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WE had no choice, we owed him

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Summary: our two favorite vamps become the new DADA teachers

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Harry Potter > Spike-CenterednotmydestinyFR13710,19101813,57914 Nov 0424 Jul 05No

The rights of choosing

Disclaimer:Nothing is mine.
A/N: Reviewing is what makes the world go round, and I need it. I'm finally developing a plot, which I hope will do well. Also, I tried going over it as best as possible, but with ym missing beta, if you find any mistakes, I'm sorry, don't point them out please. I'll probably catch them on later. Thanks.
A/N2: This is more of a seriouse chapy, where it kind of touched me. I always hate how they never really dealt with Connor, I hope this satisfies those who were with me on that. Oh, and I have big plans for Illyria later on, so don't worry if she's not here in this chappy. ^_~

“Son.” Angel whispered
“Dad.” Was the sneer he got in response.
“What are you doing here?”
“Faith sent me here. She thought it would be best.” He said quietly.
“But your family…”
“Their memories of me faded.” Connor looked away for a second, not wanting o look Angel in the eye, or else he might let loose his tears. “They didn’t remember me.”
“Oh…” Angel said sadly.

Meanwhile, a glaring contest between Spike and Dawn erupted.
“What would Buffy say?”
“I don’t know. I think I’m old enough to choose my friends, though.”
“Really? Is that it?”
“Yeah, it is. You have a problem with it?”
“Yes, in fact, I do.”
“Spike, I just met him, nothing’s going on right now. We’re just friends!”
At this, Spike’s eyes flashed yellow.
“Do you know that is EXACLTLY what Buffy, and Angel said when I came back the second time? Dawn, when will you understand, NOTHING GOOD COMES FROM ANGEL’S FAMILY! ESPECIALY WHEN THEY BOINK!” Dawns eyes grew wide. “For instance, Angel and Buffy, Angelus let out, he wants to suck the world into hell. He boinks Darla, when soul having and he ends up creating THIS whelp. When the jr. screws Cordy, he makes a hell goddess named Jasmine, who EATS people. Afterwards, he kills her, then he goes insane, and homicidal, and Angel boy ends up giving him fake memories and stuff, kind of like what the monks did to you. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?”

“SPIKE!” Dawn and Angel yelled simultaneously.
“What? It’s true!” He said defensively. Connor was just standing there, staring at Angel, with renewed hatred.

Angel turned on Spike. “Yeah, but your not supposed to just go saying it whenever you feel like it, that’s private business.”

“Well, not really, considering most of it was on the news, and such.”
“Yeah, but Spike! You don’t just let people’s private lives out like that! I mean how could you-”

“Hey!” Angel’s distressed yell came out, as his son attacked him from behind. Dawn’s eyes widened even more. Spike just let out a chuckle as Angel was pinned to the floor by his only sun.

“Connor!” Dawn yelled. He heard her, but his mind was focused on Angel. Hermione stood up, and looked up. “Sir? Should I get a teacher?” Spike made a ‘shushing’ gesture with his hand, stepping back to allow the Father and Son room, pulling Dawn aside as well.

“No, it’s all right. It’s all good. Don’t worry class. You’re excused for today.” They were a bit reluctant, but they left. Except for Draco, who stood behind the door, listening. This was a new member of his house, he had a right to be concerned, he told himself.

“Spike!” Dawn said through gritted teeth, watching pained as Connor continued to assault his father. Suddenly, Angel reacted and rolled his son over, and pinned him.

“Look, ‘bit, I don’t interfere between family matters.”
“You are family. Technically, Connor is your uncle, and Angel your grandfather.”
“Yes…” Spike said, thinking of a witty comment, but came up with none. “Look, I just want to see the hero get beaten to a bloody pulp. And if he gets killed along the way… well, it’s not a real loss. Besides, I’m a vampire, we have different relationships.”

“And yet obviously, the same mental problems.”
Connor had just been pinned by Angel on the floor. “Now what are you mad about, son?” Angel said sarcastically. He got no answer. “Is it still that I’m your FATHER?” Connor grunted and threw him off, where Angel flew and landed in the wall. Angel recovered and advanced, Connor ran at him, but Angel countered and slammed him on the floor once more. “Is it that I didn’t stay at the bottom of the ocean?” Connor made to punch him from his pinned state once more, but Angel caught his fist and squeezed. “Come on, SON, what is it you can’t tell your old man?”

“YOU TOOK MY LIFE!” Angel raised his eyebrows at his show of emotion. “You took all my memories, and ever since I was born, I WAS DAMNED! That’s all Holtz ever told me! I was the DAMNED BASTARD CHILD of two of the dirtiest demons in the world. My mother was a WHORE, and my father was a DEMON SCUM!” Angel punched him hard on the jaw.
“Don’t talk about your mother that way.” He warned.
But he continued anyway. “Then I find that when I was sent out to kill you, Holtz kills himself just so I get the job done. And you know what? I almost did! Only to find I was just his useless pawn in the game, because I believed you killed him. I was raised believing in black and white, and then I have to learn there’s grey. Then I see you again, throwing me out. I end up creating a DEMON CHILD with a woman who also used me, and find that the only reason I was created was to BRING HER HERE! So I was born out of evil, from the evilest hell spat out, to create evil. I WAS NOTHING MORE THAT A PAWN IN THIS GRAND FUCK UP! My life has been nothing more than lies, and deceit. That is all that I will ever have. And now I’m here, and it’s your entire fault!” There were a few moments of silence, where Angel registered these words, and then a voice from behind them came.

“Get over it!” It was Dawn. Connor and Angel stared at her. She continued. “Get over all of it! Look, yes, I understand it’s traumatizing for you, having most of your life been a lie, or living to serve other people, but FORGET ABOUT IT! For god’s sake, put that past behind you. I was created just for safekeeping, a thing and nothing more, but I learned to accept it, and be my own person. You may have been born to serve another purpose, but your still you! No one said you had to serve them! No one took away who you were! You have a choice. Look, I’m sorry that your first father treated you horrible, and that Cordy got possessed and became bitchier, but you’re here now, and you have a Dad that loves you unconditionally, and a whole new life, and existence to create.”

She took a breath. “You can choose to do that, make your own choices, do what you want, or you can live in the past, never heal, and always thinking about old wounds, never being able to grow.”

Angel looked back at his son, this time meaningfully, and stood, offering his hand. “This is your last chance, Connor, for real this time. Your choice.” Connor looked up at him, then Dawn, her stern eyes glistening with unshed tears; he didn’t want to see her cry because of him.

As ways of explanation, he stared at her and started to say “My families-” but she cut him off.

“Create your own family. Angel’s already apart of it, but you have the right to accept, and make your own.” She looked hopefully at him. Connor felt empowered by those words. Create your own. Choose. He’d never had been able to choose before. Things had always been decided for him, people manipulating him to gain their own things. But he looked at Dawn, then Angel, and realized they would not. Not Dawn, she was pure, light itself. Angel, while he had never been on good terms with, only wanted the best for him. One last look at Dawn’s big blue eyes, and he knew what he wanted. He reached for Angel’s extended hand, and Angel helped lift him up, pulling him into a tight hug. Connor hesitated, but put his arms around Angel too, patting him, relaxing for the first time in what seemed like ages. Then, when Angel didn’t let go, muttered “A-Dad, I need to breathe.”

“Right, of course.” Angel said, grinning stupidly, yet lovingly at Connor. Connor returned a smile, suddenly now knowing where he belonged. Then he turned his back on his father, and walked over to Dawn. She was smiling, tears of happiness glistened on her cheeks. He grabbed her hand, and pulled her into a passionate kiss. And now he knew where he fit. Somewhere behind Dawn, a very large growl emerged from Spike, who had now morphed.
In Dumbledore’s office, the headmaster seemed to be in deep thought, when Lupin appeared in the fireplace. The headmaster looked up, concerned.

“Remus, I trust all the aurors returned?”
“Indeed sir.”
“Did they find-”
“I’m afraid they did.”
“Dear lord, if he’s dead, and by-”
“I know. By dementors. Who have escaped from Azkaban, letting loose the death eaters.
“And now I know who will try to step up as Minister.”
“Cornelius should have listened! Otherwise he wouldn’t have been found dead in that dratted ally.” Remus said angrily.
“Remus, he was only doing what he believed correct. Do not condemn a dead man by his past mistakes.”
“I suppose so.” He said thoughtfully. Then he turned the conversation back to the matter at hand. “Sir, you won’t let this happen, will you? He could bring about the end of Hogwarts. As minister, he could destroy everything we’ve worked for.”
“Remus, I’m afraid we can only wait, and see. As for now, make sure this does not spread. Send Moody and a team to look for the escaped. Meanwhile, I believe I must look to find some aid in a new ally.”
“Yes sir.” And with that, Remus disappeared from the fire.
Review, god dammit, review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!! I'll do the monkey dance for you if I have to!

The End?

You have reached the end of "WE had no choice, we owed him" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Jul 05.

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