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Goetterdaemmerung.... Sunnydale Style

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Summary: A non-drabble Halloween fic. Willow, Xander and Dawn dress up as their characters from a MMORPG and suddenly Halloween is a lot different than before.

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Games > Fantasy > RagnarokJadeDragonFR1548,2803158,55517 Nov 0428 Nov 04Yes

Goetterdaemmerung.... Sunnydale Style 2

Disclaimer: I do not own anything, it all belongs to other
people, but I can still dream, can I?

Despite this being a Halloween fic, this is not a part of
my Halloween Drabble series.
Why? Simple: It is too long to be a drabble.

I think it will be all written and done in three or four parts
(I hope so, at least)

Goetterdaemmerung.... Sunnydale Style (2/?)
Simone of the Zordiak

Willow of the Rose, Priestess of Freya, was confused. Just the moment
before she had sat near the fire of their camp, sharing the last
fruits with her comrades while waiting for the meat to cook over
the fire, and now she was here, where-ever here was, in a town she
didn't recognise, with squealing little monsters around her.

Threateningly she swung her Grand Cross at them and the creatures
squeaked and ran away. She 'hmpfed', little cowards, the lot of
them, not worthy of her time.

Now she had more important things to do. She had to find out
where she was, how she had gotten here and if any of her
companions had also been dumped her.

With the ease that came from countless hours of practice and use,
she shouldered her weapon and started to randomly walk into one
direction. Some inner instinct that had never lead her wrong before,
was telling her that some of her comrades were in this direction.
Under her breath she muttered a quick prayer to the One Eyed God,
she had the bad feeling that she would need it.


Alexander the Blue, often called Xander by his friends and collages,
Wizard of Geffen Tower and city, was beyond pissed of. He had been
dumped here, in this Baldr-forsaken town and while he had no idea
where he was, he had a good idea how it had been done and that him
being dumped here had not been the only bad thing the magical force
had done. A simple sense spell allowed him to see that the little
creatures around him were enspelled human children, a realisation
that came almost too late, for he had to raise up a firewall, harming
Morning Light in the process. Morning Light, who had been about to
claim her first kill for the night.

The assassin yelped in surprise as the fiery wall went up between
her and her goal, burning her hands in the process.

"I am sorry, Morning Light. But I couldn't allow you to lay harm
on these beings. Someone, some mangy piece of Fenris offal, has
enspelled human children to become these beings. They shall not
be harmed by us. Instead we have to try and break these

His hand vanished into the nothingness that was his personal
carrying space, digging for a potion, while Morning Light
processed the news that she had nearly killed a human child,
which would have been a great crime in the code of conduct of
the Desert Shadow Assassin clan. She was shocked how close she
had come to commit this grievous injustice, relieved that Alexander
had been there to stop her and very, very angry at the one
responsible for the children's transformation.

To enspell children like this was an offence against her strict
moral codex and she wanted nothing more than to teach a lesson
or ten to the one responsible for this crime.

Alexander handed her a slim vial with a yellow-ish orange fluid,
a concentrated healing potion for lesser injuries. Thankful she
took the vial, removed her clothmask and drank the fluid.
The potion worked quickly, she almost could see the damaged skin
being replaced by new one. As a test she flexed her fingers, no
pain. She smiled and replaced her mask. Now she was ready to hunt
down the piece of faeces that was behind this chaos.

"Wait a moment." Alexander was looking down the street, searching
for someone. "I think there is at least one of our companions
down this street and they are coming here."


"Well, it's neither Wolfkin nor La Cruz and I also don't think that
it is Darkstalker, since I can't feel the magical aura of an animal
companion, no Falcon, no Pecopeco and no annoyingly cute Lunatic.
That means it is either Willow or Argentum. Well, we will see."

He shrugged and turned to look down the street again.

A few moments later he could recognise the magical aura surrounding
the coming friend.

"It's Willow."

Morning Light released the air she had not been aware she had been
holding until now. She preferred the Priestess over the snobby
Blacksmith they had hired for this adventure any day. Willow she
knew the longest next to Alexander, both having helped her, when
she had been a young novice, fresh from the training centre.
Together the three of them were the ground unit for all of their
adventures, the others members of the team changed with each of
their chosen locations.

"Willow," she heard Xander greet the Priestess, "it is good to
see you." Then he told her his findings about the little creatures
that were running around in this strange town and Morning Light
could see the mix of surprise, anger and relief on her face.
Anger, that someone had dared to do such a feat and relief, because
she had not yet slayed any of the annoying shrieking creatures.
And now she wouldn't.

"We need to know more about this city," she stated to her friends,
"We need knowledge about who was able to do such magics and where
such a person would most likely hide. A guide, we need some who
is local to this town."

A shriek gelled through the air and the three looked at each other.

"Maybe we should help the owner of this voice first." Xander
smirked, "If only to free the poor creatures of their annoying

Willow and Morning Light rolled their eyes, that was purely Xander.
The Wizard loved to make sarcastic remarks whenever he could.
But in this case he was right, maybe they should help.

The three wandered into the direction the scream had come from,
each with their weapons ready and primed for a fight. Xander
was permanently casting 'Sight' and 'Sense' spells, for this was
a strange town and neither of them had liked the surprises it
had offered so far.


This was not Cordelia's night. First her date had stood her up,
then this creepy little creatures had started running around and
now she was hugged to death by a weepy, 17th century version of
Buffy. A weepy Buffy that had just nearly deafened her with her
shriek as she had seen the car driving close by.
Cordelia's ears were still ringing. Was this the secret of Buffy's
success? Shrieking at the poor vampires and while the demons were
trying to regain the equilibrium, staking them? Cordelia
entertained the fantasy for a moment before banishing it to the
back of her mind. This was not the time to think humiliating
things about Buffy Summers. Later, after she had survived this
wacky night, she would have time enough.

While she was musing what to do with the, not up to her standards,
slayer, three more figure came walking down the streets. Three
persons she recognised, but their clothing looked rather strange.

Xander was speaking a few strange words, took a look at the two of
them, nodded and turned to his two companions.

"The lady in the dress is under the same spell as the children,
the woman in the cat-gear is not enchanted."

Willow and Dawn nodded in response, while Cordelia could practically
feel the questionmarks popping up around her head.

Xander turned back to her.

"Excuse me, miss, but are you a local of this town? My friends
and I have somehow been brought to these lands, through the means
of magic. We require the help of a Wizard of some power, a Sage or
someone otherwise well educated in the means of the occult."

"What are you talking about, Xander? Of course you know that I'm
a native of Sunnydale. So are you, Willow, Dawn and the cowering
wreck that is Buffy Summers, fashion victim extraordinare."

He looked at her with a puzzled expression on his face.

"You know me, miss? I have to admit that I have no idea who you
are and neither do I know the streets and houses of this Sunnydale.
My name is Alexander the Blue. Wizard and adventurer. I am a local
of Geffen, the home of the Magetower and Academy."

"My hometown is Prontera," Willow piped up, talking for the first
time since they had met the strange duo of enchanted lady and
cat-suit clad woman, "I am Willow of the Rose, Priestess of Freya."

"My name is not Dawn, it is Morning Light, of the Desert Shadow
Assassins. I hail from the city of Morroc."

She stared at them. "Oh God, it got you too."

The three looked at each other, Xander casting his spells again.

"If the strange enchantment has been cast upon us, my spell is
not finding it. But another mage might be able to uncover the

"Oh great," Cordelia muttered, "now I am surrounded by four
nutsies. I can't believe it."

"That might be, miss. But we need to find the one responsible
for this enchantment. We have to break it to release the
children of this town from the spell. They have been turned into
all kind of creatures against their will."

This had to happen, of course, this was Sunnydale after all.
She could feel a headache coming. Next year she was soo going
to barricade herself in her home, bury herself in a mountain
of pillows and would not come out until the night of Halloween
was officially over.

But unfortunately, she thought as the whimpering Buffy-Lady
hid herself once more behind her back as a loud howl sounded
through the night air, she couldn't do so until Halloween
next year. And to be able to turn her plan into reality, she had
to survive this years chaos.

"The only one with magical knowledge in this town that I know
about, would be Mr Giles. He is the librarian of the Sunnydale

The three enchanted teens looked at each other.

"Could you please lead us to this librarian? We are in dire need
of information and would recompensate you for this service."

Willow's hand seemed to vanish into nothingness and when
she pulled her hand back into existence, her fingers had closed
around something hard and shimmering. She opened her fingers and
Cordelia couldn't suppress a gasp. In Willow's hand laid an
emerald, almost as big as her thumbnail, already cut and of
deep and flawless green.

Wordlessly she nodded her ok, took the stone and then turned into
the direction of the Highschool. She had overheard Giles telling
a colleague that he was planing to overhaul the catalogue tonight,
so she knew he would be there.

"Follow me," she said matter of factly and started to walk towards
the school.

Xander gallantly offered his arm to the shaking Lady and followed
the cat-woman, Willow and Morning Light in tow.

Hopefully this Giles person could shed some light onto the

"Well, well, what do we have here?" A stranger stepped out of the
shadows in front of them, several of the enchanted children behind
him. But while the other creatures were enspelled humans, the
strange creature was a real undead. Xander grinned and left the
lady in the protection of his companions.

"Excuse me, mister, but who are you and what do you want of us?"

The creature smirked at him. And then his face changed, rippled,
formed strange ridges on its forehead.

"I'm Spike, and I'm here for this tasty piece of fluff hiding
behind the skirts of the little red-head... maybe the red-head
as dessert as well."

With a simple flick Xander moved his sunglasses down until they
were resting comfortably on the bridge of his nose.

"I am sorry, Mr Spike, but I can't allow you to do that."

"And how do you plan to sop me, doopey?"

Xander grinned.

"Tell me, do you know why most Wizards were sunglasses, even at

Before Spike had time to realise the question Xander had pointed
his staff towards him and the lightning bolts that had collected
in the orb on top of it raced towards the surprised vampire.

"This is why." Xander grinned as the vampire shrieked and burned
to ash.

Willow and Morning Light looked at each other, rolling their eyes.
Xander loved to do this.

Cordelia's mouth was wide opened as she watched this casual display
of magic.

In Willows arms the Lady Buffy had fainted.

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