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Harry Potter And the Muggle Librarian

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Summary: chapters revised - 6 years after Chosen and OOTP, Dawn accepts a position as Hogwarts librarian where Harry is the DADA teacher

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Chapter 1 - Revised

Title: Harry Potter And The Muggle Librarian
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Buffy characters created by Joss Whedon, Harry Potter characters created by J.K. Rowling
Spoilers: All of Buffy, Harry Potter through OOTP.
Summary: Six years after Chosen and OOTP, Dawn takes a job as the Hogwarts librarian where Harry is the DADA teacher.

A/N: This chapter was revised from the originally published version after getting reader feedback.

Chapter 1
Rupert Giles was sitting in his large Watcher’s Council office with walls covered with books. Hearing a noise, he looked over to the door where he saw Dawn Summers enter.

“Giles, you wanted to see me?” Dawn asked.

“Yes, please sit down” he replied to the young woman. “Now that you have finished studying at Oxford, you are in need of an assignment. We were about to offer you a full time job here at Watcher’s Headquarters, but an interesting job opening just came up. It seems that the librarian at Hogwarts just retired leaving them an opening to fill.”

“What’s Hogwarts?” Dawn asked.

“Hogwarts is the premiere school of witchcraft and wizardry in the Wizarding world.” Giles responded.

“Is that like what Willow does?” asked Dawn.

“No, Willow practices Wicca magic, this is wand magic. I think we forgot to tell you about the Wizarding world. Before the activation of the slayers, the Wizarding world did a good job keeping themselves undercover. Willow’s spell drew their attention enough so that they had to reach out to us shortly after Buffy retired. The seemed to have picked up a few slayers that they didn’t know what to do with.”

“How many watchers know about them now?” Dawn asked.

“Right now, most of the inner circle” replied Giles, “we would have told you but you were in Rome with Buffy, who had just retired, and then later attending Oxford. I hope that you will take this position, they have a large collection on magic and the supernatural and they said that you will be able to come back here instantly if you want. They also have many books that we don’t have here and we will be able to share volumes between us. Some of those books might have to do with the key, I know that you have always wanted more information about yourself but we ran out of books with that.”

“What happened to assigning me a few slayers and moving to a remote location?” Dawn asked.

“We think that your talent with research would be too valuable for us to lose with you in the field. Also, keep in mind that assignments are made by Willow, Xander and myself and none of us want you to leave us and put you in danger. So that leaves you with 3 choices. You could take the position at Hogwarts where you have some independence but you can return her instantly when needed, you could have a position here where you would be with Willow, Xander and myself full time, or we could convince Buffy to take herself out of retirement and send you back there with her and the Immortal.”

Dawn grimaced at the last option and said “I think I’ll take it if you put it that way.”

“Good, I thought you would. You will report to Hogwarts on July 15th, that’s 2 weeks from now.”

“Thanks Giles,” Dawn said as she gave him a hug.

“You’re welcome Dawn, I’m proud of you. Now go spread the news to Willow, Xander and Buffy.”

“Ok, I will!” Dawn said as she headed out the door.

Giles took out a sheet of blank paper and a pen and started writing a letter.

Miss Dawn Summers has accepted your open librarian position at Hogwarts. Dawn is the sister of the most senior slayer and has always been enthusiastic in helping fight evil, especially by doing research. She has just graduated from Oxford (England’s premiere muggle university), and majored in Mythology and Classical languages. She also one of the most brilliant linguists I have met being able to read Sumerian, Turkish, Italian, German, Spanish, Latin and many others including English. She is anxious to begin her position and will be at Hogwarts on July 15th as requested. Thank you.

Rupert Giles
Head Watcher

Giles folded up the letter and left to go to the nearest Owlery.

End of Chapter 1.
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