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Xander's Glory

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Summary: What if Xander had dressed up as a medical intern on Halloween...oops.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > GeneraltohonomikeFR151014,48902120,4328 Nov 0425 Dec 05No

Xander's Glory

Xander's Glory

Summary: Answer to Djhardim's idea that Xander dress up as a certain

medical student, and all that meant

Crossover: None right now…

Disclaimer: I own nothing. I see nothing!

Feedback: It would be welcome! Please!

Pre-fic Comments: A Xander-Glory fic…why? `Hell' if I know. Whipped

this out in fifteen minutes after reading djhardim's insidious idea.

I might continue it, but I seem to have a lot of stories running

loose like toddlers so who knows.

As Xander tumbled through the portal with Angelus, Doc's spells

finally accessed enough raw energy to kick in. Sure, with Glory and

the Hyena fighting it out was somewhat distracting since Halloween,

the crazy hell goddess taking brief control only twice, Halloween

itself and just before entering the mansion moments before the portal


The troublesome part had been keeping it all away from Deadboy, Giles

and the Scoobs; if they actually could have remembered for longer

than a minute that he was the vessel for Glorificus he had no doubt

that he'd've been dead in no time. Right after that night, he'd found

and had a long talk with Ben, which brought home to Xander not only

Ben's memories but those of Glorificus. He then encountered the nasty

obsequious demons led by Doc, which had minimized his contact with

the Scoobies since.

Xander had proceeded to learn magic from the demon that would allow

him to adjust Glory's skills and knowledge to better use the mixed

energies of the Hellmouth and the Earth itself. Doc had demurred, but

when but when Xander threw him off a building and revealed that he'd

been previously possessed by a Primal Hyena Spirit now `bothering'

the goddess, Doc had begun to research and assist.

Xander had tried everything over the last few months, working out,

feeding the muscle growth and Hyena attributes, `to be a fitting host

to her magnificence' but in reality knowing if separated only running

fast and using stealthy magics might let him survive.

Doc and Xander fed the magics, the demon unknowing he did so when the

Hyena echoed stronger to keep Glory in a slumber, while Xander lived

in perpetual panic at losing control. Realizing that to save the

world he'd have to risk Glorificus, he'd gotten Spike to draw around

Acathla the markings necessary to transfer the Hyena Spirit, while

Doc had managed to enspell a small ceramic statuette as the trigger

for releasing Glorificus.

Glorificus tore through a dozen minions, Spike and Drusilla to reach

Angelus even as the soul spell by Jenny Calendar and Willow brought

the vampire to his knees. Buffy was starting to talk to Angel as

Glory slammed a fist with the bead into the face of the individual

Xander's `research' assured her had her Key. This might have simply

started a quick end to a notorious vampire except that the body flew

into the portal. Screaming, the hellgoddess, even now in the throes

of agony from the de-possessing spell, leapt after Angel.

Buffy watched as Angel, Xander, a skanky woman, and a big dog-thing

disappeared with the statue of Acathla.


"That didn't work out did it?" the well-built Xander moaned as he

peered from behind a big rock, noting he'd been petting a big dog, a

hyena…THE HYENA…in his unconscious state, but that the animal seemed

to enjoy it.

#Of course I enjoy, Lex, who wouldn't?#

Xander frowned in confusion, then tried thinking back at the Hyena,

#You have a good point there…What's the What?#

#Can't you at least think in an educated manner.#

#Why do I have a British Hyena as a companion?#

#You don't, but as you seemed to acknowledge the older human as the

nominal Alpha to your pack, I defer to his example. As to what's

happened, look next to you but don't yelp.#

#Was that?# Xander began as he recognized Glory's feet sticking out

from under the statue-form of Acathla, #Is she?#

#No, but she'll be out a little while, and the local demons already

grabbed the vampire. For what it's worth, it got its soul back.#

#Not that I care, but which way did they go?# he asked, receiving a

mental direction in response. He looked around, finding it pretty

bleak, #This doesn't look what I expected…#

#That's because whatever the magics did, they changed the smell of

the portal, it smelled different from Glorificus or Acathla.#

#So we're probably in a different Hell?#

#I'm a Primal Spirit, not a Demon Lord, how should I know? You have

all the memories by now.#

#Sorry…so how long before the Wicked Witch wakes up?#

#Not soon. She doesn't have much power beyond what you have, and

she's actually just in a hole. That rock just keeps her under it; it

didn't actually do more than trap her.#

#What did the demons look like?#

#Mixed bunch, most were like a neon green with small horns and red

eyes, basically human-looking. They poured water on the vampire's

face to wake it up, so we might want to follow if only to find water.#

#Hmm, alright, and at least I still have the shirt and knife. We'll

head out soon…Annie.#


#Hyena sounded backwards.#

#What're you doing?#

#Partially digging her out.#


#I need the pants, and to check on something you said, that she

doesn't feel stronger than I do?#

#Now that you mention it you both smell almost the same, too…Dig `er

out, pup…I think we need to find out a few things.#


Glory wasn't accustomed to be looking closely at humans, let alone

males, let alone that part of a male, let alone one that well

equipped, as she was pulled out from under that damned Acathla. She

giggled at her wording as of course Acathla was damned, pretty much a

given. She was surprised to see the monkey guy blush at their

proximity and a…hyena cackle at the discomfort shown. It was only as

she got up that she realized her top was bared, and that this should

bother her for some reason even as the male… Alexander seemed to

demonstrate full functionality in his embarrassment as he turned

away. She giggled again, blushing herself as the memories of Ben and

Alexander, and the female hyena filled in the reasons for his


"Um, you want to change parts of clothes, uh, Alexander?" the hell

goddess, no she realized, demigoddess, said.

"I'd appreciate that, uh, Glory…"

#You made `im blush# the hyena, Annie, mentally congratulated,

sensing the insanity and most of the power of Glorificus were gone.

#Hey!# Xander exclaimed as Glory noted they could talk without

voices, his hand touching Glory's as they swapped clothes. Luckily,

the shirt went down to her knees like a dress, so modesty resumed.

"So Glory?" Xander quietly and hopefully asked, "No hard feelings?"

"I suppose not, but I'm still not happy about lots of things, most

involving that shopkeeper, that stupid Doc, and the fact that I'm

only a demigoddess now."

"Does that mean?"

"You seem to be a demigod, sort of? Yes. Means we're about where that

Hercules guy on those television shows are, thump things and don't


"At least you still look...great."

"Thank you," she replied, for some reason the opinion of the human

who'd out-maneuvered her mattered to her, and being `human' meant she

appreciated his physical qualities, `Ewww, human sex thought!'

"Well, this area's rocky, but it looks like trees that way they took

Angel. And that might be the only place to find food and water. Okay?"

`He actually seems to be concerned about my welfare…' Glory mused,

nodding at the young man to lead.

#That's just the way Lex is, Glory, he's giving the both of us a

completely new chance, and the pup values friendship. Don't mess it

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