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Fear Death By Water

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Summary: At the end of The Gift Dawn leaps into the portal and lands in the ocean...and the future

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Television > SeaquestrenelfFR1378,73402010,2458 Nov 0410 Dec 04Yes


~SeaQuest San Francisco Bay July 2018~

“It didn’t work,” commented Dawn, trying not to cry.

“It didn’t work,” echoed Willow, sounding less certain. “Why didn’t it work?” She looked at Tara.

“You can’t just mess with the timestream,” replied the blonde witch.

“But the portal…” interrupted Willow.

“…started it. Yes I know,” said Tara gently, laying an arm around her lover’s shoulders. “But the timestream is a chaos system. Things may look crazy close up but the little mistakes are actually corrections, allowing the stream to right itself.”

“So what you’re saying is that Dawnie’s meant to be here?” Willow stepped out of Tara’s embrace. “That can’t be right. She’s meant to be with us, with Buffy.”

Meanwhile, Lucas had stepped up beside Dawn and taken her hand once again. “She’s right about the timestream,” he said, pointing to Tara.

“But the temporal displacement will kill her in a few days,” explained Willow.

“Maybe I’m only supposed to be here for a few days,” whispered Dawn, quietly accepting her fate.

“No!” cried Willow, Tara and Lucas together.

“There must be a way,” began Lucas, “to have Dawn here and with you. After all, our times aren’t that far apart”.

Willow’s eyes lit up. “Of course!” She grabbed Dawn by both shoulders and looked firmly into her eyes. “Do you trust me?”

Dawn nodded.

Shooing everyone back from the bed, Willow began to chant.


~Sunnydale July 2001~

“Live, for me!” shouted Dawn, but her words were stolen by the wind. She dove off the tower into the portal. For an instant all was frozen and the youngest scooby hung suspended by the mystical energy. The onlookers crumpled into tears as her lifeless body hit the ground.


~SeaQuest Sunnydale Harbour July 2018~

“Lucas!” Captain Bridger’s voice rang out in the corridor.

“Yes?” said Lucas, surprising the captain by popping up out of one of Darwin’s pools in his wetsuit.

“There you are. Go and get changed. I want you to show someone around the boat,” ordered Bridger briskly before striding off.

Grumbling quietly to himself, Lucas went to his quarters and changed into jeans and a tee. Darwin laughed at him as he struggled with his sneakers. “What’s so funny?” asked Lucas, annoyed that his swimming had been interrupted. A spray of water was the only answer he got.

Still grumbling, Lucas made his way to the bridge where a group of strangers were standing with Captain Bridger and Commander Ford. The captain noticed Lucas and waved him over. “Lucas, I’d like to meet Xander Harris, a civilian consultant engineer. He and his wife Anya,” he pointed to a pretty middle aged woman standing next to a dark haired man,” will be joining us on board for the next tour. “As will their daughter”.

Xander and Anya stepped aside, revealing the prettiest girl Lucas had ever seen. “Lucas,” said Lucas, stepping forward to take her hand.

“Dawn,” replied the girl, blushing.

He took her hand. “Let me show you around”.

A smug dolphin followed their progress down the corridor.



The End

You have reached the end of "Fear Death By Water". This story is complete.

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