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The Way a Family Acts

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Summary: Collection of various Drabbles with the same theme. Smallville, Joan of Arcadia, X-Men, DA

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Multiple Crossings > General > Theme: Real FamilyPaBurkeFR154670056,07519 Nov 0429 Nov 04Yes

The Way a Family Acts

The Way a Family Acts

By PaBurke

X-over: Smallville

100 Words, rated G

Distribution: TtH, if someone would like to put it on the TtHdrabble livejournal for me, that would be nice.

Summary: Just something that can happen when families are near each other. Drabble

Disclaimer: No one belongs to me.

“Giles! Xander stole my journal!”

“Xander, please?”

“Yeah, G-man?”

“Do I even have to ask?”

Holds up empty hands. “I didn’t do it! Whatever it is Dawn’s accusing me of doing.”

“He had it!” Hits his arm. “What did you do with it?”


“Yes! Where is my journal?”

“Dawn, with the way that you’re going on, one would think that you wrote something embarrassing in there.”

Calms down slightly. “Really Willow, me write something embarrassing? You must be having flashbacks of Buffy’s journal.”

“Buffy kept a journal?”

“Hey, everybody!” Waves journal. “Didja know D thinks Bald Luthor is cute?”

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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking