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Dueling Is Life

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Summary: Will's gets a letter from a childhood penpal witch set off a chain of events.

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Anime > Yu-Gi-Oh!LadyOfTheRingsFR1533,840083,1246 Mar 032 Oct 03No

Finding Love Unexpectedly

Title: Dueling Is Life
Author: Lady Of The Rings
Disclaimer: I own niether BTvS Or Yu-Gi-Oh!
Spoiler: BTvS S4
Summary: Will's gets a letter form a childhood penpal saying she's coming to Sunnydale for the DM tournment. The guys were ranting about that as nothing like that comes to Sunnydale so they get tickets witch set off a chain of events.
Author Note: Buffy Gang goes to college. Not many nasties since the hellmouth is closed. No Tara. No Spike rebounding after Buffy came back from the dead. The YuGiOh characters are going to be different for my fic. Midori is a penpal of will's since she was little also a famous duelist.
Rating: Pg-13
Pairing; Midori/Yugi Buffy/Joey Xander/Tea Willow/Kaiba
Feedback: It's cool hope you like the fic!!
Suggestion: From this list in the Files. Sorry if It's not W/Y!

Chapter Three

They were at the tournament and they were proclaiming this round the entry round for the finals. People were broken off into groups and went to dueling.

Midori was up and she was doing well with this smug guy boasting about beating her.

"Give it up honey I am going to the finals, not some girl granted you got this far but still it ends here" he said to her and she just smirked.

"Really now? Then make your move and stop talking, we are dueling here" she said still smirking.

He huffed and pulled his card out laughing "I play this card face down in attack mode" he said so proud of himself. She looked at him "Really? then I play my face down card in attack mode and attack yours"

she said as her Feral Imp ATK 1300 DEF 1400 defeated his Mammoth Graveyard ATK 1200 DEF 800 he was angry.

"You were saying?" she said with a smug look on her face "Midori Wins!" said the announcer. People shouted as he just stormed off mad.

"That will take care of his ego in thinking girls cannot play the game with the big boys" said Buffy and Will looked at her smiling "Yeah".

A new group came up to duel as they watched the duels the were exposed to different styles of dueling as it was almost over for the most part.

Then the announcer says "Now all the winners of the final round will come back here in a week from today to give everyone needed rest and thank you for coming!" people cheered and started to leave there seats to go.

Buffy and Co were waiting for the others when "There they are" said Wills seeing the guys being happy and hugging one another. "So a week huh?" said Xander happy for them Tea looked up.

"Yeah so we got some rest time guys how do you want to spend it?" she asked.

"Um I think some time together is in order" she said and winked at the guys and the girls blushed. She was hanging on Yugi as he had not changed back yet.

"Okay sounds ok to me let's go home" said Joey as he puts his arm around Buffy as they all walked to the car and got in.

They did as Midori suggested and spent some time with someone. Buffy was becoming better at the game and with Joey as they got closer.

Xander was off somewhere with Tea and were rumored to be making out as they were the first couple to not be able to hold out any longer.

Willow was in the Kitchen studying again with Kaiba. "Better you are becoming much better at this Willow" he said as he shuffled the cards up again she smiled "So how's your brother?"

She asked and he looked up "He's okay, he's good" he paused "He asked about you, he likes you" she smiled at him "I'm glad I like him too he's sweet and interesting" she said as he looked down back at the cards "Yes he told me as much"

He said with disappointment in his voice. She frowned at that she thought then smiled

"Yeah but I have another brother in mind who holds my affections" she said breathy and smiling. Kaiba looked up at her as he stopped shuffling speechless.

Midori was in the den she was going through her cards "Everyone is spending time with someone they like" she said somewhat pouting "Xander's off making out with Tea"

She lays out a card on the table "Buffy's studying with Joey witch will not last long" pulls another card out "Wills with Kaiba wearing him down and probably making out as well" pulls another card out.

"While I am sitting here alone and Yugi probably went to talk to his Grandpa" she paused "I do not know why I even bother, he does not like me like that I'm just another good girl duelist like Tea to Yugi's eyes nothing more" she said as she layed down with her arm over her face.

Then she felt her arm move from her face. She looked up and there was Yami Yugi. "Yami?" she questioned "You are not alone and I do not see you as another girl duelist Midori" he said as she gasped.

He was listening to her when she thought she was alone "How much did you hear Yami?" she asked him as he smiled.

"Enough I do not think of you that way, I never thought I would find someone for I was always into the game, but when Yugi met you back home I saw things in you I liked" he paused

"You were different from the normal girls he exposed me too" he said to her as they held a gaze with they did not break.

"But you still see me like he see's Tea a friend or sister that is all" she said to him in a whisper and lowered her head.

He laughed a little and smiled at her "Well Yugi is in High School, but he likes you more than that as do I" he said and she snapped her head up staring at him "What??" she said

"I'm telling you we like you in all honesty he thought you did not like him that way" he said still smiling.

"Oh well in that case can you help me perfect my methods for the finals?" she said. He looked at her "Sure" was all he said as he got the meaning of that simple request.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Dueling Is Life" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 Oct 03.

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