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Operation Lemon Drop

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Summary: Minerva's on a mission, and she seeks out help from all sorts of people...and demons

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Harry Potter > Anya-CenteredCataclysmicFR151842031,99621 Nov 0421 Nov 04Yes
Operation Lemon Drop.

By Cataclysmic

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, or inanimate objects in this story.


Minerva McGonagall made her way into the Headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore’s office.

She had decided she had waited long enough, since her crush over sixty years ago when Albus had been the Transfiguration teacher Minerva McGonagall has been in love with Albus Dumbledore.

She tried everything to gain his attention, she had misbehaved in class to earn detentions, she became a master of Transfiguration, she had worn revealing robes in front of him, something no respectable witch should do.

Over and over again she had been thwarted in her attempts to gain his attention.

By whom? You might ask, and that was what irked her the most, it was not a person she fought her war with but a sweet little drop of sugar.

A Lemon drop, or rather an entire army of the little critters.

But she had a plan, of course the plan was slightly evil and involved collaboration with Voldemort but that didn’t matter because in the end she would have the man she had waited over half a century for.

Of course she hadn’t really needed Voldemort for this plan to work, well not Voldemort himself, rather she needed his money. To buy and shut down all manufacturers of Lemon Drops throughout the world followed by the burning of the recipes.

Voldemort had been rather amiable really having suffered in his youth, like Minerva from neglect in favor of Albus’s lemon drops.

In fact he had been surprised he had not thought of it before, removing Albus’s source of lemon drops would surely cripple him.

And so Minerva made her way into Albus’s office for the final phrase of Operation Lemon Drop.

Destroy Albus’s office stash.

Thankfully Albus had been called away on urgent Order business, he had looked quite ruffled when she passed him in the hallway. It had been quite disconcerting the way Severus had smirked at her when she had passed him only a few seconds later. Severus was up to something, but then again he was always up to something.

Quickly and quietly Minerva disposed of the fifteen packets of Lemon Drops Albus kept in the far back left hand side draw, and thanked whatever deity cared to listen for Floo travel, no one would even notice the little bits of plastic in the bottom of the fireplace, which would be cleared out in the morning by the house elves.

Smiling happily at her accomplishment Minerva made her way to bed, tomorrow promised to be a good day.


Whistling a jaunty tune Minerva decided to drop in on Albus, he would soon, if he hadn’t already find out about the loss of his precious Lemon Drops.

The man would need consoling, Minerva smirked.

Knocking once on the door she swiftly entered not bothering to wait for an invite.

“Lemon Drop Minerva?” he asked holding out a bowl of the sweets. Minerva stared in horror, there should be none left! None anywhere.

Albus continued as if he hadn’t noticed anything,

“You what’s really terrible, Voldemort was plotting to rid me of my precious, but we beats him! He was going to destroy my Lemon Drops, Thank God Severus warned me of his evil scheme before he could act on it. So helpful to have a spy on the inside!”

Minerva swore, Snape was going to pay!

Damn Snape has to be a damn spy in damn Voldemort’s Inner Circle! No doubt Voldemort had seen fit to brag about ‘his’ brilliant plans in front of his minions before putting the plan into action. And bloody Snape had to go and tell Albus.

Her Plan had been ruined, just like all the others.

Someone up there was looking out for those Lemon Drops!

Albus of course barely noticed when she left the room too busy petting his pet Lemon Drops, she still couldn’t believe he actually named the little monsters!

“Albus Dumbledore and his bloody Lemon Drops!” Minerva McGonagall half sobbed, “If only they would go away he’d realize how much he loves me!”

Anya sympathized with the woman’s pain, here she was pining over the man for practically half a century and he never noticed because he was too preoccupied with his sweets.

Not to mention her plot to get rid her of her nemesis had failed.

Anya smiled though because she knew something the woman didn’t, she knew why she was here, this woman was about to make a wish that was her job of course, to grant wishes.

“I wish Albus Dumbledore could never eat another lemon drop again in his life!” Minerva yelled out to the empty hallway and stomped off back to her rooms, not knowing that her wish had been heard.

And granted.

Anya had the perfect revenge in mind, sure it wasn’t as gruesome as her normal work but it would be painful, very painful for her victim…

~Not long after~

“Albus, I have recently discovered you have a medical condition, I am afraid you won’t ever be able to eat sugar again.”


The End

You have reached the end of "Operation Lemon Drop". This story is complete.

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