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A Teacher

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Summary: Sequel to 'A New Purpose'. When Willow made every Potential a Slayer the scythe changed her magick from black to white. But Voldemort doesn't know that...

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Title: A Teacher

Disclaimer: If I owned anything would I be writing fanfiction? Be realistic.

Author's Notes: I'm going by the assumption that Willow is 23 at the end of 'Chosen'. If anyone knows differently, feel free to drop me a line and tell me. I hate to be out of canon, even in fanfiction.



The full moon shone in through the open windows of Salem's Insitute for Witchcraft and Wizardry. A soft breeze stirred the curtains, disturbing the spider weaving its web in one corner. The spider scuttled off the window, and down to the floor.

As it moved it grew larger, and legs disappeared, changing until finally a young girl of about seventeen with dark hair and even darker eyes stood in its place.

Silent and graceful as the arachnid she was only seconds ago, the girl crossed to the desk in the centre of the room. Her hands fell upon the Book of Magic, which recorded every single student who would be enrolled in the Institute this year.

The girl flipped to the 'R' page, and ran one pale finger down it, stopping at Rosenburg, Willow. With a wave of her hand, the name vanished as though it had never been.

Her job done, the spider returned to her web.



I've found the perfect Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher. She used to live in Sunnydale, on the hellmouth, and she was one of the ones who helped close it.

Her name is Willow Rosenburg and she's a wandless witch. Luna says she's very powerful, which should go without saying considering the fact that she lived on the Hellmouth in Sunnydale her entire life and managed to survive, an amazing feat within itself.

The only thing is, she's had no prior magical training except what she's given herself, so perhaps she should spend the summer at Hogwarts getting an idea of what she should teach to each year?

Just a thought,


Albus Dumbledore put down the letter, stroking his beard thoughtfully. He got up, walking over to the fire and throwing a glittering purple powder in. "Minerva are you there?" He asked.

Minerva McGonagall's head appeared in the fire a moment later. "Yes, Albus?"

"I was wondering if you could Owl Bertha Hitchcock for me." He said. "I need to take a look at her school's records if at all possible."

"Her records, Albus?" Minerva raised one dark eyebrow.

"Yes. It seems young Harry has found an American witch who would be an excellent Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher. But she's never been to a magical school. I want to know exactly how we missed her."
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