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Goetterdaemmerung.... Sunnydale Style

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Summary: A non-drabble Halloween fic. Willow, Xander and Dawn dress up as their characters from a MMORPG and suddenly Halloween is a lot different than before.

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Games > Fantasy > RagnarokJadeDragonFR1548,2803158,55917 Nov 0428 Nov 04Yes

Goetterdaemmerung.... Sunnydale Style 4

Disclaimer: I do not own anything, it all belongs to other
people, but I can still dream, can I?

Despite this being a Halloween fic, this is not a part of
my Halloween Drabble series.
Why? Simple: It is too long to be a drabble.

Goetterdaemmerung.... Sunnydale Style (4/4)
Simone of the Zordiak

Xander stepped forward, hunching down next to the whimpering Mage.

"The spell, Mage, tell us about it. Or we let Morning Light restart
her quest for vengeance."

Ethan had no desire to be used as a demonstration object for the
young Girl's need for revenge. He spilled forward all information,
all details about the spell he had used.

Xander stood up and joined Willow and Morning Light as they stood
around the dual faced bust of Janus.


The Priestess concentrated, then she nodded.

"The energies are there, they are similar, but not identical to

"Loki, eh?"

Morning Light smiled an evil little smile as she twirled her
daggers around and then let them disappear.

"Then," she started digging through her carrying space,
"let us introduce him to something that can't stand Loki."

And she pulled out a hammer, a large hammer engraved with runes
and lightning bolts, a very dangerous looking hammer surrounded
by an aura of thunder and ozone.

"Mjollnir," Willow breathed, "Morning Light, don't you think that
this is a slight bit of overkill?"

Morning Light smiled, a fake sweet smile, as she started to swing
the hammer around.

"You seem to forget, Willow dear, that I *am* an Assassin. There
is no such thing as overkill for me."

And she brought the hammer down on top of the plaster bust.

There was a great flash of white and green energy, it looked like
an explosion, but without any sound.

Then, there was silence.


Xander was the first who was able to see again, his sunglasses
having protected him a bit.

He blinked and looked around. Something was not right, something
was niggling at his senses as being wrong, but he couldn't
put his fingers on it.

But to be fair, he was a bit distracted by the two different sets
of memories he'd found in his mind.
Two different sets, where there should be only one.
He shook his head, trying to clear his mind.
Then he noticed that the others were obviously regaining their sight.

"Willow, you ok?"


"And you, Dawn?"

"I think."



"And the creepy Ethan guy is not ok, so why bother to ask."

A moan of protest.

Xanders eyes wandered through the shop once more, landing on Dawn.


"Yes, Xander?"

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think that this," he pointed
at her hands, "was part of your costume."

Dawn looked down at her hands and swallowed.

For in her hands she was still holding the hammer. The hammer with
the engraved runes and lightning bolts, whos aura of thunder and
ozone was now streaked through with bands of green energy.

They all looked at the hammer in Dawn's hands.

Oz's breathed, "Wow," broke the spell.

Dawn released an "eep" of surprise and out of reflex, let the
hammer vanish in her carrying space.

Which resulted in the realisation that they still had their carrying
spaces and as Xander called upon his magic, it still answered.

That was beyond wiggworthy.

They went to the front of the shop, looking out of the big window
and saw the previously enspelled children removing their masks and
other parts of their costumes. They looked around, confused and
disoriented, but it was obvious that for them, the spell was over.

So why hadn't the same happened to the tree of them? Why did their
costumes leave something behind?

They had no idea and no desire to discuss it here.

One by one they walked back to the more secluded area, where
Ethan was still laying.

Xander was the last to return and he looked at the felled Mage with
a mix of distaste and pity.

"If we were in Rune-Midgard, that stunt would have resulted in
you being sealed away from your magic forever. But we are not there
and I am only one Wizard thusly trained, so you will get away with a
milder punishment."

He raised his staff and in rapid succession, cast three runes
against the Mage.

Merkstave Fehu against his head, Merkstave Algiz against his heart
and Merkstave Tiwaz against his entire torso.

"They will last for three months. I hope you will learn your lesson.
We don't use children for malicious and dark magic, no matter what
religion you pray to, no matter how twisted your moral code, children
are not to be touched."

He turned away, not watching as Willow cast a great healing spell
upon Ethan.

"Leave the city, Ethan. If you remain here 'til tomorrow, Dawn will
hunt you down again. And this time she will not be as merciful as
she had been until now."

With those parting words, the four left the shop, leaving behind a
througoutly traumatised Ethan, who would be leaving the city within
the hour. Chaotic he was, but stupid he was not. And the look in
the girls eyes had promised pain with a capital P.


Giles was already waiting for them. Thanks to Buffy returning to
normal behaviour, he already knew that the spell had been broken,
but he had lots of questions and the trio sitting at the main
table of the library, had the answers.

"It's a longer story, Giles." Xander said and he couldn't help
but notice that Xander hadn't even tried to tease him since the
teens had entered the library.

"Actually it all began about a year ago. Before we had an idea
about the exciting nightlife of our hometown. Willow wanted to
teach Jesse and me more about computers and she had promised us
a nice reward if we could follow her lessons and learn what she
wanted us to learn. It took a while, but finally we were on the
level she wanted us to be. Then she showed us our reward. She
had made accounts for us at a MMORPG."

"Excuse me, what is a MMOPRG?"

It did sound like a demon of some kind, but he didn't thought that
Willow would use demons as a teaching reward... well, you couldn't
be too sure.

"A MMORPG, a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Player Game. This
particular one is very successful and comes from Korea. People
all over the world play it. It is called Ragnarok Online.
The rules are quite simple and it is very fun to play. Jesse was
the Swordsman of our little group, Willow the Acolyte and I was the
Mage. It took a while, but we were able to level up to the higher
jobs, Jesse a Knight, Willow the Priestess and me the Wizard.
And then... then Jesse died.
We nearly stopped playing at all, but fate wanted it that Jesse
had met Dawn at the day he was taken and had promised her, to
introduce her to the game.
Dawn became our new player and to not to be compared to Jesse, she
decided on a different career. She became first a Thief, than an
We have played ever since that time. Sometimes once a week,
sometimes every day, whenever we find the time to do so, because
we find it pretty relaxing.
Anyway, about half a year ago Willow, Dawn and I, we went to a
R.O. Party in L.A. You might remember it Buffy, Dawn was extra
bouncy that week since Joyce had given her permission to come with
At the party we me some other players, who had dressed up as their
characters and that was when we decided to go as our characters for
And as far as we can say now, we remained as our characters even
after Dawn broke the spell, we just regained the knowledge of our
normal selves. It might have something to do with the way we broke
the spell." Xander mused.

"And how did you break the spell?"

"Well Dawn smashed the focus of the enchantment with... come Dawn,
show them."

"If I have to," she sighed, but pulled out the large hammer from

"Good Lord!"

"This is Mjollnir, the Hammer of Thor. Dawn is the only one of us
three who can use it, because of the weapon restrictions of our
jobs. The focus of the spell was drenched in Janus energy signature,
a signature that is similar, but not identical to Loki's. And Thor
can't stand Loki ever since the trickster shaved his wife's head
bald. Since the signature was so similar, the hammers intern magic
reacted. We think that this created a focal point to the plane of
Rune-Midgar, the homeplane of the game."

"But it is only a game," Cordelia spoke up for the first time, "it
is not real, so how could a home plane exist?"

"Do you remember Marcie?" Xander asked. "Marcie, who became
invisible because the other students believed her to be invisible?"

All, except Oz, nodded.

"Well, Marcie became invisible, because people believed her to be
such. Now I ask you, do you have any idea, how many people are
playing this game, world-wide and at every time of the day? People,
who put a lot of thought into their characters, and then went out,
met others, go on quests with them. They create entire biographies
for their characters. Can you imagine the power of their belief,
their dream, wish, call it however you want it, for Rune-Midgard
to be real?"

None of the others spoke and Giles was furiously polishing his
glasses as he tried to imagine the force that could turn a
game into reality, even on a different plane of reality.

Xander sighed and walked towards the exit of the library.

"Actually Willow, Dawn and I, we wanted to go and practicate at
the special Halloween event tonight, but now, everything is more
real and I can't play the game at the moment. I will go home and
think about the things I have learned today and I would advise
you to do the same."

Without a word Dawn let the hammer vanish and followed him, Willow
looked at the others, shrugged and then followed them too.


The silence in the library continued even after the door had fallen
close behind the three and only Oz broke through it when he voiced
his opinion: "Wow."

Oz, who was thinking about the cute Priestess, the still active
hammer and the fact that he could create an account for this game
quite easily. Somewhere he had heard that there was a Bard-class
in this game and maybe he should take a further look at it.


The End

You have reached the end of "Goetterdaemmerung.... Sunnydale Style". This story is complete.

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