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Goetterdaemmerung.... Sunnydale Style

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Summary: A non-drabble Halloween fic. Willow, Xander and Dawn dress up as their characters from a MMORPG and suddenly Halloween is a lot different than before.

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Games > Fantasy > RagnarokJadeDragonFR1548,2803158,55917 Nov 0428 Nov 04Yes

Goetterdaemmerung.... Sunnydale Style 1

Disclaimer: I do not own anything, it all belongs to other
people, but I can still dream, can I?

I don't own Ragnarok Online or Buffy, but I like to play the first and like
to watch (the early Seasons of) Buffy.

Despite this being a Halloween fic, this is not a part of
my Halloween Drabble series.
Why? Simple: It is too long to be a drabble.

I think it will be all written and done in two or three parts
(I hope so, at least)

Goetterdaemmerung.... Sunnydale Style (1/?)
Simone of the Zordiak

He watched the children rummaging through his shop with a bored
expression on his face. Children these days didn't seem to be
very creative with their costumes. Monsters, demons, witches,
everything had to be full ready to be worn, without the loving
touches of a home-made costume, nothing they could be proud of,
nothing that needed their own imagination. It was sad... and
boring. Yet tonight would be anything but.

An older boy stepped to the registry, dumping an interesting
assortment of items on the counter for him to ring up.
Ethan frowned a bit, there was a red high-closed robe with
golden accents on the throat and wrists, a longhaired cobaltblue
wig, a richly decorated belt in Viking style and a similar
necklace, a green and yellow wizard hat, a pair of sunglasses,
lots of costume jewels in different colours and forms, a ring
with an eye-sharpened sigil, a fake dagger, a small square shield
of sorts and a short beige overcoat. It looked like a wizard
of some kind, but for the first time this evening, Ethan had no
idea who the boy wanted to display.

He had just started to ring up the boys purchase when two girls
stepped up next to him, each of them dropping a similarly
puzzling load.

The red-head girl had chosen a green robe with white and yellow
accents in kimono-style, the same type of short beige overcoat and
the square shield as the boy, a ornamental golden tiara, like
they were part of his princess packages, an assortment of costume
jewels, a pair of black gloves, a simple brooch, a pair of fake
studded knuckles and, and this surprised him the most, a gold-colored
staff that was topped by a large ornamental cross in Nordic design.

The other, blonde and younger girl had voted for an open-styled
robe in a simple black, a dark-brown overcoat that looked
like a cape, a black clothmask that would cover the mouth and
nose of the girl, a simple white bandanna, a longhaired white wig,
costume jewels, black gloves with a fake fur trim, a ring with a
blue stone and two differently looking fake daggers.

The boy paid for his purchases and waited until Ethan was done
with the items of the girls.

Ethan watched them go, a grin on his face. He had no idea what
they would become, but he had a feeling that it would be good.


Xander looked at his final prop with a critical eye, before he
moved the costume jewel a tiny bit more to the left side, nodded
and then glued it on with superglue. Finished. Finally.

He had started to work on the staff about half a year ago and
now finally he was done. It was a masterpiece.

The staff had been craved out of ashwood and was about three feet
long. One side ended in a sharpened spike, for even with Giles
saying that Halloween was a big no-no for vampires, you could
never know and he had no deathwish, he would not go out unarmed
after dark. The other end he had taken advance on a large natural
knotting in the wood, had hollowed out and then craved it into short
'fingers', that looked a lot like claws. Between the claw-fingers
he had glued a glassball, about as large as his fist that he had
bought cheaply in the Magic Store, a shop he was now suspecting,
was selling more than the esoteric and new age junk... well you
could never know on the hellmouth.

Of course he had sanded the staff to a smooth finish, before he
had started craving runes into the wood, he hated the thought of
splinters in his palms. Since he had started craving stakes for
nightly patrols, he had learned to appreciate a well sanded stake.

Where was he? Oh yes, the runes.

He had taken a lot of time and care to select the right runes
for his staff, he wanted it to be absolutely right and had done
a bit of research in Giles old books. His fingers slid over the
craved lines, Ansuz, Kenaz, Algiz, Mannaz, Eihwaz and Hagalaz,
six runes standing for wisdom, protection and similar positive
aspects and the sigils of three Nordic gods, Baldr, God of light
and wisdom, Odin, the great All-Father and Vidar, God of
independence, solitude, and freedom. Those were the perfect symbols
for his arc wand.

He had used silver lack-paint to partly fill out the lines he had
craved and had covered the entire staff with a protective finish.
Now, that he had glued on the fake jewels, the work of half a year
was done.

Xander put the staff aside, not wanting to ruin it in the last
moment and fished for the belt, superglue and costume jewels
readied, he started to prepare the rest of his costume. Tonight
he wanted everything to be perfect.


Dawn frowned for a moment as she looked at the items laid out
before her. Something was missing, the final kick of the costume.
Hmmm... not the bandanna, the white triangle she had attached to
it was perfect. Actually, every article she had prepared was
perfect, but still, something was missing and it irked her.
But she didn't had the time to worry about it, she had to dress
up or she would miss the fun.

"Dawnie?" Her sister poked into her room, just as she adjusted
the brown capelike overcoat, 'Manteau' her inner voice corrected
and she felt like rolling her eyes at her Xander-sounding inner

"Yes, Buff?"

"Willow and Xander are here and Xander says that he has something
for you."

Dawn stormed down the stairs, only to stop short at the sight
of her two comrades in this scheme.

Xander was wearing the blue wig, the long hair pulled in a high
ponytail and two strands of hair were framing his face. On his
head he wore the wizard hat and high on his forehead was a pair
of sunglasses with a single teardrop shaped costume jewel on the
bridge. His short overcoat allowed her to see the design he had
placed on his robe with black electric tape, a six-pointed star
in a circle. On his left arm he wore the shield and in his right
hand he carried 'the staff'. Dawn had seen it several times before,
but now it was breath-taking. So much work. All for one night.
In the richly decorated belt he wore, his second weapon, the
fake dagger, was visible. Around his neck he wore the necklace
in Nordic style and a simple pair of boots completed his outfit.
At the boots, the shield, the dagger and the overcoat, he had
glued teardrop shaped costume jewels in different amounts.

The results were fantastic.

Willow's get up was not less breath-taking. She didn't needed
to wear a wig, her hair was red already, but she had combed and
plaited it in a strict single braid. On her head she wore the
tiara and the tips of her ears were pointy, like those of Mr
Spock. Her robe hadn't needed ornamental adjustments, but didn't
looked less stunning than Xanders ensemble. Her fake studded
knuckles were attached to the kimono-belt of her robe and she
proudly held the long cross-topped staff she had tastefully
decorated with costume jewels in her black gloved hands. The
gloves she had decorated with golden ornaments in eye-form and runes.
And her short brown overcoat was closed at her throat with a
simple, gemstone brooch.
Like Xander, she had put teardrop sharpened costume jewels on
her articles of clothing and other assorted items.

She looked regal in her gear, if not for the nervous smile she

"Hi, Dawnie," Xander smiled at her.

"Hi Xand', Willow, you two look so, so... wow!"

"Thanks Dawnpatrol, but you didn't look too shabby either."

"Yeah," Dawn twirled around so that both could see the full
effect of her costume, "but I feel like something is missing and
I don't know what."

"I know what, Dawn," Xander said with a serious face.

"Do you remember two weeks ago, when Willow and I went to the
AniCon in L.A.? I told you that we both had found some awesome
stuff for our costumes? Well Willow found those marveouls ears
you can see her wear today and I found something good as well,
but then I decided to do with the sunglasses, because, well you
know my motto in the game and I thought it would fit better. And
so I have something that would be fitting for you."

He held up a clear plastic baggy he had hidden behind his back.

Dawn squealed. "Angel Wing Ears! You bought Angel Wing Ears!
You are the bestest, Xander!"

With Willows and Xanders help, the fake winglike protrusions
were soon attached to Dawns ears and when she looked into the
mirror she knew that this was 'it', the final missing ingredient
of her costume.

The white wig was bound into a topknot with a simple black cloth.
Blending into the white of the hair was the bandanna, the white
triangle sitting in the middle of her forehead.
The two snow-white angel wings poking out at both sides of her
head added to her seemingly innocent image. An image that was
abruptly destroyed by the black clothmask covering her mouth and
nose. Her dark clothes added to the lost innocence look, the
gloves, the two daggers and the heavy furcovered boots completing
her costume, a lot less elaborate than Willows and Xanders, but
fitting for the character she wanted to display.

"Ready to go?" Buffy was standing at the door in her elaborate
princess dress, but somehow her costume paled against the
costumes worn by her friends and sister, for you could see
the work and care the three had used to make their get ups,
while her dress showed no traced of individual additions.

"Yes, Princess Buffy, we don't want to let Snyder wait for us,
do we?" Xander grinned and hefted his staff. Dawn's smile was
hidden behind her clothmask, but it was still there.

This was going to be a fun night.


She was laying the cards, humming a children's play song from
the last century.

"The kitten will become a hunting cat tonight, playing mousie
games with bright claws. Rhhwarr, all glittering and sharp,
watch the little mousies run, no place to hide, dead are the
mousies, dead dead mousies tied up with a string."

She turned over three cards, the Hermit, the Mage and the hanged

"The little tree will burn brightly, burn but not be burnt.
Burning Dru, burn, no more Drusilla, burnt to ashes by the

Three more cards were turned, the Highpristess, Temperance
and Strength.

"The light will hide tonight, thousand faces, but none is real.
Keylight dances, like dustmotes dances little light and we fall

Again he nimble fingers turned three tarot cards, the Star, Justice
and the Chariot.

"That's nice pet, but tell me about the slayer. What will happen
to the nasty slayer tonight, my wicked plum."

Dru giggled and turned to her doll.

"Miss Edith says the slayer will be all fluffy and weak tonight."

A card was set down. The Lovers.

"All for the wicked Angel-beast, that stole our daddy away."

The next card. The devil.

"It will not work, too fluffy for the Angel-beast is the
little slayer girl."

The last card. The tower

"But the kitten, the ash and the light will be there and shiny
kitty claws will claw you, Rwaaarrr, if you try to play with the
fluff. They don't like to share."

She giggled again.

Spike had heard enough. A fluffy slayer was a helpless slayer
and if he was careful, he could do away with her tonight,
giving him a better chance to get to the poof and to heal his
wicked plum.

He went out, not hearing Drusillas next little song, not seeing
that she was laying the cards for him.

"Ring around the rosies
pocket full of posies"

The Wheel of Fate.

"Ashes to ashes"


"we all fall down."



Janus' magic flooded through the streets of the town like an
invisible tidal wave, changing those touched by bits of
anchoring magic into what they had wanted to portray this
night. Chaos was beginning.

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