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All men have secrets

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Summary: 20 minutes with Gunn. Gunn's got a secret nobody really needs to know about.

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Movies > Bring it OnNorwegianneFR131325092,17020 Nov 0420 Nov 04Yes
All men have secrets.

Disclaimer: I do not own Angel, and I don’t own Bring it on. Just so we’re clear.

Since this was removed in some error or another this is repost.

20 minutes with Gunn.

All men have secrets.

All men need their secrets. Or at least some of them.

Say, a guy danced ballet and didn’t want his friends to know about it, it would be a secret he was entitled to keep. At least, put that way, it makes perfect sense to Charles Gunn.

Basically he’s got secrets. Deep dark secrets that he wouldn’t care much for his coworkers to find out about.

He’d look a lot less impressive if they would come out. Not that he’s ever had plans about telling anyone.

His old crew knew. To them it didn’t matter. At least not after the vampires invaded their turf. Then the only thing that mattered was staying alive, and when Gunn proved himself capable of organizing a crew, it didn’t matter so much if he had an embarrassing hobby.

Gunn was good at what he did. Whether it was vampire fighting, or his hobby.

Some times he wants to go back to it, try it out again, see if he still has it.

He once had an athletic scholarship to college. He couldn’t go, it was the time he discovered that vampires weren’t just made up shit in movies. He couldn’t abandon his sister and his friends.

He knows it would surprise Angel, Wesley and Cordelia to know about it. Which is why he won’t tell them. Why ruin a perfectly good stereotype of the friendly neighborhood fighter and tell them he once won the fucking Cheerleading national championships with his old school.

Why tell them that Gunn was a part of the East Compton Cheerleading Squad, before things turned really bad in his life? What would it solve? If Cordelia, with her fancy trophies, haven’t figured it out by now, they never will.

And Gunn is fine with that.

Because all men have secrets, including him.

The End

You have reached the end of "All men have secrets". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking