burning, collapsing building disappeared, the Wolfram and Hart Headquarters ceasing to exist as repeated lightning bolts faded. In the distance more gunfire could be heard even as two dozen soldiers passed beside and beyond the AI members.

Coming into the light, a dark-haired, buzz-cut, eyepatch wearing man in urban colonel’s fatigues walked up, smirking, “Now, Dead Boy, I promised you I’d be there when you dusted. And did I get an invite? Hardly social?”

“It’s the bloody Whelp?!” Spike shouted in amazement ass medics swarmed over Gunn and a med-evac copter lowered a gurney into the alley. “Where’s the Slayer, Harris? I’d like to thank her for the save?”

“Summers?” snorted a fifty-ish looking Marine Colonel, “Your asses have been saved again by Colonel Harris, courtesy of the United States Armed Services.” Turning to Xander, “It seems you were right, Colonel. These yahoos just brought out into the streets every bad-guy in town. The 4th Cav has most of LA proper under control in just ten minutes; estimated thirty thousand hostiles terminated. Demons *are* stupid.”

“Good, let Lorne know he’s booked first class to Paris, the coven’s on board to put the permanent glamour on him as per our arrangement,” Xander instructed. “Tell him I’m expecting him to send me passes for his new club when it opens.”

“Sir,” the Marine responded leaving.

“Old One, Freeze,” Xander ordered and then pressed his hand over Illyria’s heart. “Fred, Return.” The entire body suffused with blue, then white energy, then in a moment gold. Fading, a corpsman steadied and placed a trenchcoat over one Fred Burkle. Leaving two vampires standing in the alley looking confused, the humans, including Fred, departed.

“Ah, uh, Xander,” Angel began, “What’s the deal?”

“A promise is a promise Angel---us.” Xander said, leaving. “And that, Dead Boy, Sorry…Dead Boys and The Girl Formerly Known as Blue Leather Girl, is a long story…”
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