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Dying Leaves

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Summary: A series of Anita Blake drabbles

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Anita Blake > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories(Past Donor)MhalachaiFR15808,98911325,47617 Nov 0423 Sep 05Yes

Dying Leaves: Introduction

Started as a series of drabbles I've been writing for the lj Anita Blake community, but I've been branching out.

Disclaimer: Anita Blake and company belong to Laurell K. Hamilton.

New additions are listed at the bottom.

Dead Leaves (Jean-Claude, Asher, Julianna)
Autumn Nights (Anita, Micah)
Excuses (Anita)
Shadow on the Horizon (Mr. Oliver)
My Mother's Eyes (Anita's mother)
Fantasy (Edward)
Twenty Dollars on Ms. Blake (Richard, Anita)
Like Father (Edward, Peter)
Priorities (Anita, Micah)
Shoulda Known (Richard, Anita)
Whipping Boy (Jean-Claude)
Crisis of Faith (Anita)
Green (Anita, Manny)
Black and White (Anita)
Blue (Jean-Claude, Jason)
Pink (Anita, Zerbrowski)
Orange (Cherry, Zane)
Purple (Anita, Nathaniel)
Prayer (Micah, Chimera)
Beautiful Pain (Valentina, Belle Morte)
Handcuffs (Nathaniel)
Midnight (Jean-Claude, Asher)
Howl (Richard, the Zeemans)
Unwrapped (Anita, Jean-Claude)
Promise (Anita, Micah)
Dead Presidents (Anita, Larry)
Scared (Anita, Raina)
Dirty (Anita, Richard, Daniel, Charlotte)
Brother (Anita, Nathaniel)
Proposal (Anita, Jason)
Taste (Anita, Jean-Claude)
Fruit Sacrifice (Anita, Jason)
Temptation (Anita, Zerbrowski)
Question (Anita, Jean-Claude)
Place (Willie McCoy)
Wince (Richard)
Hand (Anita, Nathaniel)
Time (Anita, Damian)
Mistake (Larry, Tammy)
Faint (Anita, Micah)
Rewind (Anita's father)
Uneasy (Manny, Anita)
Choice (Anita, Jean-Claude, Asher)
Hope (Anita, Micah)
Waiting (Anita, Micah)
Fifteen Minutes (Dolph, RPIT)
Hit Me (Anita, Micah)
Never (Richard)
Hurt (Cherry, Vivian, Gregory, Zane)
Hustle (Zerbrowski, Anita, Arnet)
Helpless (Requiem)
Worth It (Micah, Anita)
Sensation (Nathaniel, Anita)
Policy (Sylvie)
Cost (Anita)
Bullet (Jean-Claude)
Twist (Anita, Jean-Claude)
Tag Along (Anita, Irving Griswald)
Never Said (Arnet, Nathaniel, Anita) (added May 16)
Liar (Micah, Cherry, Anita) (added May 16)
Ideas (Anita, Jean-Claude) (added May 16)
Eyes (Jason) (added May 16)
Valour (Rafael, Anita) (added May 16)
Barrel of a Gun (Anita, Edward) (added May 16)
Between (Anita, Richard) (added May 16)
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