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Xander's Glory

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Summary: What if Xander had dressed up as a medical intern on Halloween...oops.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > GeneraltohonomikeFR151014,48902120,4328 Nov 0425 Dec 05No

Xander’s Glory 10: Homecoming II

Xander’s Glory 10: Homecoming II

Author: Tohonomike
Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful owners...not me.
Author’s Note: I have no idea where this is going, or where this is coming from. Let’s just call this a ‘concept piece’ and leave it at that.

Glorious Mansion, Sunnydale, California, USA, November 11th, 1998

The Chase family, all three of them, were a bit surprised to find themselves invited over for a ‘business breakfast’ with the very new and supposedly very wealthy members of the Glorificus family. William and Melanie Chase had taken it as a good sign when Cordelia had mentioned meeting the women at school the previous day.

They were not ready after introductions and being seated, to have their financial secrets revealed to them and especially not in front of Cordelia.

“Be that as it may, William,” the young man seemed to assure him, “As I’ve know Cordelia for a long time, I’m willing to buy you out. Don’t get your hopes up too high. But our lawyers have tentatively contacted the IRS with a proposal. We will assume all of your assets including the offshore accounts you’ll discover are frozen. Your paper assets and dodge accounts mean you should be a hundred thousand dollars to the good if the IRS were in a good mood and wouldn’t send you to jail. So, you will be given a check for eighty thousand, and the two of you will suddenly depart for no less than one year and two months so as not to be taxed on that amount. I will pay the difference between the taxes and your liquidity.”

The Chases were very confused, but somewhat relieved at being given a way out.

“Why would you help us?” the woman asked.

“I’m a friend of your daughter’s friends, and have know her for a while. We feel that apprenticing her in our employment will develop her career talents. As she will eventually be handling very large sums of money and sensitive material, we wish to establish her complete trust. She will remain in Sunnydale, and may stay in any of our properties with complete room and board, plus competitive stipend, for as long as both sides mutually benefit.”

The two Chase adults sat there, Cordelia surprised at the financial state into which she’d been placed. She turned to say something to Xander about not being bought and sold when one of the Glories, ‘Fred,’ whispered to her.

“He’s protecting you, Cordelia. Remember the library about family and pack? We consider you part of that. If you parents don’t bail now, at least one of them will go to prison, and you’ll be destitute. This is for you, not them. Your pride, not theirs.

“Eighty thousand, huh? Where can we survive for a year on that?”

“Central America,” Fred spoke up, turning from Cordelia, “And if you don’t have much foreign language skill, Belize would be your best bet. In the green folder on the sideboard are several investment opportunities which could lead to legitimate wealth-building over a five year period if you put in the time and effort. If you do choose an investment route, then the two large condos can be utilized by the two of you for two years without cost to you, and includes weekly housekeeping service. One of the units will be outfitted as the place of business, and your approximate lifestyle will be upper-middle-class at the country club of which the units are a part.”

William Chase frowned, “This sounds too good a deal, even though we would be taking a step down…”

Xander sighed, “I used to be known as Xander Harris. I happen to have made the most out of opportunities, and decided to come back to Sunnydale and ‘fix’ the problems of my friends and others in ways that benefit me. No one will know of your ‘fall from grace’ but they will know that I had the ability to not only move into town, but ‘buy you out’ and basically take over your current social and wealth position seemingly without effort. I could get there in about two months, but that would let them think at the beginning that they could be our equals, but if we ‘coup’ you, they’ll give up that notion. And if any of them eventually find out who I used to be, let’s say they’ll be too shocked and deeply embarrassed to say much.”

“That I can understand. Thank you. Melanie?”

“Alexander, all my daughter will be is an apprentice to become a financial manager? Nothing more?”

Xander wasn’t sure if she actually had her daughter’s welfare in mind, or just wanted a better negotiating position.

“That’s all, she has a sharp mind. Her knowledge of your friends, enemies, allies and rivals will be of great benefit to me, and her staying on as staff will get me to my goals faster.”

The woman nodded, “Well we’ll have to get papers for—”

Annie moved the green folder, and opened a red folder on top of it with Cordelia’s emancipation papers and documents removing them from any of the accounts in Cordelia’s name.”

The former Primal smiled, “As you can see, Cordelia will retain thirty-five thousand dollars for her own use, and you’ll see a listing of possessions currently considered hers that will remain so.”

The woman smiled in appreciation of the maneuver, “You’ve thought of everything, haven’t you?”

“No, but we have thought enough that your own self-interest and pride should be enough for you to accede.”

“Who else is getting a deal?”

“No one at your level, why?”

“For a fee, I’m sure William could give you the inside scoop on the rest of Sunnydale’s elite. Who’s teetering and who’s not.”

Xander considered this for a moment, “Nothing up front, but five percent of the net immediate return from any information that *directly* profits me. And you sign all of those papers before you leave.”

William Chase did some calculations in his head, and figured that as he was the general partner in a vast number of deals, and was the only one who’d go down as a result, the young man with sufficient money could probably squeeze ten million over the next few years.

“Deal. Where’s a pen?”


Even though he and his wives had shared memories, Xander was still surprised at just how wealthy Glory had been—even being cast out meant the wardrobe of precious cut stones woven into mithril filigree had established her, and a line of hosts, well enough over the centuries. It was a good thing she’d helped Sebassis out and get him to Earth decades before. The Archduke repaid the debt by getting her to Wolfram & Hart so she’d be able to live as best she could. Xander thought he was creepy-looking, but it had all worked out for the best.

William Chase sold out most of Sunnydale, and since Xander didn’t like the kids whose parents were apparently slime, he’d had no problem going online simultaneously with the wives and electronically investigating and maneuvering for an eight in the morning move to take advantage of their financial weak points and profit from them.

He sat back after it was all prepped, Cordelia watching over Fred’s shoulder as the math whiz of the group delved deep and moved funds to best advantage. Though Cordelia had earned the family’s gratitude when she pointed out that the Rosenbergs seemed badly positioned in two local funds in real estate that were fronted by others but controlled by William Chase.

“Not any more, sugar,” the ‘Texan’ gal smiled, “As of your dad’s signing we’re in control…so we trade equity at straight-value from those to some of the liquidity funds your folks had… and they’ll be solvent. Good eye, Cordelia, you kept your friend’s folks from losing thirty grand when the old man’s house of cards would have collapsed.”

Cordelia beamed from the praise, though it felt weird benefiting Willow. Xander brought in a tray with coffee and light pastries, and smiled at her confusion.

“Feels weird, but good, huh?”

“Yeah. That’s the best way to put it.”

“Kinda like Xander Harris helping Cordelia Chase?”

“Yeah, that too, I guess. So, Xander, is there a price I’m going to have to pay?”

“Long hours sometimes, willingness to travel. College might end up being by testing and through correspondence if things really pick up.”

“That’s not what I meant, and, well, we weren’t really friends ever…”

“I know what you meant, but I also saw you becoming more human as you learned about the ‘real world.’ And we have excellent investigators. You really are our apprentice, not anything else. Though we do consider you family.”

“And hot,” Glory called with out looking up, then paused, “Did I say that out loud?”

“Yeah, Hon, you did. But Cordy, just friends and workers. That’s all.”


The next day, a financial tsunami went through the Greater Sunnydale area, as a lot of trades and exchanges took place, and business structures consolidated into the minimum necessary, and which left the ‘Glorious Group’ as controlling parties of about a fifth of Sunnydale private property value, and largest shareholders if not owners of about ten percent of the various businesses. All fully insured and appraised at full replacement cost plus contents.

But when lunch rolled around, those most impacted had come to the conclusion that they were either unaffected on paper, or even if they’d taken an averaged ten percent hit, their finances were actually secure instead of in the air; and new appraisals pending should actually turn the displayed losses into slight paper gains that wouldn’t need to be explained to their spouses.


Author’s Note: Short, I know, but things will be wrapping up for this story in one or two more parts. Thanks for reading.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Xander's Glory" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 25 Dec 05.

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