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The Way You Look At Me

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Summary: Bethany Black Malfoy disappeared a few hours after she was born...18 years later Buffy Summers returns to the world she never knew existed, and to the family she never knew she had...

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterzayraFR181221,88912426,57625 Nov 0423 Jul 05No

Shattered Like Your Promises

AN: Ever wondered how Faith looked so dangerously sexy when she smirked??? This chapter focuses on Bellatrix Black and her descent into darkness. Thank you for the reviews. Much appreciated, keeps me going and going and going...and shutting up right now.

Shattered Like Your Promises

Chapter 11

Darius sat upon Buffy's bed clutching a photograph of her and her friends. Having gained access to her diary he easily recognized the red-head as Willow, the young boy with a goofy grin to be Xander, the pretty girl with Xander's arms wrapped around her affectionately as Cordelia and the one boy sitting beside Willow as the werewolf Oz. There were two men wearing glasses standing beside Buffy and a young girl with chocolate brown eyes that spoke of much pain, tragedy and anger. Eyes that looked so identical to Buffy's.

"Faith, the other Slayer," he thought. Faith intrigued him, there was a nagging feeling he'd met her before, perhaps in another lifetime. He placed the photo back in his jeans pocket and walked into Joyce's room. He found Bellatrix staring at her new face in the mirror. She was as still as a statue with a glazed look in her eyes.

Memories of her youth before darkness consumed her filled her mind...

Bellatrix Black had just entered the Hogwart's Express with her elder sister Andromeda.

"Come now Trixie, we wouldn't want to lose our seats now would we? And make sure to keep your eyes open for Siri."

Despite her elder sister being placed in the Gryffindor House, Bellatrix still looked up to Andy as her idol. She was the only one in their family that truly cared for her or their younger sister Narcissa. Even their cousins Regulus and Sirius loved Andy like they would a sister.

Bellatrix smiled at Andromeda and followed her. When they finally reached an empty compartment, Bellatrix was nearly bowled over by Sirius and two other boys. Andromeda scowled as she was pushed into her seat by Sirius, "Siri, watch what you're doing!"

Sirius just grinned and put his arms around his two newfound friends. "Andy, Trixie, meet Remus Lupin and James Potter. Found these two wandering about with nowhere to go I thought it would be best to bring them here. After all, the more the merrier."

Remus Lupin waved shyly at the two girls and squished himself into the corner seat while James plopped himself between Remus and Sirius.

Trixie couldn't help but admire Remus' amber eyes. She'd never seen a more beautiful colour.

Sirius and James smirked as they saw Remus blush, they followed his gaze and their smirks grew into full-blown smiles when they realised who had caused their friend to blush.

Andy didn't miss anything, "Trixie, if you stare at the poor boy any harder he's going to melt."

Bellatrix suddenly felt warm and blushed then gave her sister the best glare she reserved for Kreecher, Sirius' crazy house-elf. "I wasn't staring I was just thinking about how beautiful the colour of his eyes were. It's very unique."

She turned to Remus and flashed him a smile before calmly walking out of the compartment and mumbled something about finding the sweets cart.

As soon as she left the compartment, she ran to the girls' toilets and stayed there til they reached Hogsmeade.

Darius watched her face intently as a myriad of expressions crossed her features. He closed his eyes for a moment and began to probe her mind.

Bellatrix suddenly felt a shiver run down her spine and pushed those old memories away before her master found out and allowed her dark thoughts to once again fill her mind.

As soon as Darius began to probe her mind using the bond between master and slave they were both caught up with Bellatrix's connection to Buffy's. They screamed in agony as they felt her transformation begin, but despite the pain, Darius knew that this marked the beginning of his third and final chance at glory. Minutes passed which seemed like hours but as the pain finally died down Darius and Bellatrix made their way downstairs into the basement.

"The boy has no idea that she will be my salvation and his undoing."

Bellatrix could only nod weakly and set about to preparing her transformation as Natasha again, she would need to make contact with her niece soon, if they were to succeed with their plans. 'Oh yes,' she thought, 'Sirius and those sisters of mine will regret ever having crossed me.'

She had ever only seen her niece once, in a picture as a baby. It was the night that Lucius had come to show their Lord and Master his daughter that would take place of his elder son Draco as a promise and prize for Voldemort.

Bellatrix had no desire to harm the child, for she knew she would play an important role in the rise of their Lord. After all, Veela blood ran through her veins, although not as strong as that of Andromeda and Narcissa. She was aware of the possibility that her niece would grow to be a very powerful Veela; after all, Lucius Malfoy's mother was a full-blooded Veela.

The thought of Lucius sparked another memory that caused her anger to rise even more...

4th year Slytherin, Bellatrix Black was pretending to watch the game intently, but had her eyes focused on the a 4th year student from across the stadium. He was a Gryffindor. Although it was looked down upon by their peers for students from different houses to associate with each other, Bellatrix and her Gryffindor were quite close, intimately, of course. What she wasn't aware of was that her late night "studies" in the library had caused the Head boy of Slytherin to be suspicious of her, and that Head Boy being Lucius Malfoy, was quite the detective.

Remus Lupin could feel the piercing gaze of his mate the wolf in him stirred with lust and was rejoicing that he could smell her scent from across the stadium. Sure he should hate her, she was a Slytherin, hated mudbloods like him and treated him like shit whenever she had the chance, because of his Lycanthropy. But give them a moment alone and they were all over each other like animals.

Being placed in the Gryffindor House had made Bellatrix lose her closeness with her best friend and cousin Sirius, she was placed and Slytherin and was expected to act like one, thus ending the close relationship she had with her sister Andy.

Sirius hated her with a passion, their disagreements would often end in either one or both of them being confined to the mediward. Hexes were cast but their fights became more physical towards her 4th year, it began with the Marauders picking on her best friend Severus Snape. Though she loathed admitting that Severus had started the whole thing by calling Remus a dirty half-blood, thus sparking the ire of Sirius and James, it was in first year for Merlin's sake. But that did not quell their thirst for revenge. Every chance they got they'd play pranks on Severus and humiliate him in front of the whole school.

Being a Slytherin, Bellatrix felt awfully protective of her housemates, specially the boy who had been her partner during their first potions classes. She had stood up to him and threatened her cousin Sirius, with the blood of the Blacks coursing through their veins, threatening ones family was not to be taken lightly. The news had reached their cousins and a whole new drama enfolded.

The first two years had caused Bellatrix to transform from the caring, smart, ambitious girl, to the smart, ambitious, cruel, muggle-hater.

By the third year to her, Sirius was nothing more than a mudblood lover, much like her sister Andromeda. It all started when she found out Andromeda was dating a muggle born wizard, Ted Tonks. Then she found out that Remus was a werewolf. She was taught to hate all things muggle. People included, most specially the half-muggle, half-wizards/witches. They were an abomination to their society. The worst blow for Bellatrix was when her sister Andromeda had taken Sirius' side over an argument that resulted in Bellatrix calling Sirius' girlfriend a dirty mudblood. Her name was Keana Evans Ares, a muggle born witch and cousin to Lily Evans.

They were to be looked down upon. That was the way of Blacks and most of the prestigious pureblood families of the Wizarding world.

But she had fallen in love with Remus Lupin the moment she had met him on the Hogwart's Express. She'd tried to forget him, taunted, humiliated and even emotionally tormented him. But the more she tried to hate him, the more she fell in love with him. It was his shy, timid personality that first got her attention, but the moment she looked into his eyes, her Veela instincts had told her that there was a dangerous beast waiting to be released within. And the Veela part of herself had told her she had found her mate. She never realised until too late what it would mean for the both of them.

Lucius Malfoy narrowed his silvery eyes at Bella he had seen how vicious she got with the werewolf. To others it would seem that she was crazy enough to kill Lupin. But to Lucius, he had seen that look elsewhere. Her eyes always gave it away she looked at Lupin like a bitch in heat, like a teenager in lust. She looked at Lupin the way he had been looking at her younger sister Narcissa. Bellatrix Black, Slytherin and born of the prestigious muggle hating Blacks, supporter of Lord Voldemort had gone head over ass in love with a werewolf, Gryffindor, half-blood and Marauder.

Narcissa rolled her eyes at her boyfriends antics, "Lucius, you do know that glaring my sister's head into oblivion isn't going to turn her into a toad," she admonished. Lucius quickly snapped to her attention then leaned back into the seat, "We are Slytherins and we have a code of conduct to follow, basic moral teachings and your sister defied them all."

Narcissa had known Lucius would find out sooner or later and sighed, "But she loves him, we can't do anything about it. If anything, Bellatrix is stubborn to the bone, what she wants she always gets and she's not one to cross."

The wheels in Lucius' head were turning, 'We'll see about that.' Perhaps Lord Voldemort will need a new female recruit.'

That day marked the beginning of the end of her relationship with Remus it all went downhill from there. The last time she had seen him was the night before her marriage to Rodolfo Lestrange. She had excused herself to the ladies room after the party and apparated to their old meeting place in the Leaky Cauldron. But she was so drunk that she had apparated straight into their old room, what she didn't expect was to find him staring at her like he had seen a ghost.

Remus grabbed her by the wrist and pinned her to the floor, Bellatrix yelped in surprise. Remus sniffed the air and knew it was Bellatrix. "I should report you to the Ministry, Death Eater," he growled.

She gave a throaty, husky laugh, "You don't have it in you, werewolf."
The sensation of having Remus so close to her was sending her hormones into over drive, and the Veela inside her was screaming for its mate.

Remus felt his erection growing as her musky scent of arousal filled his nostrils.

"I hate you," she whispered as she turned over to face him. Their lips just inches apart.

Remus' eyes darkened with passion, "I hate you even more."

Bellatrix wanted him so badly, "I hate loving you. I promised myself that I wouldn't."

She expected him to throw her out after all she had broken his heart so many times. Left him with a trail of broken promises.

Remus couldn't understand why she always had to hurt him like this but he could not help himself, "I love you Trixie," then he kissed her.

That one night of passion had led to her pregnancy. But everyone knew that the two Lestrange sons were sterile so she had to hide her pregnancy, with the help of course of her best friend and confidant Severus Snape.

Bellatrix hid her pregnancy from everyone, but as usual, Lucius Malfoy had begun to suspect her of hiding something. It was a last ditch effort for her but she had gone to a muggle hospital and had delivered a healthy baby girl. With black hair and gorgeous chocolate and honey brown eyes. The daughter that she had to give up for adoption in order to protect her from Lord Voldemort, her family and the upcoming war, the daughter she had named Diana Lupin.

She now knew how it felt to lose a child. She had been cruel towards her sister but deep inside her heart was breaking until there was nothing left. Losing her daughter in order to protect her from herself was the biggest mistake Bellatrix had made. She could have risked death by punishment from her master but she would have been happily married to Remus and they would have been one happy family. But her pride had cost her happiness and a chance to be truly happy. If Lucius had not recruited her she wouldn't be a cold-hearted killer. If only she had the courage to walk away from Voldemort. If only she had been courageous enough to stay with Remus and accept the public ridicule of their relationship...Bellatrix had many regrets.

But it was the loss of her own daughter that caused her to truly lose herself in darkness. Her daughter who unbeknownst to her had grown up to be a potential slayer and witch, and was later activated as a Slayer. This daughter of hers whose potential as a Slayer was not detected as a result of the Lycanthropic condition which she had inherited from her father but is currently dormant, her daughter who is currently living on the other side of town with her Watcher, Wesley Wyndham-Pryce. Her daughter, Faith the Vampire Slayer.

Faith was having dreams of a dark-haired woman pointing a thin pointy stick, too fragile looking to be a stake. The woman had dark red lips, and dark brown eyes full of rage. The woman, if anything, looked like a grown up version of her. Faith stood there ready to do battle, she tensed as the older woman approached her then dropped to her knees and sobbed at the young Slayer's feet.

"I'm so sorry," she repeated over and over again. Faith pulled the woman up to look into her eyes she only saw pain and sadness. Then the woman spoke again, "Save me Diana."

A dark cloud consumed the woman and disappeared before Faith knew what was happening. Another woman appeared before her, a beautiful woman that looked like cross between a Siren and an Angel. The older woman with long blonde hair caressed Faith's cheek, spreading warmth and security to her every fibre.

"I thought I'd never see the day that your mother would ask for anyone's help."

Faith jerked up, breathing heavily. She couldn't have dreamt of her mother, her mother was dead. How was she supposed to help someone that was alive?

A/N: I hope this is ok.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Way You Look At Me" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 23 Jul 05.

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