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Summary: Xander goes on a trip gets drunk makes a wish, then his troubles begin

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part 15 final part

Title: X5-471 (Final chapter)

Author: Robert Jackson

Email: to archive: yes, just let me know where.

Pairing/Characters: Xander/Max

Rating: Pg13- R

Summary: This is the last part of My dark angel cross, I might revisit sometime. But for now it’s the end. Thanks for reading.


Notes: you can find most of my stories at

http/ ,

Also a short while ago I was surfing the net and found there was an X5-471 on the Crit, Max's brother, also the actor was Jessica's brother as well, I had no idea when I started this, just hit the number pad at random to get some numbers. Strange world huh?

Xander signaled the group to move forward. The Initiative was in lock-down, and none of the exits were going to open without some very heavy equipment. But thanks to Faith, they knew about this little known back-up service entrance, and it was still open. It was how Faith and Tara had made their escape the night before.

"Ok," Xander looked back at the people behind him, "we go in, we save the world then we go on vacation. Any questions?"

Max looked at her mate. She almost growled at the dark haired Slayer; Faith was standing just little to close to him. "No problem with that as long as we go alone."

"Let's go," Riley said. He knew the people down there and if what Faith told them was true, they needed help.

Xander looked at the door. And pulled it open. He, unlike Riley and the rest, knew what was happing.


Xander sat in a circle with Faith before him. Both had to be sky-clad for the spell to work. It was strange to look at yourself nude, without looking in a mirror. And the rest of the people in the room had pulled back to let the witches work.

Soon he was back in his body. It was a strange thing to get used to your own body. But he was glad to be back.

But the transfer had not been fun. Xander and Faith, for a the briefest of seconds, had been one-creature. They KNEW each other. Everything. The deepest darkest secrets. Like the time, that Faith had been cornered by that gang before she had been called and what she had been made to do to get away from them. And what happened that time Xander's dad got drunk, horny and his mom wasn't home. He had been 10 at the time. It was about the time that he would just remember to see Willow and stay the night.

And through her eyes, he had seen Adam. Seen who he was and what he was planning. The big thing, the real problem, was BRUSHFIRE.

Brushfire was code for fail safe. Usually used in labs with deadly viruses but this one was bigger. It had a Suitcase Nuke. Small enough to be mobile, but big enough to take out the base.

The only problem was it would take the city with it. If it didn't kill all of the people outright, it would make the town uninhabitable for a long time. And the Hellmouth wouldn't be guarded. So they had to make sure it didn't happen.

And also stop Adam.

The connection between Xander and Faith was a close one. And after the transfer they would gravitate to each other. It was an unconscious move, Max knew that from her connection with Xander, but it still bothered her. Xander was hers. And she was not big on sharing. Even with a hot woman, whose body she had sex with. It was a surreal experience to her.

The other side effect was Faith was in Xander's head, along with everyone else already there. And not just one Faith, but two of them: Little Faith and Slayer Faith.

And traits were also shared between them. They both now loved Twinkies, Sci-fi, biker bars, leather clothes and above all, Max.

And not in the 'I am your friend' type of love. It was a head over hills love, and it freaked out Faith. She was in no way gay, she liked the stick too much. But now, now she was in love with a woman, and could remember her having sex with her. Of course, Xander was driving at the time, but she could still feel the touches, the kisses. The orgasms.

It was Giles who thought that they had spent too much time in the other's body and that was why the connection was so strong. And that they had just managed to switch back before it had become permanent. No one really knew and had no time to research it.

End Flashback

So here were all the transgenics in Sunnydale, along with the Scoobies, and Riley's men, crawling down service conduits and stairwells. Deeper and deeper into the very heart of the base. All the way down through the dust and wet from steam running off some of the pipes. The smell of mold hung in the air. The only Scooby not here was Giles; he was out hunting for the council's men, to get the back up from them if possible. However unlikely it was they would help, he still had to ask.

At the bottom of the final stairwell, the closer they got, the quieter the transgenics got. They could smell the coppery smell of blood and the other not so nice smells coming up.

"Man," Alec said, "there must have been a blood bath down there."

"Yes," Joshua agreed, almost growling. "Worst than Isaac's room."

To the other Seattle transgenics, that meant very bad things. They could remember the stories about Poor Isaac, who had his tongue ripped out for crying too much, turning the sweet kid into a monster. Even Xander had heard about him.

"It will be ok, Dog-guy." Faith said. She could feel the sympathy running from Xander and just had to voice what he couldn't right then. To the Sunnydale crew, Faith had just done something they never would have thought possible: she was sympathetic to someone else.

Up ahead, Max signaled them to keep quiet. They could hear movement outside the door. A dragging noise of some kind. And off in the distance, the screams of someone, that sounded like they were being eaten alive. And with what was down here, they just might be.

On the other side of the door were creatures; there was no other word for them. They were pieced together from many others, with machine parts thrown in. Three of the creatures were picking up bodies in the hallways. Two were clearing the floors of bodies and parts of them, while the third was pushing an old laundry cart full of what the other two was picking up from the floor. The cloth on the cart was soaked through with blood and leaving a trail on the floor under the cart.

Right across the hall from the group, as Riley watched them pick up one of the bodies, he recognized it. It was one of his men, Johnson. Johnson had stayed behind this morning; he was on sick-call and needed to rest up before going home for the week to recover from the bug he had caught. Now it didn't look like he would ever go home. But at least he had died well; he was standing before two lab techs, he had died trying to protect. That was the best way a soldier could go out, protecting someone.

As they sat there planning what to do next, the sound of gunfire could be heard here and there around the base.

"Well," Xander said as they heard more sounds of gunfire, "at least somebody's alive down here."

"Yes, but for how long?" Riley asked, the cyborgs had long since left heading down the hallways, toward the main labs.

"We need to get them out of here," Buffy said, her Slayer instincts to save people kicking in.

"Ok," Xander said looking around at the group. "Mole, you take the X7's and other nonhuman looking transgenics and get to the Motor Pool. They should have the equipment there we need to open the doors. Get them open as soon as you can." Xander waited for Mole to nod his head and take his team; they had all seen the map of the place laid out, so he knew were to go.

"Riley, you take your teams out sweep the base. Collect everyone you find and get them to the motor pool. Buffy, you take the Scoobies and get to the Brush Fire device, get it and deactivate it. Whatever you have to do, do it. It should be safe once it has been removed from its housing. As long as it hasn't gotten the countdown signal."

"What are you going to be doing while this is going on?" Buffy asked

"Max, Faith and myself are going after Adam. He had to be stopped."

With that, the team split up each going off on their own mission.

The Motor Pool.

Mole's team broke through the last of the defense there. They had not really run across anything too hard to handle. It was like one of the simple training exercises that they had to do at Manticore; if you screwed up, you die. But it still easier than they had expected.

"Ok," Mole told his men, "police the area, get all the tools rounded up, get the heavy equipment over to the door." Mole looked around them; most were soldiers and couldn't tell one tool from the next unless it had something to do with a weapon or weapon maintenance. "Move it people! NOW!"

Mole watched as his team spread out. He pulled out one of his cigars. Putting it in his mouth, he thought, It's good to be in charge.

Buffy and the Scoobies got to the place were the Brush Fire was kept. Fortunately, the room was empty. But not for long.

As soon as they got in and Willow started to pull it out of its causing, demons piled out of the shadows. Skinny things with long claws, stringy hair and long noses. A vile mucus covered their bodies.

"Oh, god!" Buffy gagged as she hit one and the mucus was flung on her hands and arms. "The smell alone could kill us."

Tara pulled back and was shielding Willow, who was working on the nuke. Wires were running from it to numerous other connections.

"How do I get this thing out of here?" Willow asked

"I don't know," Tara told her girlfriend. "Didn't Xander tell you?"

"No," the redhead looked into the mess of wires and lights, feeling very lost.

"Just yank it out!" Buffy yelled as she took out another demon with her stake. "We can't stay here much longer!"

As Willow started to pull it out, there was a beep, and the lights on the side started to blink faster.

"Oh, Goddess," Willow said, looking down at the core she was holding in her hands.

Deeper in the complex

Faith, Max and Xander leapfrogged down the hallways, first one in the lead, then the other. Faith didn't have the Manticore training firsthand, she'd gotten it from the connection with Xander, so she wasn't as good as the X5's, but her Slayerness made up for a lot.


Along the way, they would hide from the fight. No one wanted to take the risk of getting hurt before they got to Adam. So, every time something would come down the hallways, they would either hide in a room or jump into the overhead pipes. For Xander, it was strange there. He was usually in the middle, with Max or Faith pressed against his body.

The only think he could think about it was, "Oh, boy."

"Uh, Buffy?" Willow called out.

"Yeah...What...Do...You...Want...Wills?" Buffy called back as she dodged around the last demon.

"We've got a big problem here!" Willow was still holding the core as the lights flashed faster and faster.

"Is that doing what I think it's doing?" Tara asked, her eyes going wide with alarm.

"Yeah," Willow said. She felt lightheaded. This was the most terrified she had been since Graduation.

"Well, get rid of it!" Tara told her girl friend.

"Get rid of it," Willow looked at her. "Just how am I going to do that?"

"What's going on?" Buffy asked as she walked over. She was covered in demon snot and was not happy about it.

"The bomb is armed and going to blow!" Willow said and threw it at Buffy. Who quickly threw it back, only to have it thrown back.

"Ladies," Tara called to her two friends. "We need to get this out of here."

"Yeah," Willow said, then a look of inspiration lit up her face. "I have

an idea!"

And with that, Willow sat on the floor and started to pull her power in. After a few minutes of concentration, there was a flash and the nuke was gone. Willow collapsed blood running from her nose.

"I did it," Willow smiled, then fainted. Then the lights went out.

Riley's team moved from section to section. Most were empty. Well, at least empty of human life; they had had running fights all over the place from vampires to demons.

And at least this time, they didn't have to worry about taking them alive. They had found at least 15-20 people, mostly lab tech and support personal. Those that had labs or work rooms to board themselves up in. They were almost to the motor-pool when the cyborgs stuck. The cyborgs were stronger than they were, but in no way faster. They had a slight delay between strikes. After the fight was over, Riley noticed the arm of one of the cyborgs they had taken down. Its arm had a tattoo. But not just any tattoo, it was one he had seen for a year now. It was Johnson's arm on the body. Adam was piecing the bodies together, making monsters.

"This has to stop," Riley whispered to himself. "Ok, let's get these people out of here." Just then, the lights went out.

In the main labs

Adam was watching on his security cameras as the teams moved through the base. At first, they weren't a problem and he didn't pay much action to them, but it soon became evident that they posed a threat. He was just planning to sent the heavy warrior cyborgs up. But he never got that far.

He turned to give the order, only to find Max standing behind him.

"Zack," Max told her one-time brother, "stop this."

"Zack? Who is Zack?" Adam asked. He didn't feel threatened by the girl; she was weaker than his body, and being pregnant, she would protect her child before fighting. He had the advantage.

"You're Zack," Max said, tears in her eyes. "My brother."

"I have no sibling," Adam said looking at Max. He felt something for her but it was an unknown feeling. "Mother created me. You are an X5 combat unit. We cannot be family."

"Yes," Max said, the sadness from Zack not knowing her plain on her face, "We're family. Always have been. I have your heart in my chest."

"No, my heart in a prototype pump with a Kavacax demon heart as a back up."

"No, your human heart!" Max called to him.

"I am no longer human. , I am better," Adam said. "Soon you, too, will be


With that, he attacked, only to have Xander move in front of him.

"Nun uh," Xander said wagging a finger at him. "Not nice to hit a lady."

And the fight was on.

Adam was stronger than they were, but both were faster. With their reaction time, they were out of the way before Adam could respond to their attacks. Faith had waited in the hall way to make sure no one could get behind them.

As Faith waited, the unexpected happened. Spike walked down the hall.

"What's going on?" Spike asked.

"Who are you?" Faith,

"A friend of Buffy's," Spike said looking around, "She here?"

"No," Faith looking him up and down. He felt weird, something was off. "You one of Riley's men?"

"Nope," Spike said, then he stuck Faith. There was no pain.

He smiled, "I am the Big Bad, and I am BACK!"

With that, he moved in to attack. Adam was unable to remove the chip, but he did do something else; he altered the parameters to allow him to attack anyone but Adam.

High in orbit, a small box appeared, and a NORAD Satellite reported the box.

It was the last thing it did. Soon after it sent the message down, a small sun appeared. The EM pulse quickly knocked the West Coast. Then a cascade effect happened, and soon all of the West was in the dark, then the middle of the USA and finally the East Coast, along with most of Canada and Mexico.

It became know as the Pulse. And Terrorist cell after Terrorist cell claimed that they were behind it. But none could bring proof that they did it.

Outside the main labs

Faith and Xander were both fighting a brutal fight, neither giving in. Faith didn't want to let this creature in behind Xander and Max. And Spike wanted to get to his new master. He knew he couldn't hurt the cyborg, but he was willing to take second place to him, he had been second to Angel for a long time.

Spike knocked Faith down. She lay there, looking up at him. Then she felt Xander.

Hurt... Max was hurt...

Her eyes flashed green. Then the lights went out.

Inside the lab

Xander and Max fought like a well-oiled machine, but all machines miss every -now and then. This time it was Max who missed a step and Adam got a blow in; he stuck her across here stomach. The only thing she could think of as she slipped to the floor was, Oh, God not the baby

Xander moved up, getting between Max and Adam. He didn't move, taking every blow meant for her. He could feel her pain, and deep inside him, he felt the Hyena.

She was coming. Something was hurting her mate.

Something had to die.

Xander looked at Adam. His eyes flashed green, and then the lights went out.

Xander moved. And at the same time, he felt Faith as the connection between them opened. He felt something else moving between them, too. Primal, but not just animalistic like the Hyena. Then he knew the Slayer sprit. Helping them, enhancing them.

Outside the lab

Spike was looking down at the Slayer when the lights when out.

What the hell? Spike though Slayers' eyes don't glow!

While he was thinking those thoughts, he should have been worrying about the Slayer. She lunged up and drove a stake into his chest.

As the stake entered his body, Spike the Big Bad had only one thing to say.


Before the dust has settled, Faith was moving into the labs. She could feel where Xander was, and was heading that way as fast as she could. As she opened the door to the lab, the backup lights came on.

The sight before her was a nightmare to her now. Adam was standing over Xander, who was one his knees taking blow after blow. Behind him, curled into a ball was Max, tears streaming down her face.

The Rage exploded and a growl came from that deep dark part of her soul, the one that took and took what her father had done, what her uncles had done, what that gang had down when it caught her out after dark before she was Called.

Never again. She would not let anyone hurt someone she loved again.

As she moved forward, something happened.

One second, Faith was Faith and Xander was Xander, and the next, they were One. Unity. The genetic warrior and Mystical warrior were One. The Hyena and the Slayer, both with one mission to take Adam down.

Adam was concentrating on beating Xander into the ground, so he didn't notice Faith as she moved up behind him. Faith struck, knocking him away from Xander and Max. Xander fell back, his injuries forgotten, looking of Max, who was curdled up in a tight ball, her pain still flowing into him. The Rage built again and that flowed between him and Faith. As Xander stood to look at the battle going on a few feet away, he noticed his wounds were healing and his body was filling with energy. Faith could feel it, too. As fast as Adam struck her, the wounds would heal.

Adam's programming didn't understand what was going on. The female he was fighting should not be this strong; not even the X5's had the strength she was showing. True, the X5-471 was stronger than normal as well, so she could be the same model, but it was unlikely. He knew that she had never been a part of the Manticore program.

While fighting, he divided a part of his awareness to study the problem. He was stretched to the limits, monitoring all the cyborgs on the base and all incoming and outgoing lines to make sure no one reported what is happing. Busy running his battle plans through subroutines to find any flaws.

That could be the reason he never noticed Xander get up, but no one would ever really know. As Xander moved in, he felt the awareness between him and Faith. It was like they were in two places at the same time. He knew what Faith saw and felt, and she knew what he saw and felt. And a plan came together. They both struck out with spinning kicks. Only each went to the opposite side of his head. The blows, timed just right, caused Adams head to twist, and his all too human spinal cord snapped, dropping him to the ground.

One after another, his system went off line. As the last one went dead, Zack saw Max. His last thoughts were, I am sorry, My love.

All throughout the base, as Adam was shut down, the other cyborgs stopped in their tracks.

Faith and Xander picked up Max and rushed her to Sickbay, the baby the only thing on any of their minds. Soon, Riley brought Buffy and Willow, also. It took a while but after various tests were made, it was determined that the baby was fine. And Willow, though very tired, was ok, too.

But for far too many, it wasn't good news. The Base had lost over 98 of its troops, techs and service personal. And contacting the outside world was not possible. The Pulse had knocked America on its knees; everywhere, there were riots. Almost open warfare in some places.

Riley tried to contact his superiors with no success. The only person he finally managed to contact was a Senator, who told him to hold the base at all costs.

They later heard that most of the Senate had been arrested or were under house arrest. The Government had locked down the country. People were pulled from the streets for no reason and never seen again.

Riley, being the senor surviving officer on the base, took over. He didn't have enough men to protect the base, much less the city, but Xander offered him a deal.

The Transgenics. For their freedom, they would help.

"Riley," Xander said, "We help you, the more human-looking ones act like your troops, the more unusual ones work on the demons. It's a win-win situation. You get help, we get a home."

They had been up all night. What was left of Riley's troops had been in the streets of Sunnydale, calming people and keeping the peace. While they had been going on, Xander and Faith, with the other Transgenics ,had been patrolling and keeping the demons and vampires under control.

"I don't know," Riley said. He really liked the idea, but...

"Come on. We can work out the details later. But we need a home, so we can be safe." Both of them looked over at the table across the room. The girls sat there, Buffy, Joyce, OC, Faith, and a very pregnant Max.

Who looked over at them and smiled. Max had grown to like Riley over the past few weeks. She had said he was a Pushover for the puppy dog eyes.

Willow walked in, with another plate of Cookies. She had been making them non-stop for the last few weeks. Tara had told them she felt really guilty about everything that had happened. If she had just aimed the bomb, none of this would have happened. Her first words on finding out about the Pulse were, "Oops," followed by a lot of tears. Now she just made cookies and helped where she could.

Ames White was still around, but he was a hunted man. It seemed that someone had found out that he was behind the Pulse. Some paperwork in his office pointed to him being the ringleader. And after a background check, they found out his past was a lie. Where he was now, no one knew. Only that he was on the run, since the US government had one Billion dollar bounty on his head. So far, no one had collected.

The paperwork was, of course, false. Xander and Alex had spent the better part of a week getting into place so it could be found.

The Council had withdrawn from Sunnydale and the US altogether. Right now, it was just too wild. Spencer an his team were never found. Just another missing person report. No one really looked to deeply into them in Sunnydale.

Sunnydale soon became a haven for the transgenics. They patrolled the streets keeping the peace; some even joined the police force. The word spread fast and others came.

And as they came, the demons left, spreading the word that The Children of Ares were on the Hellmouth. And with them, the transgenics brought peace through warfare.

For Max, Xander and Faith, it was a start of something, although none of them knew just what. Over the last few months, they had become friends. The connection was just as strong now as it was during the fight with Adam.

For Faith, it was bad. She was in love with a woman. One that she could remember having sex with, but at the same time knew she never had had sex with her. And the feeling that she got from them - when they had sex, she had sex. It had became a group thing, with her not even in the room.

Not that Xander or Max would have really minded. The feeling flowed both ways now. Faith was a part of them.

A few days after Adam had been destroyed, Xander had dreamed about the First Slayer.

In the dream, he stood in a hallway. In the darkness, he could hear a creature moving. Then the Slayer was in front of him.

"Protect her," she whispered, then faded away, and he woke up to the sounds of Max going into labor.

The baby was born with very few problems. Everyone was there. They had even gotten Logan down from Seattle.

All throughout the base, there were celebrations for the first Transgenic born into freedom. No Manticore was there to take her away.

Buffy stood with Willow, looking down at the new mother. Joyce sat on the other side, holding the newborn. Max and Xander had asked her to be the baby's Godmother and she was getting to know her.

Faith and Xander stood back. This was Max's time.

"So what's her name?" Willow asked.

"She's the start of something new," Max said, "so her name had to show it. We're calling her Dawn."



The End

You have reached the end of "X5-471". This story is complete.

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