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A Teacher

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Summary: Sequel to 'A New Purpose'. When Willow made every Potential a Slayer the scythe changed her magick from black to white. But Voldemort doesn't know that...

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Nymphadora TonksIshiFR131618,70604935,01014 Nov 044 Feb 06No

Welcome Back

Title: A Teacher

Disclaimer: If I owned anything would I be writing fanfiction? Be realistic.

Author's Notes: I'm going by the assumption that Willow is 23 at the end of 'Chosen'. If anyone knows differently, feel free to drop me a line and tell me. I hate to be out of canon, even in fanfiction.

My deepest apologies for the terrible wait for this chapter, I've been suffering from Chronic Writer's Block. Luckily, I was recently cured when I got food poisoning, and the result is this chapter. Who knew illness could be productve ^^.

Chapter 15

In the darkest hour of the Light,
One witch shall push away the night.
With a Warrior Gold,
A Champion White,
And the Key to the World,
Shining Bright.
Mistakes with the Star shall be resolved.
The Jeweller shall help
With the Treasures she holds.
The witch shall be swayed
By the power of hate.
And only the Magus
Can bring back her mate.
With Red’s blessing
To strengthen Black’s son
The Darkness of Hell
Will find Light has won.

“Welcome,” Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts, said the next evening to the student witches and wizards after the last of the pudding had faded away, “to a new year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I see many familiar faces before me. And some unfamiliar ones too, of course. Some of you may have noticed an unfamiliar face at the head table. Yes, we have a new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher. But before we welcome her, how about a round of applause for Professor Potter and Professor Ginny[1] for their marvellous juggling act last year with both their own classes and the defence classes?”

The students clapped and cheered obligingly. They were very fond of the engaged couple, who always had time for them, no matter what their problem was, or how trivial.

“Thank you. And now, please welcome out new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Rosenberg.”

Willow stoop up, smiling. The smile disappeared moments later, however, when she felt the familiar warmth of someone using magick lance through her veins.

There was a tinkle of glass, and a blue light appeared, so bright that it hurt to look directly at it. Through the corner of her eye, Willow watched as the light became human shaped.

It blinked out, leaving a naked man with white skin and platinum hair standing in the middle of the Great Hall. A man Willow recognised.

“Bloody hell!” The man roared. “Where the fuck am I now?!”

The entire hall was on alert, wands pointed at the vampire (not that they knew he was one, Spike had never been conventional. And since he didn’t have a thread of clothing on, he just looked like a very pale handsome man. If it weren’t for the fact that he exuded danger along with that sexual attraction, the women would probably have been licking their lips. Except for Willow, being far more attracted to the fairer sex, and knowing Spike’s very irritating personality.)

“Goddess…Spike?!” Willow exclaimed, leaping over the table in her excitement, hugging him fiercely and handing him her robe to wrap around his waist, leaving her in her good jeans and a silk green blouse.

“Red? Wha’re you doin’ here, luv?” Spike asked, wrapping the black garment around his narrow hips.

“I’m a teacher here. I…I thought you were dead.”

“Nah, live an’ well, pet. Or, Undead, rather. Takes more’n a measly apocalypse to keep me down.”

“I’m glad.” Willow smiled. “But…what are you doing here?”

Spike shrugged. “Don’t rightly know, Red. One minute I was fighting f’r me life, then I was here, naked as the day I was born and yelling at the ceiling.”

“Ahem.” While they were talking, Albus had walked up and was looking rather unimpressed. The twinkle was gone from his eyes, and his wand remained in his hand. “Willow, who is this? And do you realise he’s a vampire?”

“Yes. I know he’s a vampire.” Willow said. “But he’s also one of my friends.”

Before Spike had sacrificed himself to close the Hellmouth at Sunnydale, she wouldn’t have gone so far as to call him an acquaintance. But he had. For a day after she did that spell on the Scythe, Willow had been connected to all the Slayers on the most intimate of levels. She’d known their every thought, dream and memory. It had nearly driven her mad, and only the walls she’d slammed into place had helped her to keep her sanity.

That meant she had Buffy’s memories of the fight and everything that had happened before it. She’d seen Spike’s tenderness for the blonde, his willingness to do anything for her, and she’d recognised it as love, all-encompassing love that could either heal or destroy. It was the type of love that either lasted forever, or died quickly, its flame extinguished from lack of fuel to feed it.

She knew everything Buffy knew, and understood, the way Buffy hadn’t, that Spike had saved the Slayer’s life by refusing to believe she loved him, whether he meant it or not.

The grateful and surprised expression on Spike’s face was more than enough of a reward for Willow’s admission, and Buffy’s reaction would be icing on the cake. She had to keep Spike undusty until she could get her best friend to England.

Albus rose an eyebrow. “Is he now? I hope you won’t be offended if I’m not reassured. He’s an evil, blood-sucking fiend.”

“Oi, ‘ve got a soul, y’know! An’ I’m not evil! Got me white hat and everything.”

“Have you, now?” The headmaster replied coolly.

Willow rubbed her temples. “Albus, I can assure you Spike won’t hurt anyone. You have my word-”

“Miss Rosenberg, your credibility is nil. You’re a new teacher here and have not proven yourself.” Snape sneered, coming to a stop behind Albus.

Willow felt heat rush to her cheeks at the public display of defiance. She’d have to work even harder to gain the respect of her new students, now.

“Fine.” She snapped. “Albus, chain his arms and feet together if it pleases you. Ward my rooms, if you must. He’ll stay in them until I can inform my friends he’s still alive. We can discuss further ‘protective’ measures in the morning.”

Her expression softened as she touched the vampire on the arm. “I’m sorry about this, Spike, but there’s nothing I can do about it. I’ll write to Dawnie tonight and ask her to pick you up.”

Spike frowned, and Willow realised he didn’t know about the extent of Dawn’s powers.

“I’ll explain later.” She murmured so that only Spike, with his acute hearing, could hear. “Are we done?” She asked Albus frostily as chains wound around Spike’s wrists and ankles.

The headmaster nodded, expression perfectly calm.

“Good, then I’ll take Spike to my room. I won’t think any less of you if you decide to ward it.” She paused a moment before adding, “Just be careful that any wards you do use don’t react badly with the ones you put on when I arrived.”

Albus had the grace to look abashed, and Willow smiled thinly.

“Good night, then.” She turned on her heal and made her way out of the Great Hall, Spike clanking along behind her.

“Thanks for that, Red.” Spike said when they were safely in her room.

Willow shrugged. “It was nothing. Come here, I need to take those chains off.” It took a bit of work and some inventive cussing that rather impressed the blonde vampire, but she got the wrist manacles off. “I can’t do the ankles.” She sighed, rubbing her temples. “I’m just not powerful enough.”

The nausea had come back in full force and was having a party in her stomach with a few of its friends. She really wished she hadn’t eaten so much now.

“Nonsense, you near ended the world, I heard. Couldn’t do that without a lot of power, Red. P’raps you’re jus’ a bit tired.” Spike encouraged.

“Probably.” Willow agreed, wincing a bit at the reminder of Evil!Willow.

“Anyways, you tried an’ that’s the main thing.”

In that instant, Willow saw first hand the man Buffy had fallen in love with, rather than the monster he pretended to be. “Buffy’s going to be so happy to see you.” She said softly. “She hasn’t been the same since that last battle against the First.”

The blonde vampire looked surprised. “Buffy didn’t know?”

“Know what?” Willow asked, transfiguring her couch into a bed for Spike to sleep in.

“That I came back to life. That the amulet housed my soul and I spent my first few months haunting Peaches an’ his band of Merry Men, ‘fore making myself useful as a white hat.”

Willow smoothed the sheets of the bed carefully. “You did, did you?” She said slowly. “How interesting. So…you didn’t bother to call, why?”

“I was intangible f’r a few months, Red. Took me ages to get a body back.”

“And then, what, someone chopped your arms off[2]?” Willow snarled. “You should have called! Buffy was mega-moody after that hellmouth closed! She’s still not the same as far as I know!”

“Yeah, she really seemed to be pinin’ over me. Going out, partyin’ with that bloody prat the Immortal. Spent every night dancing I heard. Galivanting all about Rome. Sounds like the Buffy I remember.”

“Spike, she hasn’t been that girl since Joyce’s death, you know that.” Willow said, trying to keep the irritation out of her voice. However, she couldn’t resist a jibe. “Haven’t you ever developed a bad habit to cope with grief? Drinking, perhaps?”

She had to drive the point home that his blatant disregard for Buffy’s emotions wasn’t fair. She’d be angry if it was just that he hurt her, but it had affected the blonde’s Slaying as well. “She spent more time out dancing than she did Slaying. It’s a good thing Faith was happy to take over, because when Buffy was Slaying she needed a baby-sitter. She was worse than the Potentials. Spike…” Willow sighed, running a hand through her hair. She was really tired. “Spike, why didn’t you at least call her?”

“Didn’t think she’d want me to. An’ ‘sides, what would I say? ‘Hey, Buffy, remember me, the vamp that you thought sacrificed his life to close the hellmouth? Turns out I escaped with nary a freckle.’ That’d make me sound like a daft prat. Buffy deserved a chance to get on with her life, to be…” Sky blue eyes widened.

“To be normal, right?” Willow sneered. “You know, you and Angel aren’t so different after all. Oh, you mean well, it’s all for her own good, of course, but sometimes Buffy needs to decide what’s for her own good. Not everyone else.”

“Oi! ‘M nothing like Peaches! I…I just thought Buffy was in love with the Immortal now.” Spike didn’t mention Willow wrenching Buffy out of Heaven, something the witch noted.

“The Immortal was a stupid mistake that she corrected immediately. She was lonely. Wouldn’t you be under the circumstances?” Willow asked softly. “She loved you.”

“She thought I was going to die. If she loved me, why didn’t she tell me before?”

“She…” Willow hesitated, trying to think of a way to put what she knew into words. “Buffy loved Angel very much. She once told me that having sex with Riley was suffocating. She had a very hard time…well, becoming aroused, because he treated her as if she was fragile. That’s one of the reasons she fell in love with you. You treated her like an equal. But she still wanted to make sure you weren’t just a rebound relationship…or just,” she stopped again, not wanting to finish that sentence.

“Convenient.” Spike did it for her, bitterly.

“Yes. But she grew up, Spike. We all did. And she loved you.”

“I note you say loved.”

“Yes, well, I don’t know her feelings now, do I,” Willow pointed out reasonably. “I haven’t spoken to or seen her in over a month.”

“Why not?”

Willow rubbed her temples again. “I was busy, and I guess she has been, too. I last heard from her the day I told her I wasn’t coming back to Cleveland.” She let the implications of her words sink in.

“I’m sure she misses you, Red.” Spike said gently.

Willow’s smile was faint. “Yes, well, it’s late and I have to work tomorrow. I’ll see what I can do about getting you some blood in the morning, is that all right?”

“ ‘S fine, not hungry anyway.”

“Good. G’night, Spike.”

“ ‘Night, pet.”

“A month and no reply.” Dawn said grimly. “And I’ve sent countless letters. Looks like it’s on to Plan B.”

[1] By the time Ginny was ready to be a teacher at Hogwarts, Hermione and Ron were already there. Hermione goes by Professor Weasley-Granger, and Ron by Professor Weasley, but Ginny decided it would be too confusing to go by Weasley as well. Instead, she preferred to go by her first name, and her students loved the informality of it, as it made her much easier to approach.

[2] This actually happened in the Angel episode ‘Damage’. A rogue Slayer named Dana does it.

End Chapter

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Teacher" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Feb 06.

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