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Learning to See

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Summary: Hiatus: Kennedy is forced to betray Willow leaving her alone in a new world.

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Anita Blake > Willow-CenteredPenNameUnknownFR15614,84202915,52510 Nov 0413 Dec 04No

Learning to See

I do not own the rights to either Buffy the Vampire Slayer nor Anita Blake. The creators own those. This is a work of fanfiction created solely for fun and no profit is made off of it.

This is a fiction that was inspired by a few others that I have read (in the random tangent way my brain works) so I'd like to thank those author's for their writings (I can't remember them specifically)


Part 1

“... but the sudden developments recently change everything!” rasped a panicked high pitched voice. “ Things aren't tipped in our favor”

“For now, only for now.” Came the deep reply of a calm calculating voice. It was a powerful, deep voice that commanded attention and obedience. “We will change that though, have no fear my friends.”

“But with so many slayers...”

“Untrained slayers who if we do not act now will become an army of fully trained slayers. Shall we sit back and allow that? Do you not understand the greater threat posed in the long term? We have a once in a lifetime opportunity. Can we let it pass?”

A deafening silence filled the room “I thought not. Now let me tell you how we will defeat them all. We cannot win yet, but we can wear them down. Our target will be the witch.”

“The witch? But? What good would that do? She isn't a slayer...”

The high pitched voice faded into scilence again, this time a painful science broken by a heavy thud “I was just getting to that. The witch is one of our biggest threats and one of the easiest targets. If we follow the plan we will take out the witch. This would mean that the Slayer's main force behind magic was gone limiting their spell casting abilities. The others left behind would be distracted from setting up a new training program for slayers giving us enough time to wear them down and if we play our cards right at the same time we might take at least one slayer down with us.”

“But how will we kill the witch?”

“I said nothing about killing the girl, do keep up. Killing her would be to easy on her. Kill her body and send her energy to the heavens where they can be united with the Powers?” The calm voice was now scornful.

It continued, but with a gleeful note hiding in the undertones “Instead, we keep her alive. We send her away, far away where she cannot bother us here. To another dimension, one where people know about magic, but judge it harshly. We also cripple her physically and emotionally, she will be weak in a world where she cannot fit in. It will slow her return home down enough to allow us to complete our plans.”

“... And when she returns?” A third voice tentative almost.

“Have we not all felt the delicious darkness that is her grief? By the time she returns her friends and her family will be dead and she will burn this world to the ground for us.” Excited murmurs began as each remembered the moment far to long ago when the witch had embraced darkness.

“And if it fails?”

“It wont fail, because this is worth more then any of your lives. You will each be dead before you come report to me a failure or I will see to it you wish you had died” A sickening grin of pointed sharp yellow teeth behind blue lips curled into place “So now gentlemen shall we win this war?”

Part 2

“Kennedy? Hello? Anyone home?” Willow waved a hand in front of her lovers vacant face.

“Oh?” was the delayed response.

“Hey where did you go off to?”

“Oh, no where...”

“Must be a nice no where” Willow muttered dejectedly. Recently Kennedy had been slipping into more and more dazed moments off far away. Willow knew that they were both stressed, Willow learning to cope with her rush of white magic and power and Kennedy coping with the transformation into a Slayer. “Anyways while I still have you with me how about we call it a night and sneak home?” A small smile crept across Willows face at the thought of part of a night off and in with her girlfriend.

Part 3

“Want a drink?” The voice from the kitchen distracted Willow from her computer where she had been typing.

“No I'm good”

“Are you sure because there is just enough for one more...”

Willow was given no chance to argue or even respond as a fruity drink was placed next to her. She murmured her thanks and logged off of the computer moving to stretch out on the sofa. “Where is yours?” She asked realizing there was only one drink.

“You found me out!” Kennedy grinned “I made it just for you. Full of all that yummy healthy wiccany good vibes that you witches like.”

Willow let herself smile at the other woman, it was nice to be alone like this again. She took a tentative sip of the mixture “Mmmm...” By the time the glass was empty Willow was fast asleep on the sofa seemingly dead to the world.

Something really should be said about old fashioned methods.

Part 4

Everything was fuzzy, it was all garbled up, almost as if her eyes had cotton mouth. She moaned and that was when the pain hit her. Something, it hurt! Oh goddess it hurt! It felt as if her veins were on fire and slowly burning her from the inside.

Willow curled up into a protective ball and let a moan slip trying to get a more focused view.

“That would be your own magic over powering your body. There is a problem with mortal bodies they aren't built to hold that much power all at once on a continual basis. All we had to do was free up the smaller restrictions placed on your magic” Restrictions? She hadn't been told of any restrictions? Surely someone would have mentioned blocking off a portion of her magic. “Rather then slowly introducing your physical body to your mystical powers it's happening all at once now”

That was Kennedy's voice, but Kennedy? Willow was confused. Kennedy was a Slayer, a good guy (or girl in this case she supposed). She loved Willow.

“It's quite creative you see, some of us were looking forward to torture, but this will suit our needs so much more”

The more she tried to focus the harder it was to make things out clearly. Something was wrong.

The next thing Willow knew she was standing chained and sedated in front of a portal. Kennedy was there. Kennedy had betrayed her. If she wasn't so sedated her heart might have broken.

Her guard was holding her tightly and roughly, she had tried earlier to fight her way out of her bindings and away from her captors. Right now though she was powerless, she could not use her magic, she couldn't fight.

The room wasn't dark, cold, or damp. Instead the walls were a clinical white and the heating was on. By the door across the room from her and the portal stood Kennedy and a demon. He, she couldn't see clearly, but she noticed blue and yellow. They were talking to her again, she closed her eyes to focus on the words.

“Willow! I'm so sorry! Please baby, I couldn't fight it! They got into my head and I couldn't stop them.” Kennedy pleaded.

An entertained chuckle came from beside the pleading woman, the blue boy found this funny? “Don't worry Slayer you wont have to suffer long. Can't have you running off and ruining my plans at such a critical moment” Oh goddess Willow heard a snapping noise her eyes flew open and she watched her lover fall limply to the ground.

“Now!” The blue boy commanded.

She felt a shove and something pulling her. All she could do was send a prayer to the Goddess that she would be sent somewhere safe.
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