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WE had no choice, we owed him

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Summary: our two favorite vamps become the new DADA teachers

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Harry Potter > Spike-CenterednotmydestinyFR13710,19101813,57914 Nov 0424 Jul 05No

WE had no choice, we owed him

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Disclaimer: Not mine. At all. Ever. Never. Ever.

Summary: Our two favorite vampires become the new teachers for DADA.

They would never have usually gone there. They didn’t even know it existed. But when they received the help from them in the final battle, how could they refuse. It’s not like they weren’t doing good. They were part of the Order of the Phoenix; they were key men there. This was just a side part. Something that had to come with the deal. They owed Dumbledoor. It was the least they could do. I mean, being able to defeat Wolfram and Hart with a band full of powerful wizards behind you made your chances of getting out alive pretty good. Spike and Angel had no choice but to become the new Defense against the Dark arts teacher at Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry.

When they had first come, at least they had seen a familiar face. Dawn was finishing her last year of high school here with the seventh years. Every kid was fidgety about the two vampires, though the headmaster had told them they had souls, and did not drink humans. He had told the two vampires that they would be aiding in the defeat of Voldemort, as well as educating young minds in protecting themselves from the dangers of magic.

That didn’t stop them from annoying each other, though. Gunn had died, Illyria was with them in the castle, but she mostly wandered the halls, exploring. No one was there to protect the poor innocent children from their grudge against each other. Dawn was the only one with such experience.

So when the seventh years had first walked in, they were gifted wit the image of a Spike-Angel comeback marathon.

“That is not true! I am the one that helped take down Adam. If it wasn’t for me, they would have been dead!”

“You were trying to trick them so they would split up. You were working for him!”

“But I did give willow the floppies.”

“Because Adam told you to!”

“But it helped.”

“You were trying to betray them. How could Buffy see that as helping?”

A loud clearing of the throat erupted from the room. The two arguing ones went to look at the one who had interrupted. It was a girl with highlighted brown hair with big blue eyes, and that famous pout that could only belong to one family.

“Nibblet, do you mind?” Spike raised his eyebrows.

“Always have Spike. Nice to know you two haven’t changed a bit, and need I remind you, you have a class to teach?”

“She’s right.” Angel mumbled. Spike sighed in resignation.

“Ok, class, I’m Spike, a.k.a., William the Bloody. Don’t worry, have a soul, I don’t bite, much. This here is peaches, though bloody history books call him Angelus, Angel, and one might call him Dead boy, also soul having, just don’t get into bed with him so we can keep it that way.” Angel growled. “We were the Scourge of Europe-”

“I was the scourge of Europe. He was more of a sidekick.”

“I was bloody not. I took out two slayers. Didn’t ever see you take out any.”

“You were a poet, a bad one at that, and were only made because Dru was insane, and turned the first thing that came her way, even if it was a blubbering idiot like you were.”

“What me and her had, it was special. Before she ran off with that demon in bloody south America and I fell in with you lot. At least I didn’t end up getting sent to hell by my girlfriend. ”

“Shut up Spike.” Dawn coughed again, louder.

“So class, today we are learning about Slime demons.”

“Never leave a loony love of your life with them in brazil.”

“Feel free to ignore him. Now, does anyone know how you would kill a slime demon, except for you Dawn.?” A girl with bushy brown hair in the front row raised her hand eagerly. Angel pointed at her. “Name?”

“Hermione Granger. The way to kill a slime demon would be to cast a stunning spell, then a slime-be-gone spell, and then an explosion spell.” Angel and Spike looked at her deadpan. Dawn tried to cover up something between a cough, and snort.

“Uhhh, as true as that may be, you might not always have your wand, Hermione.” Angel looked around the room, most of the kids were confused at how you would do something without a wand. Except for one. He sighed. “Dawn?” She raised an eyebrow at him, as if in saying ‘I thought you didn’t want me to answer’, but opened her mouth anyway.

“Burn it is most effective, but you could also freeze it, then smash it with the sword, or troll hammer, or leave it out in the Sahara for three days.” She nodded knowingly. “It really works.” Spike had been taking notes on the ones he hadn’t heard of. Spike, you’re not going to brazil.” Dawn said in an undertone.

Angel nodded at the response, agreeing with the last bit, If he was going to be here, so was Spike. Spike was now muttering something about 'the stupid poof with a beard', and grumbled something about railrode spikes. This would be a long year.


A/N:Please review. I live off them.Hope you like,I know it may seem a little short, I may add more.
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