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Counting Your Chickens

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Summary: Response to the 20 Minutes with Jenny Challenge. What if Jenny didn't stay dead? Wouldn't Angelus be surprised? Evil grin.

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Highlander > Jenny-CenteredStaciaFR131306081,90711 Nov 0411 Nov 04Yes
Title: Counting Your Chickens

Author: Stacia

Rating: 13

Disclaimer: I own nothing related to Buffy or Highlander, more’s the pity.

A/N: Response to the 20 Minutes with Jenny Calendar Challenge. Ever so slight crossover with Highlander.

Jenny opened her eyes and gazed upon an unfamiliar ceiling. She turned her head, and winced at a kink in her neck that disappeared almost as soon as she felt it. She was laid out on a bed like a sacrificial offering, and dozens of candles flickered with a warm glow.

Quietly, she sat up and swung her legs over the side of the bed. A book on the nightstand caught her eye. She had given that book to Giles! This was his house! She stepped over to the railing and recoiled when she saw Angelus below.

Jenny looked around frantically for a weapon. She knew Giles kept his weapon’s chest downstairs, but he should have something . . . There! She found a spare axe and a stake under the bed. She grabbed the stake, took a deep breath, and forced herself down the stairs. She tried to be quiet, but she felt certain the vampire would hear the pounding of her heart.

Jenny heard the scritch of a fountain pen and the crackle of parchment. Angelus had his back to her as he bent over the table, fully absorbed in what he was writing. He straightened, and traced a finger under the one word he had just written – ‘Upstairs.’

He gave a low contented laugh, and then tensed as he sensed her presence. He spun around to face the formerly dead gypsy. The vampire’s eyes widened in curiosity, and a wicked smile played at his lips.

“Didn’t I just kill you?”

Jenny tilted her head to the side, and projected a taunting bravado that she didn’t actually feel. “I don’t feel dead. Maybe you’re losing your touch?”

His face contorted with rage, just as she brought the stake from behind her back.

When Giles opened the door she was brushing the dust off of her hands.


The End

You have reached the end of "Counting Your Chickens". This story is complete.

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