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Holy Decisions

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Summary: Done for the 20 minutes with Jenny Calander Challenge on TtH

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Charmed > Jenny-CenteredLucifaelFR132800043,7075 Nov 045 Nov 04Yes

Chapter 01

Jenny Calender, she who was also known as Janna Kalderash of the Kalderash tribe looked out onto a bright white arena of what could only be described as flowing, undulating dunes of silvery sand.

Her hands came up to her graceful neck and rubbed where Angelus has snapped her neck like a twig. It had happened mere moments ago to her, but this place felt right somehow, like she had already been here for some time before.

She looked down at her body to find that she was dressed in a long flowing white robe that touched that ethereal sand. She lifted the robe slightly to find she was dressed in simple sandle's, gold but simple.

Strangely she wasn't feeling too odd, despite not knowing where the hell she was.

“This certainly isn't Hell” a voice called out to her.

She turned around to find a tall man with sandy blonde hair walking towards her across the desert.

“Sorry?” she asked.

“Hell, this isn't” he told her with a winning smile.

“So, where am I?”

“This is a ... staging area.”

“Staging area?” Jenny asked shaking her head her dark tresses dancing around her head.

“Yes, I; we have a proposition for you.”

“Oh?” Jenny asked, wondering why she didn't feel stranger. She was sure, that she should at least be feeling a little worried.

“Don't think about it, here you will feel no overt emotions” the man told her.

Jenny frowned slightly, “You're reading my mind” she accused.

“Not really, here there are no private thoughts to speak of”

“So why am I not more worried then?” Jenny asked accepting that response.

“Because true emotion, the hard hitting ones at least are a function of your body”

Jenny pointedly looked down at herself.

“That is merely a mental representation, a self image if you like”

“Oh” Jenny said, not really knowing what to say. Then she looked at the man again, “Who are you?”

“My name is Leo” the man said.


“Janna Kalderash” Leo filled in, cutting her off.

“I go by Jenny these days” Jenny said with a slight smile.

“Yes, I know. But you are really Janna at your heart of hearts”

Jenny ignored that, “So what proposal do you have for me then” she asked, pressing on.

“Do you know what a Whitelighter is?” Leo asked.

Jenny nodded, “Guardian Angels for natural born witches”

“Among other things” Leo said with a charming smile. “We also look after potential Whitelighter's and some champions”

“So what... you want me to become a Whitelighter?” Jenny asked.

“That we do” Leo confirmed.

“Okay” Jenny said without pause.

“Hold on there, you may want to give this some thought. You see, your charge is known to you already”

Jenny thought for a moment, “Willow!” she said, “She's a natural witch?”

Leo laughed, “No!”

“Oh, Buffy then, she needs looking after?”

“Wrong again I'm afraid”

“Not... Angel?” Jenny said with distaste, “No he's Angelus right now”

Leo laughed, “You have to be joking, no not angel he will be himself again soon enough, but he has a long way to go to redeem himself”

“Then who?” Jenny asked, “Rupert?”

Leo chuckled, “Wrong again, strange it's like he has a field around him that makes people look right through him.”

“Who then?”

Leo waived a hand and a image wavered into being at his side. In the celestial television there was a young man with dark hair, a young man that was currently facing down none other than Angelus himself.

“I thought you said not Angel?”

Leo laughed again, “I did”

Jenny looked confused for a moment before her expression clear, “Xander?” she asked in surprise, “But he's just the normal one.”

Leo laughed even louder this time, “So” he managed after a long moment.

Jenny had to conceded that point. “Okay, so Xander then. But why?”

“Well, he isn't a witch and as you know magic acts very strangely around him. Nor is he actually going to be anyones champion. But in the coming years he will be very important to the cause”

Jenny just looked at the angelic being, “How?”

“Because he IS the normal one, because he will give the others a grounding on which to build themselves up from.” Leo told her.

“Xander does all that?” Jenny asked with a look of wonder on her face.

Leo nodded with a smile.

Jenny smiled, “Okay then”

THE END - Bang on 20 Minutes :-)

The End

You have reached the end of "Holy Decisions". This story is complete.

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