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Summary: The REAL history of the universe.

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Title: Trinity

Author: Nopporn Wongrassamee aka The Evil Author

Summary: The real history of the universe.

Disclaimer: The characters and settings belong to whoever owns them. I’m just too lazy to look up who they are.

For the TTH Nazis... er, I mean Moderators: Crossover between BtVS, Stargate, and oodles and oodles of other fandoms.

Book 1 - Genesis

In the beginning…

There were the Great Old Ones. Some called them demons. Others called them gods. The universe was their playground… and their battleground. For eons, they went where they willed, battling each other for supremacy. No world or dimension could deny them.

One of the greatest of the Old Ones was Illyria. For a time, she was self-proclaimed God king of the Old Ones. She made her throne on a world where the walls between dimensions were thinner than normal, even porous. Such worlds were few and highly prized among the Old Ones.

On this world, a species evolved in the shadow of Illyria’s court. Regarded at first as mere vermin, the Old Ones soon noticed that these creatures had some interesting abilities. Though extremely short-lived by the standards of the Old Ones, the creatures had a rudimentary ability to do magic. They were also very clever given their limited intelligence. These mortal creatures would eventually be known as human.

For a time, it became the fashion of Illyria’s court to see what amusements could be made of these humans. The Old Ones infused small parts of themselves into some humans, creating whole races of lesser demons. Some were made purely for amusement; others became useful retainers. Some visiting Old Ones from other parts of the universe took these lesser demons and even samplings of human populations back home, spreading them far and wide.

But the Old Ones underestimated human cleverness. Even as the Old Ones played with the humans, the humans in turn were learning from the Old Ones. To protect themselves from the creations of the Old Ones, the humans created their own protectors. Different groups of humans used different strategies. One created the Gargoyles, ferocious protectors of hearth and home. Another created the Slayer, to hunt down the lesser demons and the vampires in particular where they lived. Other protectors were also created, most eventually lost to the ravages of time.

For a short eon since the appearance of the humans, a balance between them and the Old Ones existed. In the Old Ones’ shadows, the humans spread across the universe. At first, the Old Ones carried them as pets. Soon the humans crafted ships to move freely around the universe. Their art culminated in the creation of a ring made from a magic stone that could move them from world to world with but a step.

But the balance between Old One and humanity could not last forever. Some Old Ones began to look upon the growing number of humans with unease. Their mutterings fell on deaf ears, for the God king Illyria (and by extension her court) regarded all things human as beneath her notice.

Then one day, Illyria died.
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