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Summary: mid-Afterlife, Buffy decides she can’t take being in Sunnydale and takes Spike with her to visit her great aunt; Minerva McGonagall. B/S

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: OtherdragonfireFR1811,0953194,55014 Nov 0414 Nov 04No

Summary- mid-Afterlife, Buffy decides she can’t take being in Sunnydale and takes Spike with her to visit her great aunt; Minerva McGonagall

Rating- R for language and imagery later

Disclaimer- not mine

Timeline- pre OotP for Harry Potter, Afterlife for Buffy

Pairings- Buffy/Spike, I’m not sure about the Hogwarts gang, no Scoobies besides mention in this fic. Not counting Oz who I like and will fit in somewhere.

The length will get longer, I want to see if people like the idea. I shouldn’t be starting a new fic with so many WIPs but it just came to me.


Buffy sat alone in her bedroom after the others had left or gone to bed. She hadn’t wanted this and it hurt that her friends couldn’t see that. How could they think she was in Hell? Her soul had left her body; she remembered clearly digging her way out of the coffin. Her hands were probably going to scar, all extra healing aside. She felt pretty weak. Just returning to life will do that to you.

Spike seemed to have understood the pain she was in. He didn’t know where she had been, but he got that something was amiss. She was going to tell him when the other barged in. There was something weird about Willow’s happiness. She was too proud that she had brought Buffy back.

Then Buffy got it, it wasn’t about her. Willow wanted to be the best and have people grateful to her. She couldn’t take not having Buffy hold her hand and live her own life. She didn’t like patrolling, even though Buffy had never asked any of them to help, so why not bring the Slayer back. Buffy had heard them talking. Sometimes she didn’t know them anymore. Somewhere along the line Willow had changed from a sweet person to a bitch with her head so far up her ass there wasn’t room for that emu sized bug. If Buffy wasn’t so mad that she hadn’t stopped Willow, she would feel sorry for Tara.

Well it was time the Scoobies stopped hanging on her coattails. They seemed to expect her to act a certain way, so she would. She was leaving Sunnydale. The Hellmouth situation wasn’t that bad. Someone else could take over. Faith was going to be paroled soon since she was a minor a the time she committed those crimes. Dawn could go to Giles; her sister was too interested in Slaying and magic to let Willow teach her, especially after tonight. Buffy had hoped Dawn would end up like their great aunt and learn in a safer place, but she took after their side of the family.

And Spike, maybe she could take him with her. He didn’t get on with the gang. Her plans decided, Buffy quickly wrote a note and placed it in the transatlantic owl box her great aunt had sent last year. Regular post had a problem getting mail from an invisible castle. She then packed a few treasured items and left for the graveyard.


Minerva McGonagall wasn’t a woman to show much emotion, years as Hogwarts’ Deputy Headmistress had taught her that. But the letter from her great niece was the breaking point. Those foolish children, using dark magic to bring someone back from the dead. She cursed the Ministry’s refusal to let anyone from a Hellmouth attend Hogwarts. Dumbledore couldn’t change their minds, and the other schools of magic wouldn’t hear of it. A lot of inhabitants would have benefited from it.

Not a lot of people knew Minerva’s family weren’t all wizards. Her sister was a squib, and while the family had all but disowned her, Minerva had tried to keep in contact with her sister. She hadn’t had much luck until her great niece, Elisabeth. The girl was something special, different from her family who had acclimated to LA’s high class world too well. Even when she had acted like a brainless airhead Minerva knew there was a smart mind hidden underneath. She was sorry when the girl hadn’t received a letter to an American wizarding academy. Then the professor almost had a heart attack when she discovered dear Elisabeth was a Vampire Slayer. She had been walking back to her hotel, not wanting to aparate in a well populated area, when a cadre of vampires had attacked. She couldn’t get her wand out in enough time when Elisabeth saved her. They’d had a long discussion where Elisabeth, or Buffy as she was called now, had found out her great aunt was a witch. Their correspondence had continued.

The last letter she had received had worried her. Buffy seemed so downtrodden. Minerva was going to visit her when Hogwarts let out for the summer. Turns out Buffy had died shortly after that last post. Now this letter telling Minevera what happened and that she needed to leave. Well, Minerva McGonagall wasn’t going to ignore her plea for help; even if the girl wanted to bring a vampire along. The wizarding world’s view on vampires was a little different, but Merlin that girl’s taste in men.

Minerva left off her packing to see Professor Dumbledore. Hogwarts had let out for the summer and the castle was no place for a vacation. Though from the sounds of the letter, she might be able to convince Buffy to stay in England permanently. Maybe when she was better, her niece and the vampire could solve the Headmaster’s teaching dilemma.


Spike watched his Slayer pace to floor of the crypt waiting for his answer to her plan. He would have gone along with it anyways, but he did like the idea. “So let me get this straight. Your great aunt is a witch and teaches at Hogwarts. So you’re going to take a trip to jolly old England for a summer visit and want me to come along with you?”

“Yes- wait, I never said where she teaches.”

“I went to Hogwarts as a student. Granted only until second year when mum got sick, but I got the experience.”

“So, are you going to come?”

Nah, dirty joke too easy. “I’ll go with you,” he said with a raised eyebrow. Slayer’s red face told him she’d gotten the unspoken innuendo he could’ve made.


Now I’ll probably have Buffy and Spike teach some kind of physical defense class (I need Umbridge there for the story) but what other classes could they help with that would be funny- besides Potions. Don’t go for the too obvious. Tell me in a review please.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Sanctuary" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 14 Nov 04.

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